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    Ep. 3385a - Trump Trapped The [CB]/Biden Admin, Centralization Will Be Dismantled
    Protect Your Retirement W/ A Gold. IRA or call 877-646-5347 Noble Gold is Who I Trust ^^^ Disclaimer: (there's always a risk of in…
  • More benefits of fasting as seen here. This gets into how fasting helps when dealing with infections.
  • The lunatic asylum took over the Bronx for a little bit as seen here.
  • babbling biden
  • ✨✨🛸🛸🛸✨✨
  • ✨ The vibes are buzzing today ✨
  • I started purchasing gold bullion a few years back and it seems that it's a growing trend among individuals and nations, seeking to free ourselves from inflation, within the fiat system....
    Indians are gold purchasers........Well, I'm a gold bug and that is probably a good thing to be, in this current era.....Gold and silver are a must, if you want to retain wealth...

    This Indian video provides a fairly comprehensive history, of the post war finance period, with Bretton Woods 1944, up to current times....
    The financial system operated reasonably well, during the gold backed phase and then started it's own slow motion fall, in 1971, when they came off the gold standard...and a speeded up fall, after bank bailouts in 2008, to the present frenzy...

    What this video demonstrates, is that trade without trust, cannot work...And people trust gold more than fiat...Thus a dollar without gold, will never truly be trusted as a reserve currency...The system is falling, as part of an obvious outcome of history...
  • Yes indeed, the BRICS are putting pressure upon the US Dollar reserve currency, or more appropriately, the Federal Reserve Note, which is not truly an American people's currency, but one loaned to people, with interest attached and so, ripe for oblivion....
    The world is consequently in debt by trillions of dollars...Owed to a corrupt and evil banking system...
    BRICS is offering an alternative system, to private western banking.....

    Arresting the evil ones running private central banking, globally....The military is the only way.....!!!
    Ep. 3384b-Confirmed,[DS]-Domestic Terrorist Are The People,[DS] Panics,Prepare Election Challenge
    Chuck Norris Made A Special Video Learn What He Discovered Go To The [DS] has now been exposed, it is now confirmed that…
    Ep. 3384a - EV Regret Is Now A Thing, Newsom Removed The Ability Of Voters To Approve New Taxes
    Learn How To Keep Weight Off 20 Million People Watched The Video Go To The people are seeing more and more of the climat…
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Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Thank God he left the race, finally....LOL"
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"😉What a fantastic bass guitarist....You've just gotta listen to this Japanese funk band:
Feelin' The Beat (feat. Yuuko) · Nickee B · Yuuko, 808, Love & Linn, ℗ 2024 Nacer Aroua, Released on: 2024-06-08👏🏻🌞…"
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"Nigel Farage was asked, in a recent interview, if he believes that God saved Donald Trump's life.....I rather enjoy his answers and you may too.....

And of course, peace is the better policy, than WW3...…"
5 hours ago
RandyFirstContact replied to AlternateEarth's discussion New audio forensic analysis reveals at least THREE SHOOTERS at Trump campaign event
"Yup, that is right AE. The patsy is always expendable. Just the fall guy."
6 hours ago
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"LAST STRAW: Elon Musk to move X and SpaceX to Texas following California’s passage of new pro-trans, pro-pedo law"
6 hours ago
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"Thanks to Divine Protection, and cell phone cams, the entire world is witnessing an attempted assassination of a pres candidate by the global cabal and the deep state."
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