A possible ET?

Berlin police release photo of "forest boy"

By DAVID RISING Associated Press The Associated Press
Wednesday, June 13, 2012 4:15 AM EDT

This photo provided by the Bderlin police department shows a teenage boy who... (AP Photo/Berlin Police Department)

"We have checked his DNA against all missing person reports, sent the data to Interpol so that they could check it internationally, but unfortunately without any success," Neuendorf said.

The boy has told authorities his father called him "Ray" and that he was born June 20, 1994, but claims not to know his last name or where he's from.

He said his mother, Doreen, died in a car accident when he was 12 and after that he and his father, Ryan, took to the forest. He said they wandered using maps and a compass, staying in tents or caves overnight.

He told authorities that after his father died in August, 2011, he buried him in the forest and then walked five days north before ending up in Berlin, and showed up at city hall.

Investigators have been unable to confirm any details about a fatal car accident that matches up with Ray's story, however, and haven't been able to find the body of the father — raising "serious doubts" about the story.

"There are many question marks," Neuendorf said.

He is now being taken care of by youth services, and is going to school. When he first appeared, Ray spoke English and a few words of German, but has picked up more German fast, Neuendorf said.

He has also quickly adapted to city life and technology, using a laptop and his cell phone with no problems.

"Everything gives the impression that he was not far away from civilization for years," Neuendorf said.

Neuendorf said that Ray does not speak English with a particular accent, leading investigators to believe that he is not a native speaker. There are no indications, however, of what his native tongue might be.

Ray is described as being somewhere between 16-20 years old and 180 cm (about 5-foot 11-inches) tall. He has dark blonde hair and blue eyes, and three small scars on his forehead, three small scars on his chin and a small scar on his right arm.

He has a complete set of teeth and no obvious dental work, and his hands, fingernails and teeth appear "well kept."

Police in Berlin have asked anyone with information on him to contact them.


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  • LOL.

    You are a possible moron.

  • wow he's 20, he looks so young (ish) lol... well thought out story by the man, but he's not an alien... lol

    • Allow me to post a LOVE story, to make up for this.

      It's a deal that has worked throughout human history: Your parents take care of you when you are little and you return the favor when they are old.

      But sometimes the usual arrangement is turned on its head.

      Maria Garcia is 87 years old. After a rich and rewarding life, she is now suffering from dementia. The person she depends on more than anyone else in the world… is her mother.

      Her mother, Rosario Schielzeth, turned 104 this week. Her daughter had to be reminded every few minutes who the birthday balloons were for. And Rosariodidn't mind answering, every time.

      "She has the patience of a saint," says Maria's son and Rosario's grandson, Albert Garcia.

      Albert, 60, describes his mother's condition as "happy clammy dementia," because she is never angry or upset. But like anyone with Alzheimer's Disease, she can be trying, asking the same questions over and over.

      "My grandmother has to live with her 24-7," Albert says. "Not once have I seen her roll her eyes or answer curtly."

      Since Rosario gave birth to Maria in 1925, the two women have almost never lived apart. When Maria was starting her own family, she had her own home, but it was across the street. And most of her life, she and her mother have lived under the same roof.

      These days, that roof is in Sarasota, Fla. Every morning, the two women sit down to a leisurely breakfast. Rosario reads the paper and tells her daughter what's going on in the world, to keep her mind sharp.

      "I talk all the time to her," Rosario says. "That's the best thing for people in that situation. Talk all the time."

      Rosario herself has no trouble with her memory, or with anything else. She needs a walker to get around, but she doesn't wear a hearing aid. She doesn't even need glasses after having cataract surgery a few years ago. Apart from vitamins, she takes only one pill a day, a mild blood-pressure medication.

      When people ask what's kept her going all these years, she tells them she watches what she eats and stays away from doctors.

      Rosario has been taking care of other people her whole life. When she was a girl, living in Costa Rica, it was her siblings. She was one of ten children, so the older ones had to pitch in. Then it was her own children, and then her grandchildren.

      When Albert was a baby his musician father, whom he describes affectionately as "a Puerto Rican Clark Gable with a pencil moustache," ran off with a stewardess. His grandmother, living across the street, "did the wash for both houses, cooked for both households," so his mother could go to work.

      Not that her whole life was self-sacrifice. She had a passion for travel and even though her husband didn't, she managed to see much of the world.

      He earned enough as a cabinet maker to support the family, so she went to work as a seamstress to earn travel money. With her girlfriends she took off for Thailand, Venice, Rome, Switzerland….

      These days her journeys are more proscribed: the movies, the mall, the beach for ice cream.

      But she can still enjoy her other great passion: Bingo. She and her daughter play at least six rounds every night.

      Carol Festari, a live-in caretaker for both women, also joins the games. She says Rosario wins nine times out of ten.

      They play for candy, to Rosario's regret. "Imagine if we were playing for money," she tells them. "You'd both be broke."

      Festari says the first thing Maria says when she wakes up and the last thing she says before she goes to bed is, "Where's my mother?"

      Her mother is always there.

    • Yes, I just read the story and came to post it. This young man needs some positive attention in a big way.

This reply was deleted.

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