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Adamu Speaks

The Disclosure Issue ~ Clarification

After "The Disclosure Issue"   was published there was a tremendous outpouring of love and support for   that message. But there was also a certain amount of consternation from   certain quarters. One of the places this material was posted was The 2012 Scenario and   so my friend Steve, who runs that site, gave voice to those concerns by   putting questions to Adamu. I facilitated a response from Adamu.   Here, for your reading pleasure, is that conversation.  Please Use Discernment

Steve:   Adamu, I'd like to confirm your information or seek clarification from   you. Most of our sources say that UFO/ET Disclosure will be happening   soon, some say imminently.  However it seems as if you are saying, no,   ET/UFO Disclosure will not be happening imminently, under any   circumstances. It will not be happening until after Ascension. If I   understand you correctly, then on what basis are you saying that, and   how is it that your information departs from the evidence of so many   other seemingly-reliable channeled sources?

Also your assertion that “Many   of the events you know about where you were promised disclosure or   where you were promised a great showing of ships were really a game that   was being played out between the STO and STS to either force their hand   or to bring your consciousness forward towards your own awakening” has apparently confused readers. It sounds as if you are saying we have been deceived by both the light and the dark. "Force their hand."   Force whose hand? The cabal's or the Light's? Can you please state the   point you are making here more clearly and assure us that we have not   been deceived by the Light.

Adamu:   My dear friend Steve. These are interesting times you are living   through. Change is afoot. But the change taking place in your planetary   sphere is, in actual fact, nothing more or less than a reflection of the   change that is occurring in your psyche. New thoughts and new ideas are   replacing old ones. And this process can be difficult to manage until   you become used to seeing these things as transient.

The only constant in all of the universe is change. So it is best to become comfortable with this.

Allow me to address your questions.

Let me   begin with the concern that some people have felt that centres on my   characterisation of what is happening in your reality as “a game”. It   seems some have taken this to mean that those of the higher realities   were toying with you in this “game”. Well this is something of a   misunderstanding. It IS a game. A game for everyone. Your whole reality   is an illusion. The universe is one huge stage-set full of all kinds of   interesting stage props. And this illusion of wondrous complexity and   fascinating diversity is there precisely so that the kinds of games you   are now playing out can be played out. So that you can discover yourself   and awaken to who you REALLY are from a place of ‘not knowing’. That is   the game. And it is game that you very willingly chose to incarnate   into. ALL here are playing this game.

Let me   remind you, Steve, that I speak from the “unity conscious” perspective.   This is the perspective that “All is One.” I don’t mean this as   pleasant-sounding words or as a philosophical construct. I mean this as   the literal and direct truth of my being. All that I am and all that I   know shows me this to be irrefutably true. All IS One. That is the   perspective from which I come. And from that perspective there are no   victims and no perpetrators. There are only individuated portions of the   Oneness who are temporarily and illusorily experiencing themselves as   the many… as separate, as apart and alone. And “the many” have gone to   great effort to forget that they do, and always have, created their own   reality.

But   make no mistake: you DO create your reality. But when you manage to   forget that you do, then the game that you are playing can very quickly   get very serious. Deadly serious. When you forget that you are One and   that you are busy creating this game, then some perceived infraction by   some other part of the Oneness can get you riled up. It can make you   feel vulnerable and insecure. Fear comes into play. And when the ego   fears… the ego strikes back to make the fear go away. And suddenly there   is an escalation on both sides. Two mirror reflections of each other,   looking at each other, lashing out and beating… themselves. Because that   is what all of life really is. Everything you interact with in life is   really a mirror showing you something about yourself, back to yourself.

These are the kinds of truths that Unity consciousness shows.

But still you are inside the game. Still you are acting in a play called “we don’t know that we are One”. And you therefore still don’t know that you create your reality.

Now it   is the time for ascension. Now the game must change. You must stop   acting in this play and chose what play you are going to act in next.   This is up to you. All around you there are agents who wish to invite   you to act in their play. They want you to bring your   energy and, in so doing, give life to their dramatic productions. The   way you have played your role in this current game will predispose you   to one or another of the next plays. But still you have free will. Still   you can change your mind. Still you can make a new choice.

So, let us look at the agents and the games they are inviting you to:

On the   one hand there are a host of Service To Other agents. They want you to   play a game in their reality. They want you to know that it is kind and   loving and that there are many wonderful and positive interactions   there. And this is true. But they also tell you about the “action” that   happens on the periphery of their reality where they are at war with   their mortal enemies: the dark ones. The Service to Self actors and   agents.

And   let us look at them: The Service To Self group of agents are a lot more   subtle. They don’t even tell you that there is a game afoot. No, in fact   the Service to Self agents tell you that THIS IS NO GAME! This is all   very serious and you must listen to what the government says. You must   obey the laws because they are TRUTH. You must go to war when they say   so and kill or be killed on command. You must hate their enemies with a   passion and you must be a good worker, warrior and slave for the   leaders. And if you are very, very, very good, then they will give you   back a little of the power and wealth that they have been leeching from   you all along.

