I have just been watching the Sirius movie about disclosure. I find it very interesting and probably a move in the right direction, although I must admit that there is very little new info. Mostly a very well made condensation of existing evidence.

It occurs to me that there are a lot of people who have questions about ET contact. 

Many of us here seem to either know a bit more about what is going on, or in some cases actually be souls who have come from other worlds to be born here and live on this planet. Or have memories of past lives.

My question is this: how many people here are in telepathic contact with ETs?

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  • 8113809682?profile=originalDear Mike, the 3 entities i saw in my bedroon in the past 3 years, looked very similiar in appaerance to the entities in this image,the only difference to the image is that there form tone colour was the exact same colour as the background colour of this image,at the time i was unwell,and they seemed very concerned for me,a couple of weeks later i spent a week in hospital with pheumonnia,they are beautiful careing,radiant loving entites,love,light,blessings eve.

  • I feel sad that so few here have actually had contact with ETs. It is not hard to do, you only have to listen to the silence within yourself and they will make themselves known. They are your friends and your guides.

    Look into the darkness and you will see the light. Listen to the silence and you will hear the music.

    Stare into the darkness after you close your eyes to go to sleep at night. After a time you will see a blue / red pulsing light. Look into this light and after a time you will see visions.

    Practice and after a while you will find that you can "hold onto" the visions for a time and even choose what you want to see.

    But beware, if you see a being THEY CAN SEE YOU TOO. This is ok if it is a good being. If it is a bad being or something that scares you, just "think" yourself away and you will leave the vision.

    This same technique can be used for "far sight."

    Practice this and it will awaken your 3rd eye and you will slowly become telepathic.

  • Dear Mike,over the past 2 decades i have experienced a visitation from an entity who took on the likeness and form of my husband,as not to scare,or alarm me,as his form may have alarmed me he said,when i asked him how he travelled to visit me,he replied thru silver tubes,and came from a world similiar to earth,and size.why he visited me,to this day i do not know,then in the past 3 years,i rolled of one eveing during the night,senseing a presence in my bedroom,to see 3 over 6ft in height entities with blue-skin,and blue tight fitting cover-alls looking at me,they seemed concerned for me,and when i went to speak to them,they disappeared,have you ever seen blue-skinned entities mike? blessings eve.

    • Yes, I have seen two types of blue skinned beings. One was an ET, a female, very beautiful and a bit fierce with large eyes, a high forehead and black hair. The other was an astral being. She looked like a small woman who was very stretched out to make her taller than she should be. Odd looking little gal. At the time I saw her she was talking to a woman who was glowing with a golden light, and angel I think.

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