I will be where my heart will guide me and I plan to have a peaceful day. Friday is my favourite day of the Week. I will pray to Jesus to look after me and bring in more Love and Light on this Planet Earth. I will pray to the Arcturians to heal my mind, body and soul and add maximum Love and Light in me....so be itI will also pray that all the evil doers are exposed on this day and if they fail to convert to love and light then goodby to them from Planet Earth.Namaste

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  • Hi brother Krishna. You are a christ, buddha, lord and a master, you have with in you the same spiritual energy as Sananda "Jesus". You and 8 billion people living on this planet, can perform the same miracles that he can. That's the whole point of ascension, is to bring back love, piece and full consciousnesses to all the people of earth. To who we were before the Reptilian and Anunnaki DNA genetic manipulation.

    So praying to Sananda "Jesus" and the Prime Creator "God", is the same as praying to your self. When your praying, your actually praying to your higher self and spiritual guides. At this point where all limitless spiritual beings, cause of genetic manipulations. So create your reality by holding that thought all day and every day of what you want in your life to manifiest. Heal your self my thought energy.

  • Amanda-love.
    I actually think you may have a point. it is important not to let evil in through the back door.
  • The "base 8" math that your system is based on is actually tuned more to the mathematical logic of nature than the metric system, but I agree that the metric system is waay simpler to use and is bound to mental logic (counting) and hence, understandable for more than just the hypergeniouses.. At least for as long as you don't count time with it. There the logic of the metric system fails. ;)

  • LOL

  • 21-12-2012 is no such date...??? how does one get 21 months out of a 12 month calender???

    • This is an international website and you have just experienced your first real cross-cultural misunderstanding. :)

      The format of the dates are obviously bound to the nationality of the poster. :)

      it can either be yymmdd or ddmmyy .. Some morons even use ddyymm but I usually just shout at those people since that format is upright stupid ;)

  • The Council of Nicaea.

    Dammn, she's good! 

  • where he wants me to be......................... surrender

  • WHATEVER is exposed or unexposed is HIM - rest is just a thought.

  • I will be in work .........

This reply was deleted.

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