Adama and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

Jeshua and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on April 5,2015)


Blessed brothers and sisters. All of you who are today, you of all dimensions, I greet you. I am Adama.

These are glorious times. We know that there are many in rooms such as this and in the channeling circles around  the world speaking in and sharing with so many of you. There are so many messages to read. We bring these today from Telos and from Shambala and from all of those portals that those, such as the James, have been waiting for and waiting for them to open!

You will no longer need to search the surface for those portals that have been based in dimensional energy as they are opening. We are making our way upon the surface more and more. We have been sharing times with others in our bodies that you might see us and feel us.

Some of those from this inner world will be mentors for many. Some of us have been appearing around the planet to whisper the things that are of need and necessity to others. Now those times have passed and we can more and more come to the surface and share with you in our bodies and in our experience.

These are the times you have been waiting for. As those things that you continue to pray for and think about move into the background, you will only see the good. You only see the love. For this is vibration and frequency based and as those who are moving through this planet, on the planet and above the planet come closer and closer as the veil drops; you see one another and who you really are as brothers and sisters.

No more talk of children. No more talk of babes. You are fully here as CREATORS, Ones who are here to make a difference. This group. those who read and share these words, you are here to make a difference.

And I would share with you today that some of you have become tired. physically tired, emotionally tired and mentally tired. And we are here to whisper in your ears and bring you an influx of energy that you need to continue your walk and your talk.

What is also important is that those who work do the work you need to do. And spend the time on Mother Gaia as has been discussed in the circle today (grounding). Have that opportunity that shot of energy that comes through her.

 Also make time for those who are just working within their homes to spend time on selves. We encourage you to get out. Get out to experience the celebratory parties, celebratory feelings that are actually with real people on the surface! For it is not all about those “fake” events or those things which are grabbing the attention of the human species. Even more now the attention is dropping away because you realize how many of these things are nothing but lies. So go out! Those of you are comfortably insulated in your homes, go out and take your energy to the masses.

And those of you Lightworkers, who work around the clock, those of you who give yourselves without rest. Have we not talked before about times for meditation? Time for music? Times for baths. Time to take care of yourselves in ways you are not in this moment. Because your energy is needed. They are all needed for this time when everyone is awakening. If you are not caring for yourself, who will?

These are times of grandeur. As the time moves forward from here on out, do not carry concerns about whether or not you will have another Holy Season on the surface by yourselves and your family, whether or not Thanksgiving will roll around again. We have so many grand things planned for all!

Those of us in Hollow Earth nod our head to you, Lady (Anne DeHart who was in attendance today). For all the work you do. And we also share that those in the ships above the planet, not far off in dark, deep space, are close. They are here too, to celebrate and to participate.

As the ships were placed outside of the rings of the planet at one time, now you see them as they come closer and closer. The time will come when those that are allowed will land. And it will be more and more common to see the ships that are from all parts of the galaxies, the universes and all those with us in Hollow Earth come upon the planet and actually share with you in true form.

This is a day of celebration. This is a day of family. This is a day of Holy memories. Make this day your’s and take with you this message. This is the time to move out of any of those fear thoughts. Any of those old thoughts that would hold you to our past in any way, shape or form. And move forward with this new energy, this new light, this new love and know that it is carrying you exactly where you want to go, where you need to go and where it has been divinely decreed..

Thank you for this time today. We are grateful to have this opportunity and we look forward to embracing you and all those upon the planet for the time is here.


It is wonderful to be with you again, my brothers and sisters. I am your brother, Jeshua. I have been with you many times before and will be continuing to be with you many times in the future. For we have a bond, you and I, each one here. We have a bond that has been forged for eons of time.

Please understand that there are many levels of the beings that we are. And I, as Jeshua, may not have been with you in these ways before but at my higher levels, just as you are in your higher levels, we have been together in many occasions.

And I come to you this day, this day of celebration. And what is that we are celebrating? Are we celebrating the so-called ascension that I went through those many thousands of years ago? Maybe, yes, for that is certainly what occurred. But that is not what we are here for today. We are here to celebrate your ascension! You are the Way, the Truth and the Life. Just as I demonstrated that, now, you demonstrate that. We are all in this together, you and I.

