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  • Justin...I like the meals Berg enjoys....We each have to use these principles and create our own diets, which will vary, depending on location and access to produce...In Europe we have a large range of European cheeses....Berg buys some of these...I live in Suffolk, England and there are many local farms. I can buy good quality produce from small green grocers, which are equivalent I suppose, to American "farmer's markets." Also, there are no outlets here for Trader Joes and Walmart, etc....So obviously, some of the things Berg gets, we don't see here...But we have alternatives, which are likewise, similar....
    I prefer keto to carnivore, mainly because I don't like organ meat...Albeit, some liver pate, maybe...
    However I do approve of carnivore, as an alternative for some and especially people who have difficulties with salads, as some get bloated on these..

    The key is to eat good wholesome and real food, with zero sugar and limited carbs...I always eat free-range eggs..In the US, you use the term "pasture raised." There are some words that Americans use, which we don't in England...(so I'm always aware of this, when viewing Berg vids.)

    Coriander is the English, for the American cilantro..
    Rocket is the English, for the American arugula...

    Also, if you have gone as long as the 36-39 hour range fast, that's great...
    You can build up to the longer ones, which won't phase you...But anything 72-hours, or longer, at conclusion, you have to use a "refeeding" day, of small meals, spaced apart by a couple of hours, before resuming the intermittent fasting, the next day...And on the refeeding day, no need for ACV, as your body will be naturally acidic...

    Also, many people find that they are unable to maintain keto and fasting, because their friends and family, may be snacking on low quality "foods."
    And of course, some may get tempted to give up the good, for the bad...
    Berg does a great vid here, which should help anyone suffering such a temptation, to relinquish all the benefits of keto and fasting:
  • Another good keto meal list from Dr.Berg.
  • This is good for anybody looking into keto. This is about the keto meals Dr. berg eats during the day.
  • Thanks for that Drekx. I've been reading and studying these last few days what to do for a perfect Keto and fast combination including checking out what meals to do for keto. Gonna be looking into carnivore diet options as well. I've seen conversations on a site called Reddit where people are talking about their keto experiences and what meals they have while doing keto so I guess you can say that's a good site to check out and learn from people there.
    Reddit - Dive into anything
  • And this comment is in answer to Justin's question, on my wall, which is, what do I take during the full 72-hour fast, to maintain basic health...??
    Each day, starting last Sunday I have been taking water, with a tea spoon of pink Himalayan salt, with a scoop of electrolyte powder (Mg, K, Cl, Na.) as well as A, D and B complex vitamins, as supplements....
    And of course, this fast allows water, teas and coffees....But nothing else...
    Yes, well done for giving it a go, Justin....It resets the cellular structures of the body, rejuvinating even stem cells and the immune system...amazing..;-)

    The science behind maintaining this degree of autophagy, is the complete suppression of any insulin and you know it's working, as the hormone grehlin is suppressed, also, which is the "hunger hormone."
    Also, the body makes more Growth hormone factor, which prevents muscle loss, during the process....If you had fat, that goes and all disfunctional "folded proteins" are recycled into brand new tissues.....Even in the brain...

    Maybe it's like a "Dr Who" regeneration into his new body..?? Because you literally become "new," in cellular terms...And go back to a better aetheric template form, of what you are supposed to express, in the physical body...every time you do this..especially 72 hours..
    So a definite anti-aging effect, as well as very good health...Actually one can return to a "twenties" fitness...
  • Using ritual postures was an ancient technique for using the physical body to activate slower frequencies of mental state while awake then aligning with the Earth's fields existing at a similar frequency as we are all spiritual beings who live in these various fields. Animal sports are associated with the lower worlds or the roots of the World Tree, which consists of Earth's mantle the spirit counterpart to the world of nature many people find inner peace or move into alpha brain waves when walking in the woods or communicating with animals.
  • Carl Callman, in his book '' The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness : identifies an amazing concordance between the frequencies of brain waves and the pregesive geographic and atmospheric sphere surroundering the Earth's midpoint.He writes: One is tempted to draw the conclusion that the different mental states of the human being are functions of resonances with different spherical layers of surroundering the earth's center. When,for instance,we are in the alpha state,we are in resonance with a field of consciousness in the Earth's mantle extending from the Earth's crust to the outer core and when we in deep sleep we in resonance with the Earth's outermost resonance body I do not mean to suggest that the resonance itself is electromagnetic currents with the same frequency are active in our brains.
  • Think of it this way: The physical body is a computer, the hardware; our mental conditioning, our beliefs and attitudes come from culture,early life experiences,and personality orientation between the hardware the software is our state of consciousness ,what we perceive and how we respond to our perceptions, both emotionally and behavior. Changes to either the hardware or the software can change our state of consciousness. We know about changing our bodies with drugs by experiencing an altered state of consciousness these drugs can come in form of psychedelic plant or chemical or a pharmaceutical such as an antidepressant or antianxiety medication These forms are easily available as a means of changing our state of awareness to the world but there are other traditional ways of altering our state of consciousness through body, including fasting,spinning, as in the Sufi dance as well the spinning games children play and body postures ..etc. note ; there are other ways of alteriing the state consciousness I would suggest less painful ones. Always check with your general practitioner before starting any of I already mention here.
  • The cyber attack narrative is already being talked about. This will be one of the ways they try and push us into WW3. My guess is they will blame it on Russia since they cant go a minute without mentioning Russia and they like to use Russia as their boogeyman to scare the people. North Korea or somebody in the Middle East is another possibility. Once they throw Trump behind bars this will also backfire on them much like how people are starting to figure out the trials he is going threw right now are a complete sham. Time is running out for the Cabal and they know it.
    Ep 3330b - [DS] Cyber Attack Narrative, 200 Million People Are Behind Trump, People Are The Cure
    Learn How To Keep Weight Off 20 Million People Watched The Video Go To The [DS] is now preparing the cyber attack narrat…
  • The story of the medicine wheel is not limited to the indigenous people of North and South America but can be seen around the world. In Europe, the Celts celebrate the four season: Beltane / Spring,Lughnasadh / Summer, Samhain / Autumn and Imbolc / Winter these represent by the four directions, beginning with the West,then the North,East and South. The Nordic people also celebrated the four directions and seasons: summer solstice, autumn equinox, winter solstice, and spring equinox. The ritual of posture work include the calling of spirits from six directions: north,east,south and west plus Earth / down and Sky / up . In calling the spirits, we offer them gifts of thanks such as blue corn. The story that revealed in our journey under evolve under the direction of of these spirit and provide the person with a story of balance and completeness the leads to health and personal growth. For the indigenous people of America this ritual of the Medicine Wheel is the central in the person's life.
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