If you are not able to make it in person to the Cosmic Reunion 2012, please click through to register for the FREE LIVESTREAM broadcasted worldwide to 1000's of individuals.


We will be joining with the streamers to do a synchronized breathing meditation to assist in shifting the paradigm into that of harmony. 

Peace, See you there!

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  • Can't wait! I will be there with my heart and soul. Wish to be there, so far away from this cold Finland.

    Anyway I have not Live stream link, wish to get it soon...

  • My heart will be there with you all, my body will stay at home. Have a great time.



  • ..am so far away....wish I too cud attend..all d BEST....Love to all

  • Thank you I signed in for the LiveStream, and do look forward too...8114480066?profile=original

  • cool..thanks Ben..much love

  • I may not be there in the physical but I am with you in spirit - love light and laughter from New Zealand

  • Could not get page to register for free above event. So, I tried doing it myself by emailing info@portaltoascension.org.

  • Wish you could be there as well Kelly!  This is great Ben, let the steaming begin!! ahaha :) Can't wait to meet up with ya in LA -- going to be wonderful to meet you and so many other wonderful beings!! :)

  • Wish I could be there in person, sending love and light :)

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