We have been working together for a very long time and now, in this moment, is this not the season of new beginnings? Is this not the way, the change that is occurring now as the trees bloom and as the flowers bloom. As all comes back to life after the harsh winters. Maybe not in your area but in many places around the world. It is the Spring, the new beginnings.

But what is beginning in these times now? It is a New World that is beginning, that is opening up. That is blossoming now. And you, each one, are a part of that blossoming. You must realize that you are here for a reason. Although many of you do not see, possibly your purpose in all of this, I tell you now and all of us tell you now, that you have a grand purpose. You are the ONES. You are the ones forging the New World. This new Golden Age.

Yes, we are here to help but we are not doing the work, you are doing the work. We are just giving assistance and guidance here and there. It is time now for you, you to blossom into who you truly are.

As these times continue on everything will appear at various moments as not quite the way you want things to be as you have already been seeing. That is all due to change and all about to change. For as this blossoming occurs, you yourselves being a part of all of this and being prepared for the many changes that are coming and being prepared to assist all of those who are straggling behind you might say, holding back whether consciously or unconsciously. As they come forth, as they spring forth, you will be there to assist them, to give them a guiding hand wherever it is needed.

This is what this moment is about. This Easter Sunday is all about.  It is about your arrival, your ascension. Together with the entire planetary ascension and all of the celebrations are being prepared. They are just waiting now for the time to come when you are ready to step forward to be a part of those celebrations for you have certainly earned the right to be there.

All of my love and blessings and all of the Light be with as you continue on now to assist the world in sharing the Light and the love. I am your brother, Jeshua. Peace and love be with you.


Greetings to you. This is “One Who Serves”. Here to assist you along with our dear sister, “Ashira” in answering your questions. We know there must be some questions here! What would you have for us today here?

Question: I have read about “walk-ins”. Can you tell me about how that is done and the purpose of that and how it works?

(OWS): Yes. How is that done? It is done very carefully. Yes, certainly the approval or rather the contract that is set-up ahead of time with each being about this particular situation. But do not be concerned about whether one is a “walk-in” or one is not a “walk-in” for that is not to be of concern.

There are many different ways for a being to come into the planet and to be a part of this grand adventure that is occurring here now. And whether you are here as a “walk-in”, whether you came in as a baby and had this lifetime you are living and continuing to live this life and wonder at times when is it going to be over? When am I going to move on? Have you not all wondered that at times? Even though you came here, you promised to come here and you think did I really promise to come here? Should I have really done this?

And the answer to this is certainly yes! It is very important that you are all here. We speak to all who read and resonate to these words, through the various sources that these words find themselves to. You yourselves have been here before. You have been through this process. But there are those who come in at the last second you might say. They want to join in the festivities. Some have been a part of this for a very long time and others are new to it but are able to come in and be here.

The purpose is to assist. To share the Light. Share the love wherever it can be. That one who is the “walk-in” is purposely coming to do that, to come in and to share the love and the Light wherever they can. Does this answer your question?


Question: Is an aspect of Sananda walking on the planet at this time?

(OWS) What a question here! There are many aspects of Jeshua and Sananda and many of the Ascended Masters and the angels and the Galactics and all of those who are walking the Earth here. And to be concerned with one individual is not going to assist you. Know that there are so many who are here to help in many different ways. They are doing what they can in the circumstances in which they find themselves.

You see many who would be “walking the Earth” and have this higher level of existence within them are not exactly aware of themselves and there are others that are aware of themselves. You see? So, yes, there are aspects of this one. Does this answer your question?

Question: I have been trying to send light into the East Coast but I notice that my left hard becomes a little numb. Am I doing this the right way?

Would you like to go with this one, Ashira?

(Ashira): Yes, I will take this one!

Greetings! Tell me, tell us in what manner are you holding the crystal? Are you holding the crystal and then utilizing it for sending energy through your body? Tell us what your process is.

Comment: I hold my crystal in my left hand and I chant and I place my right hand over the mapped area.

 Well, what we would share as we view this situation with you, that the crystal is doing its work in the vibration you are sending and the intent that you have. What is happening is that the energy of the crystal is moving through that hand and back into your body. So, what we would say is that as you send your intent out through the crystal that you move that energy through the body and out into the world. What you are experiencing is a “backwash” effect, if that makes any sense to you at all.

