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A Farmer Saw A H*** In A Rock. But The INSIDE Has AMAZED The Whole World...MUST SEE...HIGHLY RECOMMEND

A Farmer Saw A H*** In A Rock. But The INSIDE Has AMAZED The Whole World.

March 16, 2015 – It has room for a skyscraper with 40 floors and it contains both jungle and a river. The Son Doong cave in Vietnam are the largest one in the world and a tour inside this place is something out of the ordinary.
Tag along in this underground world and be astound by how beautiful nature can be.The enormous cave is situated in the Vietnamese national park Phon Nha-Ke Bang, 280 miles south from the countries capital city Hanoi.

Son Goong means ”mountain-river-cave” and crafts from two too five million years ago. But for a long time it was undiscovered. It was first find 1991 by a local farmer, but the first people who explored the cave was british experts in 2009.

SEE AMAZING [email protected]***-rock-amazed-...

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where the image or link?

Hi Universe are very fast ...I am sitting in John Lewis Oxford Street Restaurant on the 5th Floor and using my iPhone for posting as I just hate carrying my laptop about plus it's not safe in London as I get home very late my posting takes a couple of minutes as reception is a bit slow here.
I have posted the link so check it out and if you like the place maybe I will meet you there as I am now planning to go there ... Kind Regards KK

lol, i know, i like your interesting post, I have not order my smart phone, yet, cant make up my mind, i going order online, lazy to order it. rght smart phone are light and easy fit in pocket........ thanks. lol i dont travel, i am stuck in usa, i dont have a pass port. cost too much to go places, i go to tx, az nm ,co , near by state in usa. i live in NM. thanks for offer, i give you support where ever you go. bless you. thanks for response. 

Samsung galaxy phones are awesome I love mine except I press the wrong letters sometimes lol
Now the problem is that on this site which needs upgrading you cannot post photos or videos using mobile phones on discussion page ...this is a nucience as most carry mobile phones on the go then laptops.
It's 87 miles long...its looks out of this World but is inside this World.
Mankind have already started making money by organising tours but I feel should be free for all but donation basis to be used to keep it in its original state

yeah it pretty,,,,,,,,,, that why it a very pretty planet........ she have alot of places to offer us ,  

Oh my gorgeous I'd never leave so tranquil

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awsome-bizarre that in a country as old as vietnam nobody ever found the cave before-or at least never reported it-



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