1000 Years of Fabricated History during the Roman church age. Happy New Years, but it isn't 2016. The church reigned with Christ for 1000 years, who is their sacrifice, and the beast the whole world wondered after as the Christ, sun god, Serpent or Dragon. After the 1000 years Satan is let loose to deceive the nations. 911, Apollyon the destroyer, Jesus was born on 911. If 1/i is for Iesus then 2/S is for Satan. So if you think it's 2016 you are deceived by Satan. You are living in the age of Satan, but if you know 1000 years were lost then it's really 1016, and the Truth / Thoth has set you free.

Mt 26:26 this is my body. The first 26 Amen Ra is Sirius in the Orion Nebula that powers the Sun. The second 26 is IS or ISIS, the female Sun. Ra is Sirius and El is Saturn. That is the life sustaining energy waves of our system. The Leviathan beast from the sea, the sun rising from the waves, in the abyss of space, was female in the book of Enoch. Sun Gods and Goddesses, but the reality is Osiris, Orion Sirius, powers ISIS the Sun, and if you worship the Sun of planet Earth, you will be reborn here instead of in the heavens. The powers that be want planet Earth to be a prison planet and hell.

Yaldabaoth the Lion Serpent is the Orion Nebula. The Demiurge is the false god of material creation of the Gnostics. In actuality, because the energy from Orion powers the sun the dragon is the father of our world, and the creator of the Universe is the higher God or the unknown Father. It was all ancient Astrotheology and it was all about Sirius and the Sun. We can be thankful to the Sun and Sirius like a child is to his father, mother, and grandfather. IS, Ra, EL, Jacob is Israel. Thus Christ is Israel. Noah's Ark of the New Jerusalem. The ancient age of Sirius, Saturn, and the woman clothed with the sun.

The so called Law of Attraction is just the physical realization of spiritual truth. Indeed, physical reality is just the final manifestation of what is true on spiritual and energetic levels. Reality is processed within the brain. The Universe is a brain. For the sake of our sanity we can tell the difference between fantasy and reality, but the more vivid and spiritually important the fantasy and beliefs that observe and define our quantum reality, the more synchronicities that relate to our true destinies begin to appear.

We must take notice of the symbols and meanings in our lives. Try to live in the reality you want to create, envision who you want to meet, imagine their qualities, let it grow as an energy until it attracts a physical counterpart. All that you see is dead matter, the final phase of manifestation, the solid shell. The soul goes through many lifetimes, like a serpent that sheds its skin.

"He that has found the world has found a corpse. He that has found a corpse is greater then the world." The solid form is the shell, the corpse, the gravestone, the masterpiece, the work, the sculpure, because once the artist has finally the painting there is no longer any changes made. That is death. While one is alive they are as clay being molded by the potter, but if the clay cannot say what are you doing, it denies that any relationship is possible. Beliefs can both limit us and unlock doors for us.

My work is late, but it will be sure. Every house I have lived in has been spiritually linked to where I am inside in some way or another. This is also a world of scams, the more you overcome the higher you will go. What you have must be sure and able to grow, until it must take physical form. Our lives and the events and people are just manifestations of what is true on higher planes. The spirits affect all and deal with all. What is setup with the Spirits endures. Most spiritual legalistic contracts simply require that our consent. If you do not consent it cannot affect you. Ages come and ages go, but the enemy of humanity are those who suppress technology and conceal truth.

We are the builders of the new Golden Age. Full Circle Operatives of Full Circle Truth.

We've been doing this for a very long time... We've had and lost technology greater then we have now.

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