Hello, I am new to this site. Have anyone in this site are spiritually advanced like having reached the higher dimensions like 4d,5d and even beyond, As I need to clarify my doubts regarding spirituality.

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  • Hi Kishore, as far as I'm currently aware, this Universe is structured with 12 dimensions of creational expression, and each of those 12 dimensions has 12 sub-dimensional bands within it = 144 bands.
    The Source Light itself comes through as meta-dimensional, from beyond the creative expressional realms of the dimensions (sometimes referred to as '13th Dimension' though...at least that's how I've heard/perceived it).

    So with the dimensions, zero dimension exists as the Zero Point, which is in everything, every atom, every particle, from micro to macro, and accessible in every dimension.

    1D is the dimension in which the 'point' becomes linear, it's a linear realm of expression.

    2D is the flat plane (like a piece of paper), where expression flows through linearity and width, infinitely.

    3D adds volume to width and depth, and its energy is both linear and circular (we experience life as a linear progression from birth, growth, death, yet also through circles, the circle of seasons each year, through rythms.
    In 3D the Zero Point is experienced as Balance between Opposites, like the central point on a seesaw between 'this side and that side', 'light and dark' and so on...the centre point within the circling Yin-Yang of positive-negative vibrations, which is an expressional realm of experiencing through contrasts.

    In 4D (expressed in mathematics/physics as the hypercube or tesseract state of energy), the motion of the line and the circle are Unified...and if you imagine a line and a circle merging and moving as One, it becomes a spiral. 4D works on spiral energy, and 4D is the fabric of spacetime (there was an experiment in 2011 proving Einstein's hypothesis that the Earth sits in its own localized 'pillow' of 4D spacetime)...
    The Zero Point in 4D is experienced as the 'eye in the storm'...the centrepoint of stillness, peace and unity within the spiralling vortex. Vortex energy is 4th dimensional, and it can feel rough and choppy or smooth and peaceful, depending on whether 4D-focused consciousness is more loving and unified, or more polarized (individually, and collectively... the human collective is currently in a mostly 4D vibration, but underpinned by the Earth holding a stabilized 5D vibration).
    When people (or more subtle beings) are viewing from 4D, they're seeing from within the vortex, and there can be both Unity/Oneness of the zero-point or polarity of view/expression, of energies bouncing/mirroring across the spiral vortex, but always shifting, in motion, compared to 3D polarity of opposite sides/ends on a seesaw.

    In 5D, we go beyond polarity...5D exists as a field of Oneness in which I/we as a focus-point of expression is experiencing the 'particle and the wave as One'...therefore, the Zero Point in 5D is continuously unfolding and infolding, expanding and inner-creating, all at once...
    In my experience, we feel this as a crystalline-light realm of expression, where expression is non-linear and non-local, but we can experience and create a sense of continuity simply by our focus...and in this dimension beyond polarity, beyond 'light and shadow', where there is no shadow, we're in continuous conscious awareness or ourselves as the Source radiating, through an infininite sea of Oversouls, and we're always connected, and co-creating in harmony with the divine, with the golden harmonics of Life&Love&Light as One.

    In 6D, the energy state is more fluidic, it flows in wave motions of liquid light...and whereas in a 5D expression, we hold physical crystalline light embodiments that radiate from our heart-mind union...in 6D, we can express as form also, but its more malleable, more fluid, very blissful and very radiant...

    Each dimension 'up' is more expansive, and in the 7D we're getting to the level of energetic templates that underpin all forms, and create them through the vibration that on Earth we would call Divine Grace...we can have appearances of forms (such as angels etc), but they are not a fixed form as such...everything is flowing with Grace in the 7th dimension...and the number 7 is intuitively felt as a 'spiritual', 'mystical', and 'spiritualizing' number, as that Grace vibration is innately felt within the inner heart, the seat of the soul...

    8D is the realm of Divine Order...all creation codes are radiating from the 8th dimension, to then flow and coalesce through the Grace of the 7th, as light-contructs that can then emanate as forms, radiating through the dimensional stratas and sub-bands, into more and more specific energy combinations, coming from those primary codes...

    9D is the dimensional realm of what we know as 'Higher Selves'...the overlighting, guiding aspects of Oversouls that focus the energies, the Light, through rays or soul threads that shine out into expression across many dimensions from the Oversouls, like the rays of stars...

    10D is the dimensional realm of the Divine Templates...here, the templates are on a cosmic scale, the network of the All, the macro level of all Creation Templates, that then becomes focused through/by the 9D Higher Selves into 'life coding' through 8D...and 'down/outward' through the dimensions and sub-layers of expression...

    11D is the Gateway dimension, between the Twin Pillars (11) of TwinFlame, and 12D is the dimension of Christed Light, of Oneness, of OneFlame expression of the Source...which then radiates through TwinFlame, and goes into creative expression through the Higher Selves etc...

    We're all multi-dimensional beings, with many various dimensional expressions...and in this Now, holding a 'pointed focus' through each unique person/awareness point/creation point that we are on this beautiful Earth...and if we so choose, consciously aligning and anchoring the Ascension Impulse flowing through all creation from the Heart of the Source, in this journey of radiating uplifting vibrations across every dimension...through the zero-point of our heart/awareness, that opens the field to Harmony in Universal Love.

    Just take what resonates in your heart and soul, with love, Joanna. ūüíõ
  • Being in a twin relationship is not an easy journey it requires maturity and healing along this path including forgiveness, lessons learn, past lives experience, serves to others. They are teachers and ambassadors of the universe.
  • Never completely immerse yourself in the 3D world always take care of yourselves first and stay true to your self.
  • There are multiple levels-'3rd' dimension is this crazy stage of amnesia-we for get everything-then there are '4rth' densities-where people who have passed away come back to( and some choose to be born there without the amnesia)-their spirits somehow can condense the elements ( from the elemental table) and produce a 'physical' body to match their spirit 'blue print' -then there is 4rthD B level(Left EYE) 'one step down' from 3d and there is 4rthD A (Right EYE) and there are lower levels under each. Above us are the gated Heavens, areas where very advanced Masters of Light focus 5thD vibrations inside the gate or like a bubble.
    We are here in the lower zones.hell realms of varying negativity.
    • That's interesting there are sub levels of dimensions. The ''blue print body'' holds the physical body together I know I've had out of the body experiences before. Everything is energy, frequency, light, particles, atoms.Many light beings come from different levels of dimenions.
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