What is also coming is that you need to make sure that you put your crystal out into the sunlight on a daily basis that it might be washed clean from the sunlight and know that it is remaining pure and clear. Does that sound like it will help you? Blessings!

“OWS” Would there be other questions here?

Nothing further? Then we will release channel but before we do, there is another one who wishes to chime in here!

“Another One Who Serves”

Greetings to you! Yes, this is the other “One Who Serves” but some call us the funny one! We want to get our two cents in here and there whenever we have a chance. We are here to assist in any way we can for that is what we are here for are we not?

But you, yourselves, are also being prepared and preparing to be of service as well. Many of you are still in the old paradigm of service to self, not so much you here in this group. Some who are reading these words are still in that process and moving and shifting into the next level of consciousness in terms of being of service to others. And this is where you are all going. You are all going there and heading there fast! As you get there, closer and closer and closer you will experience great changes within yourself.

Blissfulness will come over you. Whenever you are focused on another then simply yourself, it opens up a whole new world of expression and understanding and oneness. What does that term mean oneness? When can you ever feel like you are one with another? You feel like one when you focus on that other one. You see?

It is very important that as you move on through this shifting that is happening to know that you are shifting with reason and purpose. You are going to come out “smelling like a rose”, okay? We promise you! It is going to be glorious and wonderful beyond your wildest imaginations. We know that you have been promised this over and over. You cannot possibly imagination the ramifications involved here but it is going to be and you will find yourselves in the celebrations. And we are so looking forward to being with you in those times.

Shanti. Pease be with you. Be the One.




I am Ashira. You have had many visitors today. Many of those who dropped into your conversation and helped to wind it around to those appropriate for those here.

All of this, every Sunday, is deeply choreographed. You do not understand with the vision you have at this moment, how many players are brought into this room, into your lives, those of us who visit you during the week to bring you to different thought processes. All of us who are in service to this group work with you and invite others to come to work with you as well so that you might continually be expanding, have deeper understandings and be ready to be called into service.

Most weeks, James and Susan, have been prepared by those who would come to speak. At times there are those of us who speak with them frequently to help prepare them with the messages they bring to you.

So, if you can imagine those of different dimensions, those of the Galactics to those of Hollow Earth, to those of the Archangels and the Ascended Masters, to all of those upon the planet who are working just to get the words right for these Sunday groups. Can you imagine the immensity of that which is occurring upon the planet? And all of those who are at play and in play at the moment?

This is a momentous time and those of you who still like to keep an eye on the “intel”, on the message that others bring, we remind you to use your discernment. We remind you to hold close to you your measuring sticks. Your measuring tools.

What “feels” right? Does love remain the base of the message or is there divisiveness in  place of it? We know that you read of continued space wars and armaments placed around the universe not just those on this planet. But we bring you today to say, as much as you can, wean yourself from the words of the third dimensional world not only from those medias that are not truthful but also continue to move yourselves forward to those sites that you trust. Those multimedia sources that you trust.

Those “intel” reports are feeding you only information about what is occurring on this planet. Is it only that which is happening in the three dimensional world? Is it only THAT which you see with your three dimensional eyes? For that is not where the truth lies, my friends. That is not where your heart lies. That is not where you will find unity that you are called to this day.

As you move forward and you feel more and more of this love energy and now there is a whole new set of vibrations and energy that is coming to this world through the portals that have opened. You will find yourselves easily and effortlessly moving away from worldly things. For  you are no longer interested. You are no longer engaged.

When you see the dominoes have fallen and that the world is changing in the rapid way we have promised, you will SEE that your interests will be pulled into projects of harmony, love and all those things will come upon this planet in that base.

We thank you for being present on this day perhaps away from family, perhaps a day away from friends. A day that is considered a holy day upon the planet at this time. And you have so many different understandings and ideas of what that is that people celebrate. But the opportunity to come together to celebrate this way and this day with the audience of those who love you, serve you and come to be with you.

This is such as the celebrations that have been planned will continue to unfold and you will take from them the harmony in your heart that will spread below and above and throughout all of creation. And you will come to know even more who you are in all of this that is unfolding.

I bless you. I bring you peace. Namaste. 

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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