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  • Let us hope that nobody falls for their vaccine crap again if they try and force more on us. I would not be surprised if not too long from now they start pushing the Bird flu vaccines that are being talked about or some kind of vaccine for another disease.
  • This vid from Dr Campbell, was posted earlier this Month, but does usefully demonstrate an awakening among news outlets, anent the covid vaxx dangers and the stats on sudden deaths, etc....

    As one who never took a single mRNA vaxx shot, I feel I can speak for all unvaccinated, by stating that we all dodged a very deadly medical "bullet" weapon, which many who "trusted the science" and got vaccinated, sadly succumbed to...

    "Proof of vaccine harm"
  • Wind turbines, solar panels and hot air from WEF endorsed politicians, simply won't keep the lights on....Give it all up.....
    Greta Thunberg's Alarmist Tactics Suit Elite Agendas
    Dear Friends, Greta Thunberg is designed to offer a PRETENCE of grassroots-driven, climate change actions, demanded of governments. In reality, she i…
  • SCRAP NET-ZERO POLICIES......Vote Reform UK....🗳️ July 4th...
  • Edward is south Korean...
  • Reform UK is a relatively new party in Great Britain...They will get my vote...The only party offering to SCRAP the insanity of net-zero policy......👏🏻 Why should tax payers pay to destroy their own lives, and place themselves on the green altar of fake science...??
  • Is Edward an AI?
    Burn an American flag? No problem. Deface an LGBT flag? PRISON TIME –
    A trio of teenagers from Spokane, Wash., is facing felony charges after the boys were caught making their mark on a giant LGBT flag mural on the stre…
  • Justin, those are great links posted, to your specifically listed, Meier-Plejaren contact reports...And I especially like those ones that mention my Sirians...Moreover, Sirians from planet Samanet....which is Sirius B4.....Also known by it's more poetic name of Muktarin..

    You already know this, Justin, but I thought I'd add that snippet for readers in general, who have an interest in cosmic humanity...
    And the Nommo people are mentioned, but unknown to the Meier contact report team, when written....I'll fill the gaps for him: They are from Sirius C.....and a single waterworld orbits Sirius C, the red dwarf star and is named "Watarindan." The Lyran language is universal, it would seem...on and off world...

    The "wa ta" pertains to water (a thing of heaven, also) with "rin" meaning the ultimate and "dan" the representative....A most apt name for a waterworld that orbits a small red star, possessing an ocean across it's surface, with no land mass continent...Only the inner planet has a continent...
    Being non-human, they were not listed by the Plejaren researchers, albeit, they are sentient non-humans, from Sirius....

    Nommo are mukadeem sea guardians of the dolphin family type, albeit with great intelligence, for animals...And thus, a "Sirian people," in their own right...They appear as silvery dolphins and were mentioned as salient Sirian beings, to the Dogon tribe, centuries ago...

    And now, to help readers mentally digest this cosmic history truth, some music, to relax emotions and propel data to sub-consciousness memory, even if not lodged in conscious memory, as too complex for some to reconcile, in one reading.....Albeit, many are getting better at actually absorbing my cosmic data scribblings, first attempt and with skill and even with some panache...👏🏻

    "meladrin hi zabarin sa..!!" Colonel Omega
  • Do you know Delta Force(arrest) in USA ??
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"Yeah its no rush since it sounds like shes busy at the moment most likely a mission, but next time shes available can you ask her about the Reptilian diet?"
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"I believe it to be mainly carnivore....But I'm not that familiar with their animal foods, as I am with the Sirians...They do now use replicator templates and will also enjoy eating the actual meat, too...I know that much....Since the Anchara treaty…"
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"Yep indeed I did see your comment. Good information my friend :) Hey Drekx would you happen to know anything about the Reptilian diet? What foods are they a fan of?"
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"Glad you found it interesting..and did you see my recent comment on your blog; "Anything Health Related.." ..? I mentioned the Sirian word used for a favoured Arcturian fruit, which is virtually unpronounceable for us, in the Arcturian tongue, but…"
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