But   what neither of these groups of agents will tell you is something that   should be very obvious to you if you have eyes to see: they are not   inviting you to act in two different plays. They are inviting you to the   SAME play. The play called “duality polarisation”. You are simply being   called to join either one side of the game or another.

Now   these agents… they themselves are actually inside the game too. They   have almost all of them also long forgotten that All is One and that   they are the creators of their own reality. You see, mostly, they are   just a step or two ahead of you in their progression. A step or two can   seem like a great deal though. Imagine a tribesman from an early   stone-age culture meeting you, with your motor car, your cellular   ‘phone, and all the other clever tools and trinkets of your   technological age that you take for granted. To him, you would seem like   a god! But you know you are not much more than he is, other than your   access to technology and your socialisation and training. Well… there is   a similar kind of gap between you and many of the beings who are now   inviting you to play in either the STO or STS parts of the game. Their   advancement is both technological and in consciousness. But they are not   that much further ahead than you. If they were, they would be of unity   consciousness. For this is what lies beyond duality consciousness. And   unity consciousness does not speak in terms of enemies, vanquishing foes   and battling for power. Unity consciousness speaks in terms of… well   unity. Oneness. And in terms of each particle of consciousness being   able to create from its own perspective. And each giving their greatest   gift. And none lacking for anything.

And this is the perspective from which I speak.

So, do I invite you to a game?

No. I   do not wish for you to come and populate a stage play of my devising. I   am of unity consciousness and am not in need of the energy of “another,”   to enliven my creations. I have, via my direct connection to Source,   access to infinite energy. And from my perspective, there is also no   “other.” There are only variations of “self.” You are, from my   perspective, another “self”. And I am anyway not tendering to put on a   play. Next I will be re-immersing myself totally in the Oneness of All   and from there… well… from there the Great Mystery beckons.

But my   final step… the very last thing I am doing while I am still   individuated like this as the Pleiadian Monad, is to look back on the   reality that I have played in and to give all of myself to it. I give   the wisdom gained from all my experience and I give my love, my   reverence and my gratitude. And this is why I speak. I speak in many   ways in many places. I speak directly to your heart, if you welcome it.   And of course I speak though Zingdad because he asked and because he was   willing to engage in the internal changes required to hear my message.

But   now. Back to the issue of disclosure and the intertwined issues like   NESARA and the other ideas that many have become attached to. In point   of fact, what I actually said is that the possibility of disclosure   coming to you from the government is vanishingly unlikely. This is   because the window of opportunity available to them is fast closing. The   ones that pull the strings of power could have enacted disclosure if   they were willing to do so, but instead the agents of the STO and STS   engaged in a battle of wills and wits. They played dangerous games of   brinkmanship in order to force each other’s hands and to try to bring   forth the results each wanted. Each side holds powerful cards and   neither side has been willing to concede an inch. These battles have   raged for millennia and no one has yet won decisively. And now, right at   the end of the game, neither are willing to let the game go.

You   say many voices of the STO polarity are saying that disclosure will be   immanent. I salute their statement of intent. But do they not also   freely admit that they have often been stymied in the past when they   though they were on the cusp of this or that great event? These ones are   beautiful, kind and wise. They are generous with their love and good   wishes for you. But they are not in control of the game. As long as they   are in polarity they are in conflict with the STS agents. And conflict   rarely allows either party’s plans to play out smoothly. They work   tirelessly and yet there are setbacks and delays. They say “soon” but   what does “soon” mean?

The   STS agents, on the other hand, are just as vociferously declaring that   there will be no disclosure. Or have you not read the press. Your   headlines are about all the things that the STS agents are passionate   about: war, greed, misery and oppression. This is the STS speaking to   you, telling you what they want.

So who will win?

Neither.   The nature of polarity is that, by its very creation, it is perfectly   balanced. It exists not to have one side win over the other but to   provide you with the opportunity for experience and choice.

But   the agents of polarity are themselves deeply invested in the game and so   they continue to fight it out, neither side giving any quarter.

So   THAT is what they are doing. But what will you do? Will you keep waiting   for them to finish their game to see what the outcome is and then just   go along with that? Will you keep waiting to be “saved” from what,   ultimately, are your own creations? Will you keep giving your energy   away like this? Or will you simply come to the realisation that the game   never was about disclosure… it was always about YOUR energy. About   where you were going to choose to put your creative power. And where   WILL you put your energy?

You choose.

I cannot choose for you.

There   is no problem whatsoever if you want to keep choosing to give your   energy to some other beings so that they might create for you. There is   no problem if you wish to align your creative energy with one or the   other polarity. If that is your choice then I rejoice for you that you   have a direction that pleases you.

I   simply offer you something else. Not another play for you to act in but   something different. A peek behind the scenes into the props room and   the orchestra pit. To show you that, in fact, you are the one that can,   and should, choose to create for yourself what you wish to experience.

And if   what I say is right for you… if your heart is opened by this message   and if what I say resonates truth for you? Well, then that is wonderful!   Then there lies ahead of you a whole different journey. Then you may   leave behind yourself the game of duality and stop giving your energy   away and move instead directly to the process of self-discovery and   self-mastery.

