A special message from SaLuSa

A special message from SaLuSa

Channeller: SaräAmma

This is SaLuSa, my child, and so it Is. I would like to come to you before, but evidently, your mistrust generated a bit of trouble, because you believe it was impossible I could come up to you, and that troubled my communication with you.

But I want you to know that I am seeing your work, and we are delighted with what you are doing and I had in mind to come to you to convey a message to Mankind. And before you proceed, I want to tell you that this will not be the last time I’ll do that because I want to reach as many people as possible and through the largest number of channels available, as we are at revealing times, we are in critical times and we need the greatest collaboration and cooperation from all Lighworkers on Earth.

Mainly, it is for this reason that I came today.

To make a wake-up call to all languages, above all Spanish, Portuguese and English, in order this news do not be delayed to be spread due to the lack of translators, or because of the few that exist are so full of work that they cannot cover all the required needs for this information to be translated.

Now, our message is quite simple.

This is the moment, this is the right time, to start … to put things on a horizontal line and give the shout for departure.


Do not fear our presence around you. Though we already are and you have not noticed it, now we will show openly to the world as we are.

We did it this way because it was necessary, as I mentioned previously, that this information come out at the same time in various languages.

Dear Ones, my terrestrial Brothers and Sisters, we are at a key moment, at a turning point, this is not a game and we need the greatest collaboration from all of you.

You will be called on the most urgent moments in a different way and you only have to answer and to do what you have agreed to do into this plan, at this moment.

The ones that are not yet aware of it, and have been working to achieve it, they will be activated immediately, at the right moment, when the wake up call will be done.

This is the reason why you have been working constantly with us during the latest days.

Nothing have happened by chance, everything happened for a particular reason, that only the chosen ones, and the ones called from the heart have felt and responded. Thus, you can be assured that at the right time all will be revealed and you will know what you came to do at the precise moment that you should know it, and that you have the need to use your skills. And you will also know what you have come to do on this planet Earth.

My child, I am leaving just now, I have nothing more to say at this time but to be grateful to you for allowing to me to come in the way you have done and now you know that at any other time I will be visiting you.

I leave a warm greeting as a brother to the whole Humanity on Earth.

See you soon.

Channeller: SaräAmma, through a Skype conference with "Somos Luz em Ação" Group on February, 2011.

Translated from Spanish by
Dioneia Alves and André Martins.




Translated from Portuguese by
Maria Luísa de Vasconcellos

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  • Even if I focused 100% on being the old me again, it just wouldnt work lol. Even if nothing happened with 2012 I would still be too far in an internal process of change to be trilled by the old...


    Things are changing in my inner world wow, now is the time for the collective process of change to accelerate !

    • I understand completely the feeling that the internal processes have changed, I feel ya!
  • I doubt all this.
  • Hmm.
    I personally DON'T have any experience either way... other than what I hear others say.
    Wish I did, maybe I will.
    If 'it' does happen, whoopee!, hopefully the power plants and internet don't shut down. And I won't have to do all this heaping Algebra two homework.
    Otherwise... keep washing dishes.
  • Sounds much along the same lines.. I had many symbols and signs, but as I cannot begin to discipher them, i couldn't tell you what they meant. I love hearing about dreams, I was very excited, nervous, in awe when I awoke from my dream, and have since then not been able to shake it off as meaningless. There is definitely something to this!! I am very happy that I am feeling we are at the verge of the changes, i feel the tide coming in!! I know I am going to be sick with anticipation and I want to know the next step NOW. But ah yes, we must be patient, all in good time. :D
  • I had a dream last week, it was really tripped out... I was out getting dinner and I looked up at the sky and half of the "stars" all shifted in one moment and fell towards the earth.. There were messages formed  in the stars, different languages, I knew they were coming, it was the most aprehensive I had ever felt, I was in awe for a minute, then decided to quickly get home because I knew I didn't have much time. There were people lined up in the darkness of the streets, babys in prams, mums, dads and everything was eery.. no one seemed to talk too much, alot of people didn't seem to know how to react, So I just got home and climbed to higher ground... alot of other parts to the dream but I find it too hard to describe in words.


    I still feel apprehensive, and I feel each dream I have is a further step preparing myself for what is about to occur. trying to stay calm and collected.. no matter how much I feel I am ready for this, most indicators point to my being a bit freaked out when it happens, then i recollect and get back to the business at hand. I hope i will be ready for this when it happens...

  • I have noticed something differnent in the atmosphere also, I sense the change is Oh So Near!! =) FYI Rae, I  believe this too.... =)
This reply was deleted.

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