A Letter to the Ones, Withholding. a new path is needed.


I know that there is knowledge out there being withheld that

will benefit the lives of all of us, Human, Animal, Avian, 
Insectoid, Aquatic, Plants, Elemental and Earth (Terra or 
Gaia). If the knowledge is acquired from others they are 
either robbed, bought out or taken out.

I listened to a radio show not to long ago and heard the 
excuses to justify your actions. Why you keep the World 
Shackled. Well one reason I suspect.

You think that the big corporations' will fail and the

monies will dry up as the peoples (even the workers of the

big corps) of the Earth will no longer need to work as they

will have the free energies to heat or cool their homes and

no longer need to work so much for comfort. With free energy

we can apply this to many fields, which will benefit all

listed above.

Your scared that the so named "Useless Eaters" will bread 
like bunnies, because we can afford more therefore be able 
to support larger families and use up your resources. I like

to even know why you think you even own the resources in the

first place. You assume that we will go from 7 Billion to 25

Billion in a matter of years?

So your solution is to poison us, set family sizes, introduce Birth Control, restrain us by destroying our Pineal Glands, make us war, pollute the planet and oceans buy not changing the status que that you all want to remain in place. The Animal & Aquatic & Insectiod Kingdoms and Nature are suffering and yes we are all connected, even though you rather be walking on our heads to keep your position. You are still forced to drink the same water and breath the same air and eat the same foods...no wait I retract that last sentence. You might have access to clean purified water and food and I suspect air filtered environments with excellent medical care.

I forgive you.  Your scared for some reason or another you 
either enjoy little babies dying to be gorged from starving 
animals. Maybe you like seeing Animals dying for food or clothing or other products or Oil Spills and the nature suffering from the poisons? How about the radioactive wastes accumulating the air and water and lands world wide.

You tend to police us by taken away rights and freedoms and 
now want to control the internet to squash our voice. Maybe 
you like and enjoy all this, maybe you don't...maybe your 
stuck, afraid to speak up or extend a hand to offer us free 
energy knowledge, but I don't think so. Unfortunealy.

Your too late. We won. You know it too, but your trying to

keep the smoke & mirrors up even now. I pity you and will

extend my hand to you in love and understanding. This is our

option our only option. Others wish to do more extreme

things to you and yours for the losses they have occurred

from family and friends they cherished very dearly. You

should harvest the crop you sowed. You really should, but

even farmers lose a bumper crop so they couldn't collect the

harvest they so truly deserved. Good or Bad.

This is the reason for this letter. To open your eyes and 
calm your fears. We could turn the tide to help the Earth 
and it's many inhabinets including you and yours. Imaging 
clear skies, waters, healthy life of Nature in any form.
People will not need these mega projects that uproot peoples

from their lands so they area can be flooded for a new dam.

We could live with Nature or other places So nature can thrive.

Humans are so creative to rearrange ourselves, and that is 
what we are doing right now. I know that this is a Fractal 
Universe and it can be shifted. Let's Shift together.

I leave this letter as notice to you and yours. The time is 
short, extremely nigh. Either your with us and work with us 
or be like the Bully in the school yard shouting orders and 
holding all the toys...all by yourself or worst yet your 
peers whom just might be walking on you instead and not shoulder to shoulder beside us. We will find a better way.

Still if you select that path of Control, you will join us at a later date in another lifetime, maybe that is your lesson. But I'm taking back my power now too.

This is my attempt to reach out.


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  • Thank-you for your reply and your right. I'll still try to extend my hand just in case I'll wear shark gloves for the bite. Peace, love & light to you.

  • they intend to kill us anyway a coward dies a thousand deaths a brave man only dies once. some will even on threat of eternal damnation would rather keep truth hidden the price of pride is a hefty one .

    • Thanks for your reply. That is a good phrase and very true.   Peace, love & light to you.

This reply was deleted.

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