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  • Also, many people suffer "back problems" and especially if engaged in office work...Sitting in a chair for long periods, etc...In fact I remember a former work colleague, having severe back problems and spending a fortune on caropractors, most of whom were happy to take his money, but never really aided him.....Now this is common.....
    In truth, manipulation of the back, the spine, may not be the answer, as this video explains.....The cure may be as simple as taking B vitamins.

    For myself I never get "back problems" and if I strain the back through some incorrect lifting process, it always rapidly resolves, as I'm not prone to prolonged inflammation, thanks to my ketogenic diet and lifestyle...

    One other personal experience item, to share, is that I take nutritional yeast supplementation, each day, up to 4 tea spoons, which contain all the B complex vitamins....As well as natural food sources in diet.....Noting that it's not useful to supplement B-complex in tablet form, as you might get the wrong types, such as competing B6...

    I will also suggest, albeit off topic, that when supplementing a healthy diet, using tablets/pills, never take them for iron, calcium and B6...

    "The 3 Vitamin Deficiencies in Sciatica and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome."
  • It seems that many people suffer from heart palpitations and arrhythmias...These heart irregularities can be resolved, if we appreciate that solutions may be relatively simple, if the causal factor is initially identified....This video may help vulnerable people, who have this problem and seek to rectify it....👏🏻😇

    "The #1 Remedy for Heart Palpitations."
  • Most people may not realise that the Federal Reserve bank is a private bank and neither federal, nor a reserve...Albeit, many on ACC know this fact....However, what many here may not know is that the current central bank system, with the Fed at it's heart and the fiat dollar (federal reserve note) playing the role of "world reserve currency," has reached the end cycle... The Fed was formed in 1913 and the world reserve status of the dollar, around 1921....
    This system wants to move to a great reset, as it has ended the fiat life, which usually only last around 50-years, maximum....This process started in 1971, when the central bank left the gold standard, under President Nixon...

    Something else that many may not be aware of, is that this current and dominant system of central banking, is the third.....And both the second and first where defeated by constitutional US patriots....who considered and applied the rule, that gold and silver was correct constitutional tender and notes were to be printed by a treasury bank, for the people, without interest attached...And because of this, the IRS is unconstitutional....

    History demonstrates that Trump is repeating the role and goal of seventh US President Andrew Jackson, who destroyed and replaced the second central bank system, during his term in office, 1829 to 1837...So it can and will be done...And once the US returns to a new gold standard, the world will certainly have to follow....Albeit I believe that the BRICS nations will attempt a gold standard system of their own, sooner....

    More data on the current financial state of play, in this insightful X22...
    Ep. 3080a - Never Interfere With An Enemy While They Are In The Process Of Destroying Themselves
    RecordNightVision in 4k w/ These Binoculars!! Click Here --> Get Up To 60% OFF Clicking The Link Above^^^ John Kerry is n…
  • AE ... True, politicians and politics becoming a disease … with no immediate cure insight ... leading towards the cliff ... and .... then "free fall"
  • ARA-that's insane-criminals
  • You can't beat the common sense of working people...I love them, they always see through propaganda and generally don't fall for fads and trends...Anyone who wants a good laugh about the failures of the wokesters and wokerati, to promote veganism, will be in for a treat...People are not buying vegan products and in spite of all the alarmist crap, about "saving the planet," people don't want vegan ultra-processed junk food....People are not fools, even though the elites seem to be..🤨

    A bit like electric cars and solar panels, people don't want them and are not buying them, in large enough numbers...Thus companies are losing profitablity...Go woke, go broke....And I think of veganism as just another climate alarmist fad, rather like the pandemic nonsense about taking the vaccine to save granny, etc....and of course, we know that the vaxx never stopped transmission, person to person.....It was all lies...🤨

    Same as veganism "saving the planet and keeping one healthy"...ZERO TRUTH IN IT....🙄

    See this vid and try not to laugh too much, as you might strain a muscle..🤣
  • A common sense video here, which gives a basic understanding as to why veganism and the vegan diet, is an absolute con.....If anyone wants health I would always recommend ketosis, with intermittent fasting, but certainly to reduce carbohydrates and increase fats, as that will not make a person obese, where as carbs and sugar do....

    Eat vegetables in abundance, but do not bother with "vegan" processed food, as it lacks nutrition and reduces to glucose, in the main....Rubbish such as "vegan burgers" and "vegan sausages," etc.....The ads speak of taste, as being paramount, but that is less important than actual nutrient density...

    I believe that the reason why the globalist elites of the WEF seek people to go vegan, is to destroy lives....Population reduction through illness and certainly through infertility...Veganism equals ill health and infertility....
  • All nations should cease co-operation with the World Health Organisation (WHO,) which has morphed into an unaccountable dictatorship, with control and power it's main objectives, rather than the health of people..
  • Canada ... The entire House of Commons voted in favour of Bill C-4. All of the UNI-Party MPs voted to put a parent in prison if they try to stop their own children from transitioning to another gender.
  • The true POTUS, Donald J. Trump, (Q+) makes an excellent Memorial Day speech, today, reminding people of his plan to reverse all of the illegal Biden regime madness......MAGA......The real America will return....And the deep state will be gone forever and ever...
    W W G 1 W G A
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