A point to BE MADE!

I have a theory or say an idea that takes root in the infinite love of our radiant ONE.

I myself understand and forsee that the earth is shifting, changing and altering her structure to suit and accomadate frequencies of higher dimensional intelligence.

Eartquakes, Tornados, Tsunami's and whatever else you may have up your sleeve as a so called form of doom are but small changes in the matrix of life. Physical change does not necisarily call for fear to be present. Work with the feelings of he land and of the earth I say. Be in the light and anchor love and comfort within the area you find yourself. If you feel like moving because your energies can be of a higher service elswhere, please do so.

I see in the face of physical change an opportunity to serve. I see an opportunity to work with the earth and its light of love that manifests as change. If you are of the light and a conduit of eternal change and motion, be steady and stand firm in knowing that as this body may pass so shall all things.

If it is important to remain in this body to fulfill our ascension and become ascended let it be so but do not run from physical change for it may find you in another form. WE here upon the Earth are meant to heal the human conciousness and its connection with the EARTH. I feel that if we are truly in service and lightworkers as we may call ourselves we would take this unique opportunity to hold others within our hearts that are held by the Radiant One.

Every present experience that presents itslef has a purpose and in a way has been chosen by us to experience.What is the body of CHRIST telling us in our souls. Not run and hide, thats for SURE! ASHTAR and the entire command loves us all and gives us more support the stronger we stand in our loving 3rd dimensional bodies. The more balance and frequencies of light we can hold within the divine trinity the deeper love from infinty!

Infinity loves itself and holds us all dear. You are tat wich you seek. Look no furher and find the light to be as truth within the creation of freedom surrendering to the will and resurection. If it is in our highest good within the arms of the brotherhood and sistarhood of light to experience a physical death now at this moment before our ascension, so be it. This may be in a form, your ASCENSION. I see this scenario as mostly unlikely for if you are trulya brother or sistar of the light you would be well protected by the connections you have as a soul in service.

WE as a collective within the womb of god represent the body of christ and the ressurection. If you are sure about yourself and ascension please know this...You are the light in truth as the truth within all light. BE well as you will to be and ner surrender to any beliefs that do not resonate with you and your heart of hearts. Be still and have FAITH. Calculate with GOD.


Be in reverance to all that shall ever remain forever in the nameless light of our SOURCE. YAWEH! ADONAI! FORCE OF ALL THINGS! BE with us as we pray for mercy. Lord have mercy. LORD have MERCY> Have mercy upon us ALL...Help us to remember the STRENGTH in you. AMEN. hallowed be thy name. THY KINGDOM come on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!

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  • Well azaru you seem like you have a very good point but things are always changing and i might just have a diferent perpective than you. This actually sounds like something that came out of my own mind. i guess  i can relate. Im quite surprised no one here on such a website has commented yet other than myself. Maybe when truth stares people in the face they feel it might be too rightious for their feelers. Maybe everyone would rather talk about fear and build upon their egos. who knew. anything is possable. Patiance and understanding always triumphs. This is quite the strange world. Ya never know what could happen. I see the patterns in conclusive technoligies of the mind and at some point it can be intimidating but i allow this exchange of all things to keep me inspired and reforming my ideas all the time. thanks for the love and encouragement. Feel, good, Feel right, BE the love, be the light! :)

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