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9 month old baby arrested and charged with attempted Murder in Pakistan !

How daft ... a 9 month old baby arrested and charged with attempted Murder in Pakistan ....

07 APRIL 2014
A nine-month-old boy charged with planning a murder, threatening police and interfering with state affairs in Pakistan has been granted bail after appearing in court this week.

Toddler Muhammad Mosa Khan was booked in February along with 30 other people, including a number of members of his family, after stones were allegedly thrown at police and energy officials during raids on homes in Lahore. Residents had been accused of not paying for electricity.

Apparently deciding that the nine month old was capable of - and had - taken part in the alleged stone throwing, Sub-Inspector Kashif Ahmed decided to arrest the child.

What followed were farcical scenes in which the toddler was fingerprinted and made to sit on his grandfather’s lap in court, drinking his bottle.

The judge quickly granted bail for the child, along with the other people accused in the case. Baby Muhammad is however currently expected back in court on 12 April - although the judge apparently noted the absurd nature of the charge, he does not have the powers to dismiss the case against him.

The toddlers grandfather, Mohammad Yaseen told Reuters: “He was booked under Section 326 and was presented before a court. He doesn't even know how to pick up his milk bottle properly. How can he stone the police?”

Sub-Inspector Ahmed has reportedly been since suspended as a result of making the arrest and Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif said stern action will be taken against the police officials who registered the case.

The age of criminal responsibility in Pakistan is supposed to be 12-years-old.

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yeah its mad .. very delusional..

They leave a lot of things out of this version. In the original news report about this we can read that the people who decided to book the child were discharged on the spot and the case against the kid has been deleted.

I guess so ... but its still a crazy story .. imagine finger printing a 9 month old baby .. the guy who did that needs psychological help ... in fact, they probibly all do ... the baby is about the only one who is balanced ...

I believe this was just a bureaucratic automacy to make things easier instead of the police having to assign Pakistans version of Child Protective Services (do they even have one?) to take care of that child during the booking of the parents.

yeah it does, in unicef ... 

The kid has a police record now ... if ever he gets pulled over in the future for speeding or whatever ,.. the cop will ask him if he ever had any criminal charges brought against him in the past... and he will have to say yeah, I got arrested before I was even one year old for allegedly trying to murder a policeman while I was wearing a diaper .. Lol .. and he can tell them they already have his mugshot and finger prints .. albeit tiny baby finger prints ... Lol ..

This is totaly nuts

Do they realy think a baby can do this?

That todler can maby only lift a full milkbottel.

There's another side and answer that he can also give to that judge:

"Yes, I was arrested and had a Police chief fired for it in just one day, before I were 1 years old".

I'm sure they'll think twice before messing with that kid again. The Police are afraid of people who can get them fired. ;)

I have a feeling the Police are afraid in general ... the desire to control others is deeply ingrained in their system .. I bet a lot of them have itchy trigger fingers ... they were probibly bullied in school and now they feel its their turn to bully others, simply because they are wearing a uniform ..

I saw a video of a Police man who pulled a gun in a snowball fight .. everyone was having fun, until one cop pulls out his gun .. the guy appears to be totally paranoid ... but cops look that way in general .. their faces display paranoia.. it seems .. ever see how they scan around them looking for any sign that they can excercise their illusionary autority? ..



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