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  • I would definitely recommend everybody check out this blog Drekx made about the Humans from Eta Ophiuchi. Good blog right here with plenty of info about our friends from Eta Ophiuchi. This Star system also has Reptilians living there as well. There are a few star systems in this galaxy that have Humans and Reptilians living together with each other in peace this being one of them. In the comments section you will see a video of a Eta Ophiuchi craft interacting with some Sirian craft.
    Drekx Omega 6-12-16 Introducing Humanoid ETs of Eta Ophiuchi, aka Sabik Galactic Federation of Light…
  • With the Deep State finding Trump guilty they have officially dug their own grave. This means now other former past presidents can be brought to justice for past crimes. The fraud known as Barack Obama is officially screwed. The real criminals will soon be exposed. Remember Remember the fifth of November because that's when they are voted out and we win and they are no longer in power ever again. Before that though they will try their hardest to cause as much chaos as possible. Another scamdemic and then the last ditch effort they will try will be WW3.
    Ep. 3366b - Shot Heard Around The World, Precedent Has Been Set, Victory Nov 5
    Chuck Norris Made A Special Video Learn What He Discovered Go To The [DS] just played their hand, they found Trump guilt…
  • Gold being talked about here. Keep an eye on gold as it will be what ends the corrupt fed. BRICS gaining momentum as well with 40 more nations wanting to join.
    Ep. 3366a - Population Shifts Away From Blue Cities,Trump Tariffs Work, World Moving Back To Gold
    FindOutThese3FakeHealthFoods RegainControlOverYourBody Go To EV strikes again, people are now losing their jobs in Ohio…
  • Randolph Winters lecture here which gets into Billy's contacts with the Plejaren. A lot talked about here which include Human history in this galaxy, the science of how the Plejaren craft work, how Plejaren society works, and more. Billy's photos taken will be shown here as well as other photos. Some video footage will be shown here also.
  • Recent disclosure news here this time coming from Retired U.S. Army Colonel Karl Nell. Karl says not only do ET's exist, but they are interacting with Humanity.
  • Good news here as the pandemic treaty was stopped for now. They will be trying again though.
    Ep. 3365b - Is Trump About To Set A Precedent? Marker [9], Don’t Worry It Won’t Be Boring Forever
    Ep. 3365a-[JB] Is In Trouble,People Are Not Believing His Economic Policies Are Working,Wait For It
    Natural Way To Ease Pain FreeShipping WhileSupplies Last The green new scam is having the opposite effect on CA. CA is t…
  • The lie detector test taken by Billy here proves he's telling the truth which we already knew he was. A little bit about how the Plejaren ships operate is also explained here.
  • More than 2 hours of photographic evidence from the Billy Meier case.
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With the general turmoil in the world and threat of world war, the tone of the messages has changed and I have thought for some time that it was the appropriate time to cease sending them out. The end times are so near that I believe events are now…
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| SourceWe all enter into altered states of consciousness every day. Whenever you are absorbed by a screen (phone, television) or sleep at night, you enter an altered state of consciousness.At some point in our lives, most of us will have a bizarre…
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| Source   Dear beings of light,We love to connect with you once again. We are the High Council of the Ascended Masters, as you refer to us, or simply “The Elders” as we call ourselves.If you are reading this message, it signifies that you have…
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  ...Open Your Heart By Melanie Beckler Within your open heart center, infinite possibility resides. All of existence, the expansiveness of creation, the higher dimensions, and the Divine are all present within heart center....Let's tune into this…
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There were no photos of the families (from the Sandy Hook tragedy) present at the trial. News of the June 14th trial from Houston was big and widespread around 1:00 pm CST; I selected 1:00 pm for the transit time. The 12:00 pm natal chart of Alex…
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The CIA will do whatever it takes to undermine the United States and it’s citizens. JFK was butchered in Dallas for a reason. He wanted to end the treasonous organization.
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