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7 Signs our Consciousness is Shifting to Higher Dimensions — And How to Share “Fringe” Ideas with Others

10/23/2018 By Justin Deschamps Leave a Comment

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Are we evolving to higher dimensions of consciousness? This is what many believe in the awakening or conscious community, drawing from mystical, channeled and scientific sources. The terms used to describe this evolutionary step forward are often considered “woo woo” or new agey. The uninitiated, with the help of propaganda media, discredit these ideas by saying they are pseudoscientific, but there’s verifiable credence to the concepts behind these terms.

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Generally speaking, in the realms of human thinking and discourse, a lexicon or body of words is developed so as to facilitate the free flow of ideas in communication. Words are meaningless sonic or symbolic symbols we ascribe mental meanings to. A word is ultimately only a vehicle for the ideas that it represents. Thus, it’s helpful to focus one’s mind on the ideas behind words, developing a clear and coherent understanding. However, this way of thinking about words isn’t employed by most people.
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Due to persistent social engineering and mass mind control efforts, a case can be made to assert most people have a rather dogmatic or extrinsic relationship to their beliefs. People, especially these days, tend to believe in things because they support a pre-existing belief structure. Additionally, beliefs that make people feel good tend to be accepted. But rarely do we question a belief to develop an extremely clear understanding of it. This aversion to deeper inquiry and discernment is due to a very real risk—you might invalidate a belief that is very important to you, and that usually causes intense negative emotions and anxiety.

And yet, the benefit of discerning one’s most cherished beliefs is beneficial for the individual and the collective.

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Personally, one gains a deep and coherent understanding of the thing they discern carefully, they move out of domatic blind belief into true knowing and intrinsic knowledge. This imparts a power and authority to the individual, giving them skills they can use in the world related to the knowledge as well as enhancing a person’s capacity to share their ideas with others. It’s this social component that is arguably the most important insofar as collective evolution of the planetary consciousness.

We might wake up. We might discover truths that make our lives better, that change our thinking and make us more spiritual. How do we support others in their awakening? By learning how to share the wisdom within the frame others can understand, and this requires you have good working knowledge of the subject. Hence, discernment and deep contemplation enhance our knowledge and prepare us for sharing it with the world.

Learning how to share an idea in a way that other people can accept is essential. The fact is, most of the public considers terms like “higher dimensions, ascension, and raising one’s frequency” fringe and nonsensical—they lack the pre-existing context and knowledge to know that these words refer to real things. Thus, if you can transmit the concept of a higher dimension without using words that trigger close-mindedness, you’ll be of great service to the collective.

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The following article details how our consciousness is shifting to higher dimensions, within a new age rhetoric frame.

As an exercise, ask yourself: “How can I share these ideas with people who don’t know what these words mean?” See if you can come up with new ways to talk about these concepts with your less open minded friends and family. In my experience, asking questions about what other people are interested in helps guide my phrasing so I can nest the ideas within a frame others can accept easily. And it works, beautifully. It requires you to focus more on building rapport and trust than having your cherished belief accepted right way.

The moral to the story is don’t be a word fundamentalist. Challenge yourself to develop an eclectic and fluid vocabulary with your ideas, so you can translate them into ways others who aren’t as cool as you are can understand.

– Justin

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Source – Operation Disclosure

by Morag, October 10th, 2018

Seeing truth everywhere? Having to process darkness and somehow stay in the light? Making profound changes to your life to align with a calmer reality?

When we wake up spiritually our consciousness expands. We come online as energetic beings. Our timing on planet earth is neither accident or coincidence.

If these words resonate know you are not crazy or alone. We can feel like we are on a different wavelength from everyone else, struggling to understand ignorance and denial. We try to stay compassionate in an unforgiving world. We sense people’s energy fields, experiencing powerful responses positive or negative, having to rationalise instincts in our 3d reality.

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Dream state can seem more real than real. Time fluctuates, a flow pulls from our heart chakra, our core, our third eye. Awakening to a quantum world, cosmic surfers, is sensory, Smart and built on love vibrations.

7 Signs our Consciousness is Shifting to Higher Dimensions

1. Time has stopped being linear, become quantum, transdimensional. Time fluctuations, speeding up creating a sense of lost time, poor short term memory, flash backs. Fluidity as we surrender to the Shift in love vibrations. Slowing down, time seems to synthesize before our eyes. Micro expressions, caught, interpreted, masks slip, truths revealed. Boom. No going back.

