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I would like to know if anyone senses something for this date?
Last year we had the 08.08.08 the opening of Orion Portal, but i think that this year something big can happened on this date...
Can anyone from AC give any informations about it?
Why the Movie of 2012, at first to be realesed in July, and now the info are that it will be only present to the public in september?
There is so many things predict to occure in that mounth, that its no coincidence at all.... manipulate? desteny??
thanks for the enlightement

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Hi Ciska

Good question. And here is a post/forum thread all about your question....

Form a Numerology perspective 9 represents the end of a cycle, on finality and is a very spiritual number indeed. So, my guess is that this date symbolises discarding the old (old Government, old banks or old whatever) to allow for the new.
As many of the Illuminati are occultists (to be more correct, Satanists) they observe special dates to harvest souls such as 9th of September 2001. and of course, 9 - 9 - 9 is 6-6-6 upside down so i'd probably lie low on that date just to be safe! Of course, if you're in tune to your own guidance you'll be safe anywhere on that day. ;-)
Hello Barron

Thanks for the link, interesting, but i never bealive in the 666 for the beast number :) it was a bad translation from the armaic and hebreu language, although, i think that it was translate like that 'cause 666 was in fact the symbolic number for Constantino at that time... well history a part...

09.09.09 in fact i sense it like a end of things, and something tells me that something wonderful will happen in Cyprus ...
My curiosity goes in that way, cause i think that many people must sense something also... but no one is writing about it.... coincidence??? or it is now the true time for all the turn overs of the world preparing 2012??

For all the other numbers we had lots of info from people around the world, writing what ever they be leaves but now is a total silence of concrete ideas, channellings and so on...

Well, wait and see :)
Namaste Everyone.

The commun human knoledge says that 666 represents the Mark of the beast, 999 god (being its inverse).
Its was said by religion as so, in fact the current relegion imbues fear on mumbers that are important to you for ascencion. And love on numbers that only bring you pain.

The number 666 represents a triangle of 60-60-60 angle degrees representing the father the son and te holy spirit on its vertices and the source/love at the center.
Or Spirituality/Light/Love

The same way 999 is said to be good, its the inverse of 666 by this thought.

A Single 9 represents the end of the cicle. And also is presented at council of nine.
There could be a corelation.

But seems to me 3 times 9, 3 times the end of a cicle, 3 ends. The end of what?
3 Things are goin to end on that date. instead of 60-60-60 we get 09-09-09.

Transform the triagle.

Put its vertives at the center. You get the inverse to be all the same instead of 3 distinct things. The 3 entities become the source, i mean all becomes the source.
The end if the entities/Ego? The return to the Source? The Misuse of Love?

These are the Possible questions to it at my point of view.
Id like a response.

Be in love and Light.
it make sense the end of a cycle:
- end of 3th dimension?
- end of 3th world (entering in the 6th according to the maya - 2 round of 3 worlds and Atlantis was the 4 and we are the 5)?
- end of 3 religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam)?

Well, whatever that is, its uge!! :)

nowadays u call the 3 entities as : the Loving, the one who is Loved and the Love... well the 3 all together just make LOVE... why NOT???

thanks for sharing Michael :)



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