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  • Quick clip that gets into planets and gravity and the life core of a planet. Agartha and the Agarthan crystal cities are mentioned here to.
  • Good health videos you posted there Drekx gonna add those to the health page I made on here and tons of Sheldan Nidle and Galactic Federation of light videos still to come :)
  • In recent years I have noticed a distinct correlation, between light quotient and beauty, among world and on world, both....(Flight and Ground Crews)
    It's simply the case.....NICE.....!!!😉

    Now for a musical interlude, for all you super cool cats, here on ACC and beyond.....
  • Mother Russia sends her best wishes....;-)) Actually, we can celebrate christmas, or new year, every day, in the golden age, if we want to....
  • Every day I will take a tablespoon of cacao powder, which I mix with kefir, in a bowl....One of the healthiest nutritional powders in history and very much known in the ancient civilisations of meso-America.....

    Personally I take organic cacao powder, of the brand "naturya," which contains potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper...This is highly recommended...

    "The HEALTHIEST POWDER for Your Body and Overall Health! Dr. Mandell"
  • I hope everyone is viewing and taking in, the Sheldan Nidle information, which I can vouch for....Keep up the excellent posts, Justin89636...

    Now, to get all ascendees healthy, if not already, a reminder to include eggs in our regular diet.....Chicken eggs, pasture raised/free range, are full of nutrition and very, very beneficial....

    And always remember to resist the medical orthodoxy, which cautions against eggs, on the false premise, that cholesterol is harmfuland leads to heart attacks....Actually, not so....Just reduce your carbs and sugar......and the dangers of heart attacks will be avoided.....

    Personally I will consume two eggs, most days....usually with bacon, or ham...then alternate with fish, beef, etc....Ketogenic diet, with intermittent fasting, is always recommended....🥚👍🏻Each must make an informed choice, free of the medical orthodoxy; which is backed by big pharma.....
  • Getting more into Atlantis and Lemuria here.
  • All about head vs heart logic.
    WTF: Democrat Lawmaker Proposes ‘Child Sex Dolls’ for Pedophiles
    Kentucky State Senator argues that "child sex dolls" will curb pedophiles' urges to abuse children in the real world.
  • 'Lord' Rothschild died and went to hell!
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World Economic Forum (WEF) member and lead adviser to Klaus Schwab by the name of Yuval Noah Harari is eager to see the world taken over by "non-organic entities"

Yuval Noah Harari says “non-organic entities” and “emotionless algorithms” will soon dominate Earth – in other words, AI TAKEOVER is coming soon06/13/2023 // Ethan Huff // 11.4K Views Tags: AI, artificial intelligence, Collapse, cyborg, demonic…

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Dr. Masayasu Inoue, a world-renowned Japanese professor, recently spoke at a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland and issued a dire warning to the world.

Covid-19 Was a Test Run to Introduce Multiple Waves of Genetic Weaponry And Biological Experiments Onto The Populationby Lance D Johnson | Natural NewsApril 15th 2024, 5:31 am  Lock-downs and pandemic messaging ushered in a predatory new…

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Justin89636 left a comment on Comment Wall
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| SourceThe collective subconscious has shifted after many years of release and clearing. This changes our collective creation abilities, supporting new Source-informed unified creation which honors the higher trajectory and benefits the…
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  AncientAwakeningsI’ve come to be with you at this time, in this auspicious time, in this momentous time that you are approaching now. Not so much just for the eclipse that is about to happen, solar eclipse, but because of the shift, the change…
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"M.S. told me a long time ago. On this planet there is Light and there is Less Light. All of these ones are us. Both sides. Why do we have the Less Light? So that we can learn the lessons. We are going to be graduating as we do this. Thank you for…"
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"I agree. I thought it was a nothing berger. Chemtrails (I was taking pictures of them in 2004) were all over the place. Galactics are saying that they are coming soon. Are the chemtrails there so we can't see their ships?? Question. Can I post on…"
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"So, what was the speech made by Farage, that the Euro elites wanted to cancel..??
See his National Conservatism speech, he eventually made, following the court ruling....It's lengthy, but worth your time, especially if you live in the EU...👏🏻…"
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"✌🏻NATCON wins against lefty cancel culture, in Brussels....👏🏻Bravo, to all concerned...

"The REVOLUTION against cancel culture has STARTED - ‘This is a turning point!’ says Nigel Farage""
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