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    Ep 3380b - Election Event, Think SAVE Act,Setting The Stage,It Will All Be On Full Display Come Nov…
    Chuck Norris Made A Special Video Learn What He Discovered Go To The [DS] are already discussing removing Biden, if he d…
    Ep 3380a - Climate Hoax Has Failed, [CB]/Yellen Panics Over Tariffs, Set The Stage
  • Contact Report 142 with Billy and Semjase. In this contact Semjase talks to Billy about the people from Cassiopeia and their space travelling technology which is a little bit behind ours. Also talked about is other Solar Systems that have Human life, time travel, and more.
    The Future Of Mankind - A Billy Meier Wiki - Contact Report 142
  • Contact Report 63 with Billy and Semjase. In this contact Billy and Semjase talk a little bit about Sirius and the Sirians. A little bit about Cassiopeia and the people there will be mentioned as well. Sfath who was Billy's first contact when he was a child is talked about also as well as how his ship he was using was a gift from the Sirians.
    The Future Of Mankind - A Billy Meier Wiki - Contact Report 063
  • Contact Report 311 with Billy Meier and his Plejaren friend Ptaah who is the father of Semjase. Billy and Ptaah talk a little bit about the Sirians here as well as the tomb cave of Jmmanuel. Also talked about here is a Druan craft sighting by Billy's friend Freddy. Pics will be shown here of the tomb cave of Jmmanuel as well as the Druan craft.
    The Future Of Mankind - A Billy Meier Wiki - Contact Report 311
  • 폭풍전야........전운이 감도는 때...................
  • Nice week and day ~~~
  • Continual Fighting ~~~!!!
  • Another covid19 vaccine victim speaks out, describing his story.....Chest pains after his second vaxx, neurological issues after the first...Eye problems, legs and arms painful....And this guy was a regular physical training enthusiast, before he took the vaccines.....
    "Safe & effective...??" BOLLOX TO BIG PHARMA....!!
    On this ''Fathers day'', let us have respect for our Fathers, grand Fathers, and even great grand Fathers in this new age. If it wasn't for them or should I say, if it wasn't for us the 1st wavers that have been doing our Mission for a very long time, we would not be were we are now. To have disrespect for our founding Fathers is not part of the Divine Plan that our Father has set up. I too have been in this movement for over 53 yrs.back in 71 when my Spirit guide 1st visited me and showed me the possible future and now I would liked to retire as well from this very difficult Mission but I promised God the FATHER to complete my Mission and my Function when he asked me to help him, back in Sept.88. So I am still here sense we are so close to finishing it, as we are now in the 4th Dimension and 5D is not far away.

    We all have a different opinion on what has happened and what is to happen. So No one knows the outcome for each persons Ascension if and when they will make it,for there are many time lines converging together.The poles are switching and the ''Solar Flash'' is coming along with the 3 days of Darkness. One persons truth is not another persons truth so we should not bash another light-workers info. Mike always told you at the end of his messages that the info comes from his higher self and that each one of us has that power to tap into our higher self. That is if you do your homework , you too can tap into the 95% of the mind that most are not using. Stop the judgements ! To belittle our founding Fathers is to belittle your self. We are all one. If you cannot say something Good about a person ,then its better not to say anything at all. DO you get it? WWG1WGA.
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| SourceWe are here with you and joyfully spread our wings to embrace you. In gratitude and love, we greet you today, inviting you to open the multidimensional gateways installed on your planet.You might already have a deep sense of the parallel…
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| SourceGreetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. We have established many wonderful working relationships with those of you in human form there on Earth. We know that some of you recognize us by our…
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"Observing Alex Jones' reactions to the assassination attempt on Trump, it's admirable that he seeks truth, but he must learn to calm down, more....He would attract a wider audience, if he delivered his lines with more focus and less emotion. He must…"
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"Learn How the Secret Service Monitored Their Patsy’s Progress on July 13th"
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