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  • white galactic humans with blond hair and blue eyes and they speak german LOL
  • I wonder what the woke types will think, if they miraculously survive the higher vibes and enter a possible first contact scene..? In which many of the ETs visiting Earth will be white galactic humans, with (dare I say it,) blond hair and blue eyes....
    When they realise that the galaxy is literally full of white people, they will blow their limitor gene fuses, in fright....?? 😉

    Rather like that idiotically woke news reader, John Snow, who complained of "too many white faces," in London, after Brexit..LOL

    In fact, there are more white people, aka "nordics," off this planet, than on it's surface....Lyrans, Agarthans, Martians, Venusians, Sirians, Plejarens, etc...
  • Good God Google Ai is messed up. Maybe saying messed is being to nice lol. I love that those guys couldn't hold in their laughter during that video. Google Ai is indeed messed up beyond reason.
  • A sure way to confirm the influence of woke ideology, is the manner in which it sticks to a particular identitarian aspiration (a world without white people, for example) at the expense of TRUTH and REALITY.....And always expects ignorance among people...Always seeks to create victims and perceived oppressors..Divide and confuse....Dum down.....Raise ugliness, tear down beauty....Pretend stupidity is brilliance and vice versa...

    Google AI is an excellent example of this type of insanity....In which the woke ideal seeks to erase "whiteness" from history.....These woke programmer people are sick, behind AI...And they actually think that they can fool "young people," into buying into this idiocy......😲 Truly I fear for the sanity of the human population, but am optimistic, esoterically...
    Many are waking up to wokeness...

    Woke must go broke...AND WILL GO BROKE....👍🏻 (when will the white-skinned emogies, get removed..?? LOL)🤣
  • Another recent video that get into the deadly effects of the vaccine.
  • More evidence of the vaccines being deadly. This video just came out three days ago and is about a woman over in the UK who has filed a lawsuit against AstraZeneca and their covid vaccine. Her husband took the vaccine and died after due to a rare reaction from the vaccine.
  • Thank god Woke is going a way eventually its disturbing and weird.
  • Woke is the latest sixth ray variant ideology, which this planet has suffered from, during the previous age of Pisces, with lingering effects upon humanity, that are ruthlessly trying to maintain themselves and failing, in the process of dieing out...
    One can imagine a drowning man grabbing at those nearby, pulling them into the water, as well...The current orthodoxy likewise....

    In the past centuries, the SAME energy of devotion and idealism, was very apparent among church authorities and popes......The "holy" inquisition, for example....The puritanical Salem witch trials and puritans seeking the services of the witchfinder, during times of upheaval, circa England in the 1640s...
    This is the ray of the fanatic idealist...We even see it today, among Islamist extremists...Thus an unholy alliance between islamism (political islam) and communists (secular dogmatists)...

    The sixth ray is waning, as the seventh ray of Aquarius, grows stronger...Thus the frenzy to keep control by the former, at the expense of the latter...
  • As for the woke madness going on I look at it as one of the last ditch efforts of the Cabal to destroy our civilization. It wont work, but it is out of control right now.
  • Thanks Drekx I just hope for the best and hope those I know who took the vaccine don't suffer any illnesses. Maybe I'm being to optimistic, but I always believe that in the very near future cures will be available to counter act the vaccines effects. We are approaching the timeline of Nesara/Gesara and cures for cancer and other diseases will be something that happens during that time frame.
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Much of the old is disappearing as it has served its purpose and makes way for new energies that herald the beginning of a new era. You are seeing the effects all around you and it is causing upheaval, bringing about changes that will eventually…
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"🚨 BRICS Will ACCELERATE Launch of Its Financial System Following Russian Asset Seizure, Sanctions"
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"🚨 BRICS Will ACCELERATE Launch of Its Financial System Following Russian Asset Seizure, Sanctions"
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Justin89636 replied to Justin89636's discussion Informative Sheldan Nidle and Galactic Federation of Light videos tons of great information about what's going on on our planet and in our galaxy right now and what happened in our past.
"Sheldan gets into what the PAO is and what PAG's are. We also get into how we can help create our new reality that is to come. Patterns in history and time is also talked about."
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