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April Nite said:

"Have you ever though that maybe Kelly L is your Twin Flame Drekx? You guys have so much in common, and she is the only person you trust on here, so I would of said she was your Twin Flame a long time ago. Given everything that you guys have been through and all. Maybe that is just my take on things though Bless the Nite April"





Drekx Omega response:

Actually, you do usefully raise a good point and I know exactly what you mean, when you ask me about whether we are actual Twin Flames, as opposed to Soulmates...Well I'll explain as follows.....

I was initially instructed by my Sirian contacts, to extend my vast activational remit to online activities, in the summer of 2009, having become a GFL Commander in 2006...Which mostly entails ashramical esoteric and Federation logistics work, not placed in the public domain...

Being recognised for what I was, my articles were first published on the IITM website, in November of 2009...My articles and blogging on that site enabled me to meet a fellow contributor and blogger, namely Kelly Lightchalice......

And when I first met Kelly online, in late 2009 I was in awe of her charm, intelligence and knowledge....and amazed at how similar her psychic and intellectual abilities were to my own...I was initially interested in her high calibre (light quotient) and good will and that she was a Theosophist, as I had likewise been one for several years......We are both students of the great works of Master DK and she had much more understanding than most people I had met, online...Prior to that, the only people that I had met, of such high calibre, were off-line friends and comrades within my esoteric groups and GFL Ground Crew...

As our friendship grew and grew and our love blossomed I felt it imperative to conduct a check on her akashic status with my prime Sirian ET contact, Jschwjsch Vashtar and also to check with my own ashram on earth, to confirm what my feelings were telling me...that this women is very special....I thought she may be a "Twin Flame" at first and was told that twin flames very rarely incarnate at the same time and plane..That they are virtually the same soul, split in two aspects...

So my feedback was stunning, as I discovered someone who was, for me, more than a "twin flame," she was a fellow Sirian starseed and from my very own starseed Sirian clan, the Atars...moreover, my own ashramic master, one Master Rákóczi (an Earth Ascended Master,) confirmed that she was within his ashram upon the 3rd ray....A note that although Master R is a 7th ray Master, he has taken many 3rd ray souls under his wing, as part of his duties as Mahachohan...

So she has been placed on the fast track of training for the GFL Ground Crew Command of Canada's central and western sectors...Her work has been stunning and she has made massive progress in co-ordinating teams of lightworkers, co-ordinating triangles, stabilising the grids and aligning humanity with the Earth mother, as part of her Guardianship duties....She is now, in effect, a GFL Ground Crew Commander in her own right, for the Canadian sector...She has received a very special visit from Lady Kalestra and several important well as Master R, himself.

Recently, using the power of sound in toning psychic energies, which is very much what the Atlantean priests did, she has succeded in activating the djed tower, along with her special team of friends in Canada..So you see that this lady is very special and I treasure her in so many ways.....We are very much in love and we are Soulmates.....

A Sirian starseed Atar at home....and what a disguise......!!    ;-)  Note that her recent ritual work on the Ojo water wheel has been officially approved by the Great White Lodge and has been blessed by Master R and amplified by Master Paul (the Venitian.)

Selamat ja (Sirian for to be in joy....!!)



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Thanks to Dieter, of IITM, we have a mirror of this discussion placed on his website....Here is the link:

Wow! look at her beautiful pink radiance! what an amazing being :')

Yes I certainly agree with you there, Indigo Glow....she's a gorgeous lady and my sweet soulmate.....   ;-)

Thank you guys so much guys for sharing your love and light. I always post your info on my facebook to help the sleepers with more and more proof and information that you have shared :) Bless you!

"My dear Chelas; Kelly Lightchalice and Drekx Omega, have a special connection that can never be broken....Human life in third dimension can be a struggle for anyone, as we also realise, from bitter experiences, but physical life realised as eternal spirit, is the harmony gleaned from such energised experiences...Spirit seeks to fully reflect itself into matter, into the 3rd dimensional realm, among others...


So, for any to view spirit as disconnected from matter, would be in error....Spirit does not loftily preside over the chaos of 3rd dimension, it seeks integration within it, in order to fully transform those limiting material properties and render them harmonised to perfection....

Some religious doctrines have presented the illusion that "God" presides over matter and humanity and never the twain shall meet....We of the Hierarchy, suggest this to be in error...It is the duty and service of souls to fully bring matter into spiritual magnetism, such as an immersion of the one into the other and a resultant union of the polar opposites...


When a soulmate discovers another precious soulmate, whilst upon an incarnation, (we say a "short dip in a pool of water,") it is akin to finding alchemical gold....something precious and something worth energising to completion, with intelligence, love, patience and perserverance....The illusion of materiality cannot be shattered all at once, but can be, in stages......

My (stepped-down) Aquarian ray, energises a lighted synthesis between inner and outer, spirit and matter, terrestrial and extraterrestrial, east and west, humanity and hierarchy......With such a powerful backing, it is no longer a human mirage, to expect a time in which matter submits itself to the love of spirit.....and all things that were once considered fanciful, by human minds, may become manifest reality.


In a violet tone of blessed Light, gifted to all my dearly beloved ashramic chelas....May my violet flame wash away all karma suffered by each and also the wider body of suffering humanity..."


These are the loving and supportive words of Ascended Master Rákóczi....

A humble Alchemist of true solar gold, that which offers combined Soul lessons for each chela, under special ashramic instruction.


Mahachohan and Regent of Europe et North America




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