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  • Agarther, it seems that Quetzal and Quetzalcoatl aren’t the same person, nor are they related.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Billy Meier: There are not many left. The question was asked, who was Quetzalcoatl? And is Quetzal identical to him?


    181. I can answer the second question by "no", nor do any of Quetzal's forefathers belong to Quetzalcoatl.

    182. Quetzalcoatl had been, in Earth terms, a very high officer or a high supervisor of an extraterrestrial group, which was active in the region you today call Egypt.

    183. But he was very knowledgeable and wise, and thus was often assigned special missions, of which one brought him to South America, where he became venerated as a god by the Aztecs.

    184. Since he owned a small ship this impression of the Aztec people was strengthened, but this was not his intention.

    185. When he first met together with another commissioner, a certain Huitzilopochtli, he changed his conduct.

    186. Huitzilopochtli was one of the leading Giza Intelligences, and he exercised a bloody sacrifice-based rulership over the Aztecs.

    187. He was insatiable in this respect, and demanded human blood as sacrifice, while Quetzalcoatl was against such.

    188. Thus an evil enmity rose between them, and each of them sought to gain leadership over the peoples.

    189. By wicked deceit and deceptive machinations Huitzilopochtil succeeded in expelling Quetzalcoatl, in consequence of which he fled and returned to Egypt.

    Contact Report 55:
    The Future Of Mankind - A Billy Meier Wiki - Contact Report 055
  • didn't the Inkas from meso America had a God named Quetzalcoatl who was described as feathered serpent?
  • Interesting the meaning names within the GLF.

    The name Quetzal is an odd one though. I expect him to spend more time on this planet after First Contact. He will be around ✨🛸✨
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  • Glad you enjoyed it friend. Plenty more to come :) I wanna get more Sheldan material on here soon also.
  • Parliamentary Secretary for Men’s Behavior Change.
    Australia Introduces Controversial Mind Control Ministry Aimed at Controlling & Changing Men’s Behavior
  • That's a good contact report, friend, which discusses the laser rifle, used by Billy on the tree...Great photos he took and of course, we always have to keep their faces out of shot. The laser is, for the people of Sater, as intimated by Alena, an "antique," though far in advanced of Earth weapons tech...

    Personally I never got to meet Alena, myself, nor conduct comms with her, but I have met Taljda (pronounced Tal-yee-da,) also from the Lyra constellation stars...
    Though my former command of Perm Krai sector, had a crew member with similar name, spelt "Elina." We call her "Eli" for short..

    The much more advanced and upgraded Federation small arms are, as suggested, a third the size of that antique rifle and are each subject to individual mind-pattern program, under technical terms using Earth English as; "single-function isomorphic response controls." So it only, responds to the thoughts of the owner, under strictly controlled programming....One on one....The ship's master key, alloted to the Commander, can deprogram and reprogram such weapons, each for individual crew allocations...

    These weapons are kept in special armouries, aboard the scoutships and per the alloted flight crew members...(Or GFL ground crews...;-)

    The name Alena means "the gentle and tender one." The name Semjase means "demigoddess." The name Ptaah means "he who lives life in wisdom." The name Quetzal means "feathered serpent." The name Asket means "self conqueror." The name Sfath means "mighty of wisdom." The name Menara means "one who is gentle in love." The name Pleija means "one who honours the laws of sevenness." The name Nera means "the loving friend." The name Taljda (pronounced Tal-yee-da) means "wandering through the rainbow." etc, etc.....
    The Sirian name Vashtar (pronounced "Wash-tar") means "watery flow towards a heavenly destination."
  • Where all of Contact Report 78 can be read.
    The Future Of Mankind - A Billy Meier Wiki - Contact Report 078
  • This is taken from parts of Contact Report 78. This contact involves Billy meeting up with Menara who is a woman from the Vega star system and Alena who is a woman from the Lyra star system. This is the contact where Billy gets to test out Menara's laser pistol. Pics included in this video.
    Billy Meier and Menara‘s Laser Pistol
    "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier is talking with the extraterrestrial women Menara and Alena, who have lent him a laser pistol for testing.This is an exce…
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