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  • Interesting comment AE. The Atlantean men purportedly observed in the jungles of Brazil had beards. So I am guessing they could be in the lower fifth. As we are already supposed to be in the lower fourth dimension.

    Sheldan Nidle has talked about how the Sirian men have such high energies, that they are incapable of growing a beard or any significant facial hair. Sheldan said the Sirians can lower their energies and grow a beard if they want, but I have never heard of a bearded Sirian in his natural environment.

    Whereas Plejaren men do have beards, and customarily grow them as part of their culture.

    So I am guessing the Sirians live in the higher octaves of the fifth dimension. Anyway, that would be a good question for Drekx and his contacts hehe.
  • Mt Shasta and Motto Grosso are probably both 4rth dimension
  • Much has been written about the lore of Lemurians who have been seen around the town of Mt Shasta, and are believed to be living underground, in the city of Telos. Here Robert gets into the evidence and lore concerning the Atlantean colony underneath the Mato Grosso in Brazil, and other tunnel systems in Brazil, guarded by the natives, which lead to the Inner Earth.
  • More on the Ascended Masters here. We also quickly get into how our sun nearly went nova in the early 70s, but was stopped by the creator so that we may survive and continue to evolve.
  • In this discussion we go over sacred geometry, divine wisdom, the building blocks of physicality, and more.
  • was it Marie Antoinette who said -'let the eat cake' and then the gendarme helped the mobs storm the Bastille?
  • Yuo vill eat ze bugs-
    Brighteon Broadcast News, Feb 26, 2024 – Tyson Foods launches INSECT PROTEIN production plant to su…
    - AI, censorship, and the media. (0:00)- Gender identity and anatomy. (10:26)- Insect-based food production and sustainability. (15:
  • The 'Sith' demons incarnate will eventually have to pay for all the suffering they have caused-I understand that Hell and The Pit are considered superstition -beliefs driven into our subconscious from our Christian upbringing-my experiences and visions/dreams have shown me that those intense, never ending nightmares are real-I saw one where naked people were squirming in an endless dirty, stinky pile like worms, moaning and screaming
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"Wait till people find out that the fraud Barry and the wicked witch Hillary are also involved in crimes like this."
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Much of the old is disappearing as it has served its purpose and makes way for new energies that herald the beginning of a new era. You are seeing the effects all around you and it is causing upheaval, bringing about changes that will eventually…
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| SourceI’ve been paying attention to shifts in the collective since the solar eclipse on April 8th.?  What I have been seeing is a lot of very deep things have been coming up in the collective that is beyond our current memory.  Most of what is…
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"🚨 BRICS Will ACCELERATE Launch of Its Financial System Following Russian Asset Seizure, Sanctions"
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"🚨 BRICS Will ACCELERATE Launch of Its Financial System Following Russian Asset Seizure, Sanctions"
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Justin89636 replied to Justin89636's discussion Informative Sheldan Nidle and Galactic Federation of Light videos tons of great information about what's going on on our planet and in our galaxy right now and what happened in our past.
"Sheldan gets into what the PAO is and what PAG's are. We also get into how we can help create our new reality that is to come. Patterns in history and time is also talked about."
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