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  • And as a follow up to my last comment, about Dr Berg's info I will add another video, in which he usefully reminds all that SUGAR MUST BE REMOVED from the diet....Of course, for those with a sweet tooth, this may be difficult, but there are alternatives, if you must....Stevia, xylitol & monk fruit, for example...

    And like carbohydrates, which convert to glucose, refined sugar can cause insulin to spike......And raised insulin and blood sugars do seem to be factors behind many health ailments...
  • A good rule of thumb to observe, when one seeks veracity upon a subject of true worth, is when it's deliberately targeted by orthodoxy and censored...

    This could apply in politics, media, science, economics and also, as here, health and medicine...And of course, the deep state despise rivals, who offer real solutions to health problems, when they would much prefer, that everyone were on drugs and ill, as of course, that would be more profitable for them...Their corporations and their medical institutions, such as the WHO.....

    An example of this rampant censorship, of real solutions, which render the orthodoxy useless, are especially recent attack on ketosis and the ketogenic diet, a diet which I personally recommend and was taught much about, by such luminaries as Dr Eric Berg....The latest truth teller to be censored.....His videos remain, but cannot be found as easily as before...

    Berg is an excellent source of true health data and advice, so never let his establishment detractors and rivals, sway you....HE IS CORRECT, THEY ARE BLATANT LIARS...👍🏻

    The more the medical orthodoxy attack someone, the more you can be certain, that that attacked someone, speaks truth...And I personally vouch for Dr Berg, as I've applied his methods to myself and have found MAGNIFICENT RESULTS, for several years, now...So first knowledge and then wisdom, through personal applications...

    All should try the ketogenic diet, as per Berg's definitions, of "clean keto," as there are many deep state corporations that are trying to sell falsehoods, under the banner of "keto," negating the true worth of real ketosis...Noting that the true ketogenicist does not require to snack, between meals, or ideally, upon OMAD (one meal a day.) One must lower insulin and that is only possible through reducing carbohydrates, significantly....So if completed properly, hunger will go and fat burning will proceed...

    With sustained effort, results will amaze anyone and the establishment hate this, as people on this diet are truly healthy and free of obesity.....The body gets stronger, the mind sharper..the mood, elevated...

    Noting that diabetes is completly reversible, the orthodoxy fear this potential of actually offering natural cures, free of big pharma...
    So I recommend that this diet is worth trying, even if you are a diabetic, or not (I never was.) IT WORKS.....Never look back.👍🏻
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  • Left-no jury for Trump;
    Trump ‘Found Guilty’ of Fraud by Leftist Judge’s Default Ruling
    The weaponization of the justice system continues as America is under globalist assault
  • Left;
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