• once we open to Christ consciousness there is no going back. The name has power collectively because there are tons of people speaking the name and mediating on Christ and that Is only the beginning.....there is something deep in the collective around the name.. ...
  • No one has mentioned "The Phoenix Journals" which many were written by Sananda (Jesus), not by channeling but by direct electronic communication.  There are many journals and the widsom and truths in these journals speak for themselves.  They are a bit outdated because, many things were suppose to happen a while ago.  These journals touch upon any questions that seem to come up, be it the truth of Jesus's life and what really the science, physics, and the real story of creation.  These Journals incorporate ALL the reponses from blog and then some.  The journals are FREE to download or cost $6.00 each for hardcopy which is only these are the "WORD" that was to go out to the four corners of the earth.   The journals speak of the "God" of our universe and the "God" of creation.   You can find these at  Journal #2-I am Sananda, is the true story of Jesus's life.  Blessings in light and love, Reane

    Phoenix Journals, Contact Newspaper
    The OFFICIAL source of the Phoenix Journals and Contact Newspaper, documenting God's Plan, the Phoenix Project. Scribed for Sananda and Gyeorgos Cere…
  • im sorry im  not sure im understanding what you meant by that?

  • Christ is not an ascended master nor he is a prophet, He IS a Supreme Rules of our Local Universe ... who came here to stop a rebellion ... and to experience his own creation - human mortal being ...

  • You said it well...i couldnt have said this better myself!!! Thank you so much. Love and Light to you your awesome! This is exactly how my friend said it to me and that is exactly why i feel so much more free!!! I am free to know the truth....i take it you heard of ashayana deane???


    Love and light


  • I think that "christianity" is the greatest mind-f##k ever conceived by wicked and manipulative minds seeking control over humanity through deceitful and fictitious lies about the nature of God and humanities place in creation.  It is a blood-drinking, mind-control death-cult carefully and purposefully designed to block your mind into a cage of fear, guilt and shame.  Untill one utterly rejects it, you will never even begin to grow spiritually.  Personally, I find everything about this religion to be highly offensive, as do billions of other people throughout the world.  I guess you could say that I'm not lukewarm about it at all.  Christianity sucks and I, for one am sick of hearing about Jesus.  Only you can set yourself free from religion. 

    • regardless, if he is real or not, and regardless of the actions of the religion, there are lessons to be learned from the "words" of jesus, just like there are lessons to be learned from everywhere you look and go.  if we go on the assumption that he was a real person he would be one of the first to separate religion and state, speaks of the need to offer forgiveness to those who genuinely seek it, to consider that only those who have never made mistakes should be casting judgement( which is nobody, not even god), that it is not what a man eats that makes him evil but what he says/does. 

      There are also great lessons to be taken from other figures and religions, however none of them are complete because of things like you mention, how christianity is essentially a cannibalistic cult.

    • oh yes i do agree with you and like they all said he is not

  • In a state of oneness we are all God ,so to call on any master they will have power,be it Mohamad ,Budda ,Christ or Krishna.

    There are those that have choosen to serve this world after their physical life had come to an end.Bobbaji ,I have heard has stayed for mallinia to hold love to the earth so that we could have the chance to learn.Christ has done the same as have the others including many of the Saints. Love Bob

    P.S. masters are those who have found their oneness and are complete with God.

  • Jesus saying he was the son of god is the same as you and I saying we are the daughters of god. Some religions say Jesus is god others Jesus is a prophet. I think it is as you determine it to be. Was Jesus human. No.
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