Dear ACC family,As I've been flying by airplanes a lot recently and my neighbour is a pilot who flies Boing 747, I've realized that the chemtrail theory is a hoax.When a plane takes off, there are no chemtrails from the engines. Only exhaust gas like a car makes. The trails come when the plane reaches an altitude with sub zero temperatures that makes the condence water freeze into ice. Because the engines blow a lot of hot air backwards and the engines are hot, and when cold and hot air meets, it makes condence water. Therefrom the condence water is pushed backwards with an incredible power which is what makes the contrails which are not chemtrails.This leads me to the fact of what my guides have tried to tell me now for a very long time, that there are no secret government and no illuminati. Only young souls who perform insanity because they are very low in spiritual growth.By focussing on a secret government, we create one with our thoughts. I believe we just have to think to ourselves that there are no secret government, and forget about all the conspiracies, as in fact most of them are fake and created by people who makes money in making people believe in them.Therefore I urge everyone to let the mind be free and only focus on love and gratefullness for everything there is.Thank you all for being who you are and much love to you allI am Ríam

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  • Perhaps, in all fairness to Riam, our Brother, and to Riam directly....that your guides speak to you from the future where the 'dark cabal' does not exist.  Perhaps you are already perceiving events here in the 3d earth from this other time.  I believe that you believe what you say and that your guides are channeling 'truths' to you.  Perhaps most of us here are still perceiving these events from still living here in this 3d illusion.  Please let's give Riam the benefit of the doubt and accept his reality as he perceives it.  Actually I myself would rather be living in the world of only mafia groups being in control, and not having the 3d 'illusional' reality of there being  cabal and  plans for WWIII and NWO. to overcome. 8114191481?profile=original Perhaps, Riam, your reality is closer to the 5d than a lot of us are.  Bless you, Little Brother!


  • I have had confirmed from spirit they are real. Perhaps your guides just don't want you to focus on this aspect.

  • And of course you know this........ choosing to go back to sleep perhaps?

  • We are all Pleiadian, Sirian, Starseeds, etc.  We've all been all over the place incarnated here there and everywhere.  You are no different than the rest of us.

    Oh, so now you are saying that there are mafia families ruling different territories.  These are the ruling families, we already knew that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That's the Cabal.  You should research the NWO.  Look into my eyes and see the truth.

  • Nice posting, gave me a bit of a laugh.  Are you one of those infiltrators they employ to give out disinformation?  Chemtrails are not given off at take off or landing, they are given off when at the right altitude.  We ARE chemtrailed here in South West England almost on a daily basis.  You can't miss them, the sky is like a checker board.  I know that a lot of our chemtrails are weather modification since within an hour of spraying the sky fills with clouds.  There can be no question of this since it is pretty evident to any one of average intelligence.  The difference between contrails and chemtrails is also very obvious for the casual observer.  As for your guides who are telling you there is no secret government I would suggest you get yourself some new guides.

  • I test the air for evidence of chemtrails Sadly your research lacks Does not deserve a response To be honest You enjoy the planet you are on with all of your air head excuses Do nt expect to find many poeple here who give you faith Your unfounded air head nonsense is AIR HEAD NONSENSE I have proven desease here and THERE ARE NOW OVER 1000 COURT CASES WORLD WIDE ABOUT CHEMTRAILS There are new deseases delivered in chemtrails They need to be stopped Your comments at least deserve to be rubbished as rubbish they are

    This is Bloated fabricated unqualified negative nonsense

    Please go back to the drawing board and open a couple of eyes

    Your other comments on 'no illuminati' deserves ignorant drunken comments because it sounds like it is a thought from a drunken maniac who supports the same. 

    you really must do better than to make so many ignorant statements on one really pathetic blog

    please do not POST ANYTHING ELSE 

    until you have had every other person on here waste time on your negative energy

    by bye buy

    • please do not get caught up in the ego friend. this one is just confused on the subject and needs more information. insults are negative as well brother, remember what you are wanting to teach and practice what you preach. everyone is only here to learn and share more ideas. no negativity needed. peace be with you

  • what a sad sight



  • Well, I see them quite often here in Sweden.

    Most contrails but sometimes chemtrails, that spreads all over the sky

  • Riam, you are making statements you don´t know anything about.

    Where have you been the last 10 years????????????

    Contrails (condens) that normally shows behind a plane disappear after about 5 minutes.

    Chemtrails dont disappear.

    The equation is that simple.

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