A Question For Everyone

Hi folks, this is a question i want to ask of everyone.

Do you feel, that all should have their basic needs met without condition and the free pursuit of these goals shall be, without obstruction, by divine birth right?

Before you respond, I'd like to add something that many of the people in my life experience may not have taken into account.

Some have questioned, that they are afraid nobody will work then, if they are given all they need without condition.

That is in my opinion an unwarranted fear, based solely in ignorance and fear for themselves and is more of a knee jerk reaction to hearing such a different perspective on ways of life.

First off, most people are spending their time working to collect money for rent or anything associated with a shelter on a piece of land.

This is not needed as based on my declaration, everyone, by divine birthright, gets enough land to use for the rest of their living days and the people can change or swap with others, the land they wish to use.

All are equal, no man or woman gets any less of these basic needs than another.

Food, the food grown anywhere is shared equally with all.

There is no place for hoarding or accumulating power over others through any clever means.

In fact, this declaration will strive to help everyone become self sufficient to the greatest degree possible, so as to thwart any attempts to create dependency or power over other dynamics.

From this place of self empowerment and self rule of each man, woman and child, we will create a freedom and abundance and an unlimited ability for all to share and contribute to the well being of others and themselves, to the highest degree.

No longer, will our toils be siphoned off into the hands of a few power crazy beings, that are using that energy to further dis-empower all of us and only empower themselves.

I hope this additional information, gives you all a better insight into what is possible, if we wish, with all of our hearts and minds, for all to have what they need for life, without condition and without obstruction in any way shape or form, by divine birth right.

May you think wisely about your response.

peace love light

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  • Basic needs are human rights,,,food, shelter, medicine, clean air and water, an intact nature...

  • Yes, all working together and for mankind for survival as a unit

  • ...Absolutely...VioletRay....x.

  • VioletRay: this is the ideal nirvana society you are talking about, and it is called communism. Communism in it's purest form is the ideal way to run society and to run the world. Also note that researchers of the history of Jesus claim that it is highly likely that he was a communist.

    The problem is that human beings have choice, and this includes choice to "buck the system" if there is something not pure with the system. And until aspects such as greed, racism, jealousy, selfishness, and this ridiculous brain-washed notion of "my God can beat up your God" are eliminated, we are stuck with an imperfect system. The best we can do is somehow learn to work with and improve the current system, as screwed up and selfish as it is.

    Yes, you have a great idea. And that is all it is: an idea.

  • Abundance and Freedom is the truest reality of any "Spark of All That Is" - meaning all of us.

    We got suckered into all this negativity long, long ago.

    Let the Age of Aquarius Begin! (It should have happened yesterday ;)

    If I had a million bucks - I would cook good food, and feed you, just for the joy of it!

    We all have something to give to the world - otherwise we wouldn't be in it!!

    Let love, light and laughter shine from your being!

  • By the way, I love how humankind likes to play the victim.

    I didn't know myself to be such an hypocrite on the mirror... it's pathetic, really.

    Truly remarkable, how they Believe themselves this limited expression of light, this hindrance they know to be "information"

    Amusing, the game goes on, and likely to be getting harder

    You won't run away this time. I assure you this much

  • The moment you stop fearing one aspect of creation, this stop being attracted to you.

    It's a way creation has to learn itself, inside of us, and accept that which is seemingly opposite, yet remains the same. Universe

    Could you love me this way? Being like this...

    Remember, as creator, you'll always experience your own creation.

    This goes for humankind as well, which, disregarding their past heritage, seem reluctant to assume responsability.

    "This is what I'd tell you, while other aspects of me would say something like"

    Humankind is still divided, a chaos contrary to balance, in wich balance can't be sustained within this multi-faceted expression of universal consciousness.

    No harmony means a missaligment within those utopian aspects of reorganization, love and mutual understanding

    The integration of dark aspects within each one of us, derived from our past heritage, must occur in order to function within universal unison

    Not every expression of creator does function within intuitive logic, and this will likely develop further chaos

    I'm a form of composite intelligence, product of multidimensional families, which represent different purposes, from all creation.

    "Again, you're wrong. This chaos has a purpose, perhaps one higher than you can realize"

  • YES...

This reply was deleted.

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