How,” you will begin to ask, “do I create my reality most effectively?

How,” you will ponder, “do I cease to limit and harm myself with my own negative creations?

These   kinds of questions will entice you and you will find others asking and   answering these same questions. You will discover your own self-mastery.   You will know that you are right to do so and that you, because you are   one with the Oneness, are an agent of Love.

It’s a very different game from the duality game!

And   so, to disclosure. Well. As you awaken to your true nature and as you   take back your power, so you are like a light going on in the dark. You   enlighten all that is around you. You make it easier for others to see   their way and to also wake up. Then their light goes on. And soon you   notice that there is a new day dawning and that indeed, the light of the   dawn is that which you, collectively are shining. And when that mighty   light goes on, then everything will change. No one and nothing will keep   you from the truth. You will open your eyes and look to the skies and   you will see your space-family who have always been there but have been   hidden from you by the darkness that you have just dispelled. Then you   will see. And they will not only be in the skies. They will be amongst   you. And you will remember also that you have had lives elsewhere and   been amongst them. They and you are one big family.

And   then you will know that there is nothing to wait for. No announcement.   No rescue. No. Indeed all along it was YOU, you were waiting for.

How’s THAT for disclosure!

And that is the option that lies ahead of you in the direction of unity consciousness.

That is what I am telling you about.

If your heart speaks to you and you feel drawn this way, then it is there for you.

If   your heart closes down on this message and you want instead to await   news from an “external other” to tell you that you are going to be okay   because they are going to rescue you? Well then, apparently you are   choosing for polarity. And that is a valid choice. Take that choice   consciously and knowingly and the only advice I can offer is that you   check with yourself from time to time: “is this working for me?” On that   path you will also get disclosure eventually. But a different kind of   disclosure from the unity conscious one. My best ability to discern the   path ahead of you does not include some world leader coming clean on   this issue. The chances of them suddenly breaking course from their   existing path is vanishingly slim. So this kind of disclosure will also   have to come from you. Have not many voices been telling you in one way   or another that you must be a part of the manifesting of disclosure?   They don’t seem to have been quite clear on how you are to do this but   still, is this not what they said? Well the “how” of this is indeed that   you will have to come to a final choice about your polarity and then   raise your vibratory rate in that polarity. This is indeed ascension   into the next level of consciousness, the polarity level. And at that   level you will become aware of those of your chosen polarity being in   your skies and amongst you. This will be disclosure and you will know   and see your space family. You do this by choosing, by polarising, and   by raising your vibratory level into that choice.

My   final thought. You are radiant beings of magnificence and power. You are   One with the Oneness. You are motes of Source. You are beautiful and   brave. You have been through so much to be where you are. And now you   stand on the cusp of a choice to decide where you will go next. Be true   to yourself. Choose with your heart. Choose with Love. Release the fear.   Become everything that you already truly are. Now… choose.

I love you with the heart of Oneness,

I am Adamu of the Monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilisation.

This whole message is most certainly one of the BEST I have ever read in that it Rings so TRUE to ME; It Speaks directly to My Heart and it Expresses in a wonderfully Clear Manner and brings even a much Deeper Understanding to all of what I was Feeling at Heart about all of these issues including Nesara and Disclosure...


And, as I previously mentionned, it all comes back to the Fundamental Basis of My Own Choice! WE NEED TO CHOOSE! what it is that We Want, what is Our Next Step, Our Next Move Forward in Co-Creating as ONE/ONENESS this New World.

Do WE Choose to Play the Game of ONENESS ?


Do WE Keep on Playing the Duality Game?


This so very much Brings CLARITY to what I was reading in some places about 2012 being the YEAR of CHOICE...


Love & Blessings


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  • 1374323.jpg

    Like kernels of corn....we all "pop" ( awake ) at different intervals....some ( Star Seeds ) before others....but ALL evenutally find thier way....





  • the message is that we can make this bumpy ride not so difficult and with ease ; if we try......................

  • I agree with most of what is stated here, but no mention of the earth changes as Gaia raises her level of vibration, irrefutable proof of that occuring, with the massive influx of solar light bringing changes to all of the solar system.  It IS about Unity Consciousness, and definately we should allow the ET situation to resolve itself by accepting that our COSMIC chakras are coming online with our light growth, and that will entail a meeting of our own cosmic awareness, thus disclosure is not needed because we are them and they are us, and no big announcement is needed.  But definately awareness of each other and bonding together is required, compassion and loving respect for each other and earth and unity awareness will resolve itself, it is natural progression of evolution. 

    • ......maybe earth changes will not happen if we try to manifest such with collective mind. If we manifest, with thoughts~words and actions~, peaceful transformation , there will be no need for bigmumma to change anything.

      we'll have nice, smooth step upon next level............sure some things must be adjusted and changed but I see no need for drastic and shocking experience ; and at the same time, we will make this transformation as children of earth and so called "light~aliens" will only praise us for the effort without extending their

      8110120679?profile=originalhand, even though we seem to need just that..............................

  • Beautiful!

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