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For what you see now, 9 days ago (07.03.11), the Earth and Humanity were delivered to Intergalactic Councils. Humanity can no longer decide something and rule like they did before.

Konu Ekatah....Humanity is Kicked-off. (16.03.11).


Q: The Powerful Light that i see?

.....It was a Space-craft.


Q: Monday my sight were similary.

....Correct. They are everywhere now. Because it is so; if you goes 10 days back, Mother Earth and Humanity were delivered to Intergalactic Councils. Humanity can no longer decide something. They are Kicked-off. (17.03.11).


Dramatic things happens in Japan now. Is it so that Japan will sink in the ocean?

...Correct. Like we have said before, much land will arise from the ocean, and much land will go under. Try to see the Transformation on Earth. Mother Earth is delivered to the Intergalactic Alliance. Humanity decide no longer for what is coming. Konu Ekatah.


Is that something that will happened in conection with that which has started?

....I started millions of years ago. Transformations, like Creation, will been Complited soon. .Konu Ekatah (15.03.11)

There are much that will bee changed on your Earth now. So you can rest in Peace on that Humanity no longer decide. There are a Intergalactic Command which search to guide your Earth now. For this reason there are many transformations in store. Like we have said before; Mother Earth is PREGNANT and going to been rebirth again. And it will bee much easier for Humanity to be alive, DONT WORRY. (21.03.11)




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  • Cosmic energies comes to Earth and i belive we will se many changes during second half of 2011.
  • Q: Iliuka have bring into that the intergalactic council now decide...


    Q: And that means for us?

    ...Its like humanity always had believed that they decide. There are Kings, there are authorities. However, its the spiritual power that comes into force for Earth. Now ,everything will transform on your Earth. For this reason, goverment after goverment will be removed. Frontier will fall, it will be Kings and Queens falling. And a new energy will come to Earth, and penetrate it. It is what is called the multiglobale energy, like the energy in Cosmos.

    Konu Ekatah. (13.04.11)

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  • This is actually good news and i believe the Intergalactic Councils will speed up Ascension by getting rid of all the dark forces from this Planet and creating a 5th Dimension Galactic Society....THE SOONER THE BETTER
    • Yes Ravinder!, this is good news.. Intergalactic Councils have more power to help Gaia to Ascend.
  • Honestly, there are things that we control, and things beyond our control..  And, it's probably better that way. 

    Control is an illusion to a degree, but our decisions matter a lot so I do think we control things through our actions, but beyond that, I also know that certain things are just "beyond"... :)

    Pertaining to the information regarding Japan, I don't know if the whole area will sink, but it could be possible, I highly doubt the entire country would go underwater, but if it does, I guess it wouldn't suprise me but again I have my doubts, in time, we shall see....

    If I were delivered to an Intergalactic Counsel I would hope that I would be more aware of it, I really have no fears regarding it, so it doesn't bother me, but I think something like that would be more noticable :).....
    • Delilah: I think you are right. There are things we have control over in daily lives, but the system controls us more than many like to admit. This Controllers or Dark ones, if you may, hold us in part of 3-d reality.

      Control is no illusion. Think about all control-mekanism in our society, like Television, military, Gov, States, Religion, Big Farma.. Even Birth prosess for a little Child is a part of the controll., but again; it is the 3-d system.


      Iliuka said that 48% of Japan will sink under water.. If that is accurate i hope that the Japanese knows where and when..


      I prefere a guidence from a intergalactic councils/Alliance/Command more than dictatorchip from The illuminati and Elite. Again, this i very good news.. Because this Take Over will leads to the end of Illuminati Black ops, the end of illegal Goverments, etc..



      • Rune:  The Medium of Television can also be a Liberator, so I don't believe it's a mechanism of control, I feel a lot of good energy from Technology in general, but that's just my perspective.  I realize a lot of people feel they are under some kind of control, I just don't feel that way.... Maybe it's all the psychadellics, I feel like they have been a major part of my deeper liberation....

        That being said, I think some people "zone out" on television, but that's not necessarily televisons "fault".  I think people have to own their power, and must keep their own minds in check.  Personal responsibility is something people just don't want these days...

        If they can blaim their actions or decisions on something they certainly will...

        In all respect though, I do see your point.  



        • And I will say, that I can relate with feeling like we are not as free as we could be here on planet Earth in the current 3-D structure, but that's part of what we signed up for when we encarnated into this dimension...  It's a part of being a part of this physical reality....

          That being said, I do believe this reality is Ascending, as is our Consciousness, that won't stop people from not owning what they are responsible for, pertaining to themselves or others, I do believe people need to be responsible for their own Liberation to a degree, but I Believe that our Space friends are there helping us!

          I think we can use all the help we can get right now, but it's also up to us to help ourselves :)....
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