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  • Ara-I think your right-our toes are hanging over the cliff
  • What is this about? I remember in detail most of the shows I've gone to. Is this a new phenom-short attention spans from social media/tik tok? MRNA shots? Researchers say spike protiens are getting into the fatty tissue of human brains from the shots
    Why You Can't Remember That Taylor Swift Concert All Too Well
    If your mind is a blank space, you're not alone.
    VIDEO: Ex-UN Executive Director Exposes Globalist Elite Child Trafficking
    Learn how and why the globalists use sexual blackmail to control people
  • that band sounds great Drexk-horn section is awesome
  • OK friends I know that I've thrown a lot of complex data your way, recently...But just to prove to you that I'm not just an infomaniac and can have fun also, I'll post this musical interlude for your pleasure...😉(Wow I like her pins, as well as the groove itself...)😜
  • Elon Musk's Twitter does not seek to comply with the EU's draconian control matrix...🤣Western MSM response, as instructed by the C_A psyops team 04.00 a.m. drops is.......; wait for it...wait for it...all together now.....:-


    Of course, dictators would say such a thing, en mass, as instructed by their cabal masters....🤨

    "🚨 Elon Musk REMOVES Twitter From European Union 🇪🇺 👏"
  • As if covid19 mRNA vaxx takers didn't have enough to worry about, a further paper discusses the potential for multiple sclerosis in the vaccinated...
    Surprisingly, this new paper was commissioned by the W.H.O. itself and I strongly urge all readers to watch the embedded video. Albeit, some may find the technicalities difficult, yet basically it's simple to comprehend, with a little effort. The myelin sheath surrounding nerves is comprised of proteins which are effected by the mRNA spike..
    Peptides are defined as short chains of amino acids linked by peptide bonds...

    "Covid-19 vaccination can induce multiple sclerosis via cross-reactive CD4+ T cells recognizing SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and myelin peptides."
    ‘LGBT Cannot Infiltrate Among Us’: Erdogan Wins Reelection To 5-Year Term As President After 20 Yea…
    "We will be reborn. The family is sacred. The violence against women is forbidden," he says.
  • Also, many people suffer "back problems" and especially if engaged in office work...Sitting in a chair for long periods, etc...In fact I remember a former work colleague, having severe back problems and spending a fortune on caropractors, most of whom were happy to take his money, but never really aided him.....Now this is common.....
    In truth, manipulation of the back, the spine, may not be the answer, as this video explains.....The cure may be as simple as taking B vitamins.

    For myself I never get "back problems" and if I strain the back through some incorrect lifting process, it always rapidly resolves, as I'm not prone to prolonged inflammation, thanks to my ketogenic diet and lifestyle...

    One other personal experience item, to share, is that I take nutritional yeast supplementation, each day, up to 4 tea spoons, which contain all the B complex vitamins....As well as natural food sources in diet.....Noting that it's not useful to supplement B-complex in tablet form, as you might get the wrong types, such as competing B6...

    I will also suggest, albeit off topic, that when supplementing a healthy diet, using tablets/pills, never take them for iron, calcium and B6...

    "The 3 Vitamin Deficiencies in Sciatica and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome."
  • It seems that many people suffer from heart palpitations and arrhythmias...These heart irregularities can be resolved, if we appreciate that solutions may be relatively simple, if the causal factor is initially identified....This video may help vulnerable people, who have this problem and seek to rectify it....👏🏻😇

    "The #1 Remedy for Heart Palpitations."
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