2. Dimensional slippage takes place. Trippiness, the world taking on a surreal filter. They Live glasses on all the time, awareness that the matrix is on red alert, out of step, malfunctioning. Loss of time, sense of moving through an interactive game. Some moments in sharp focus, longer periods blurred at the edges.

3. Blocks being removed in people, shifts in relationships, long held issues resolving themselves over night. Transitioning to a different mindset where our priorities become the present, life experiences and love, not money, status or power. We release fear for our safety and surrender to trust in the bigger picture, our guides and higher self.

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4. Awareness of the fourth dimension, dreamstate visions, hyper conscious of shadows, seeing through masks, breaking spells, glitching matrix algorithms. Waking up to the fourth realm and how its future is intertwined with Gaia’s and humanity. Seeing trauma behind the fear. Trusting love to free all on this cosmic rollercoaster of recalibration.

5. We crave solitude and seek meaningful sharing with good people. We cultivate silence so that we can better hear our heart, our guides, our higher self, spider senses on. We enjoy peace, quiet, music, creativity and nature more and more. Using positive spaces to embed our cellular vibrations in higher wavelengths.

6. Sickness, nausea, headaches, sudden drops in energy, shakiness, dizziness, loss of appetite, irregular sleeping patterns, aversion to crowds, ear popping, and the need to stretch our body can all be experienced. Blurry eyes, changes to our vision, painful karma released from our mindbodysoul.

7. Heightened gut instincts, easier meditation, clearer communication with guides and higher self. Connectivity with nature, interaction, spiritual relationship develops. Number sequences, premonitions, sixth sense, matrix barriers dissolve, making it easier to navigate. We trust universal flow.

Staying in love vibration is our protection, weapon and mission as the darkness rises, on high alert. Mirror the dark in light. Be cautious, careful, cloak our light if we feel sensitive, anxious or edgy. The dark web is being infused with a web of light that we help create.

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The sacred geometry of portals is activated on an intergalactic scale. We are in the eye of the storm, keep calm and let the frequency war rage on around us. Anchor light to Gaia’s grid. The reality we perceive is subjective, we can fact check, source verify and research, but in the end its our gut we must trust. If your gut says go to ground over the coming days, do it.

Take some leave, have a duvet day. Rest. Step off the hamster wheel if that is what your spider senses tell you. If you are being guided to step our of the shadows, to be bright and sparkly, happy high energy, share your vibration. If you are somewhere in between, let go of ego led analysis and trust your inner rhythm.

We all have a role to play in Gaia’s ascension. Reach out in cyber land to others experiencing this shift in consciousness, to those waking up and those further down rabbit holes of truth. There are communities reaching out energetically as light warriors linking light to Gaia’s grid and round her. Just as there are links of light firing through the cyber web, glitching negative algorithms and magnifying positive algorithms.

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When fear pushes in, push back with love, when truth triggers trauma, regain balance with perspective. Zoom out, look at situations from fresh angles, outside the cosmos. See that you are a sovereign being with free will. Use mantras as the dial to set our energy field, to tune our vibration up and to manifest our days in calm light. Water cleanses our energy field as well as our body, it refreshes our mind. Essential oils, peaceful music, creative activities all calm our minds, lower our heart beat and raise our frequencies.

To heal is to know darkness and retain belief in higher planes of existence. Depression and anxiety can make us ill, mindbodysoul infected with low frequencies. If shadows come meet them with love. Know all that is in darkness is traumatised.

Visualise a sacred circle of light, power this circle of light up with love vibrations, protecting us from anything that may mean or cause us harm. This can be done any time, anywhere, any place. Breathe. Be calm, even if things get really trippy. Trust instincts, use sage, crystals and water for clearing and protection. Follow your gut.

If you feel, sense nothing, yet these words resonate, enjoy this for you are creating the material plane new earth, the world that we will inhabit in love vibrations. Nature is Gaia’s medicine, realign to her rhythm. Self care and meditation are essential tools in the coming weeks.

New earth tribes anchor your light to Gaia’s grid. Hold our space in light, as the Shift kicks in. Meet darkness in love vibration. Ride waves of cosmic enlightenment with grace, humility and gratitude. In light and love beautiful people.


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Not sure how to make sense of this? Want to learn how to discern like a pro? Read this essential guide to discernment, analysis of claims, and understanding the truth in a world of deception: 4 Key Steps of Discernment – Advanced Truth-Seeking Tools

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