I had a dream this morning that I was some type of law officer or special agent of some kind. I had no apparent uniform. I was looking for something and about to search a car that was parked on the side of the road for any possible illegal possessions. While I was walking towards the back of the car I looked up at the night sky and saw 3 identical, beautiful and brilliant planet Earths. There was also another very big planed in the center of all of them but could not recognize it as anything that I am familiar with. All I can recall is that it had no specific colors, was a little dark and bigger than all 3 earths combined. I remember looking at them for a while and after sometime they all vanished. Reason why I am writing about this is that it was very vivid and wondering what it could mean? Any thoughts on this?

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  • Ha!! Very interesting takes...both of them!!

    I have been dreaming a lot lately about stars and the night sky. For example, Phoenix this ties in with your dreams, where I see a lot of stars moving and aligning themselves. What does that mean? Also I dream of shooting stars or stars forming spirals or light.

    In waking life I am extremely compelled to look up at the night sky. It's a weird feeling I get like something is just in range for me to detect. Funny enough...just last night I was walking by the front door and I looked beside the window and right at that time a shooting star fell down. It's not the first time that's happened. Either there are a lot of shooting stars around my area or I just happen to catch them at the right time. Anyway..that's that.

    Thanks for your interpretations though....very interesting.
    I will do some searching myself and post the results up. =)
    • Hi Enton...
      I'm totally with you re: looking up at the stars, like there's something there to be discovered. I'm absolutely compelled to do so every night... I ask a question and often I get the answer within milliseconds in teh form of a 'shooting star'. The other night, I had (what seemed to be a satellite/craft/God only knows)... stop in the sky as I asked a question and it stopped and flashed like a torchlight at that moment. It's all so very exciting for me.

      Not sure about what the stars lining up mean... I've checked on teh net years later, and the dates quite often correspond with star alignments that actually took place at that time, so I don't doubt that we are tapping into some of the cosmic going's on.
      • Holllyy SH*T!! lol..pardon my french...Honestly man...exact same scenario has happened to me as well.
        It started about a couple of yours ago for me. I thought it was a coincidence that when I asked a sincere heartfelt question a shooting star would go by. You know sometimes I have asked my friends if they have ever seen shooting stars and most of them have not. I find it very strange how that is possible. Anyway.... to add to your torchlight story.....one night the same thing happened to me with the sattelite. I honestly though it was just a plane really far away at first. Then that speculation changed to a satellite as it slowed down too much to be a plane anymore, than when it changed directions and starting moving in the opposite direction I was hooked. At that moment I asked if this thing is real I just need some kind of signal and sure enough!! One of the brightest flashes I have seen. Like a brilliantly bright bluish flash. I exhilarated, I wanted to tell everyone I knew starting with my brother and he looked at me all weird and I knew what happened was for me only at that point of time.

        I look at the sky with new excitement and awareness now. =)
        • You've got me buzzing with all your excitement dude...
          Yeah, it's pretty amazing eh? I haven't shared my experience with any of my friends. They just don't 'get' this kind of stuff mostly. I don't want any kind of doubt to enter my mind. You know how all this psychic/starseed/spiritual stuff can be explained away with a few choice words. I even keep it from my wife. These forums are great for validation etc.
          Anyway, when I'm looking up there at the sky, it's just me and the stars 9and whoever happens to be flashing torches and throwing stars around...), you don't get too much time just to yourself nowadays with a busy life etc do ya? ... Not sure about you, but I'm married, a Father of two... draw and paint pictures for a living and i play music... very busy indeed.
          • You do sound like you're a busy guy. We've got more than one thing in common. I'm a musician as well. Mostly electronic music but I work on other music as well for my clients. Anyway... don't let others discourage you if you do share your experiences and they don't understand it. It's not their fault. Thanks for your messages brother. Like you said it's great to have these kind of things that happen to us, validated through other peoples experiences and this is the reason I joined AC in the first place.
            • hey mate,
              You're very welcome, that's what this whole thing that's happening to us is all about eh... Looking out for each other and sharing...
              And you're right, I shouldn't let others discourage me beacause they don't understand. It's just easier to keep it to myself sometimes though.

              Eletronic music.... Cool. Maybe you could channel some of your 'otherworldly' stuff into it. It's great to do what we love for a living eh?

              Good to be in touch. Take care!
  • Hi Enton,

    Not sure how you're doing spiritually right now, maybe struggling with all the stuff happening? Maybe not...
    But here's my take on the dream.
    Firstly, you were a law enforcement officer, not dressed in any kind of uniform. You're searching for illegal possessions. Initially, to me, you're a free spirit trying to cement some concrete moral choices or attempting to establish boundaries that you may be overstepping from time to time. Symbolically, you walking and stopping at the back of the car (as opposed to the front) to me, represents the 'boot' of the car, where things are stored. Again symbolically, this could represent the mind. Instead of opeing up the boot, you chose to look up, which is symbolically the key to this dream. You are on this site because you are seeking answers up there in the sky, from our star families....
    When you looked up you saw three earths, this could quite possibly represent the choices each of us are facing right now 1)Our lower natures, 2) A middle ground 'balance' 3) Our trancendental selves... reaching for our 'higher natures.
    The large 'dark' planet could represent the darkness that needs to be ovecome by either yourself or mankind- It seems like an uphill battle at times and maybe you're wondering if you/we'll make it. The planet was in the 'centre' (very symbolic placement of an object) of the other three... maybe it's the darkness that the other planets need to integrate to become one, to become whole?

    Without any other information to go on, these are my initial thoughts as to it's possible meaning.

    Funnily enough, I have these types of dreams from time to time, involving stars lining up, multiple planets etc....
    I've attached a piece of art I produced a few years ago (that's me staring up at the sky...) for no other reason than it bears some kind of relevence to the topic. Hope the interpretation helps in any way at all.

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