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  • Thanks for that interesting comment, AlternateEarth....Yes, London has gone insane, also.....

    Now, change of topic....As many readers have been told in my posts and comments, over the years, there is a PLAN of the patriots, or white hats, which is actually a massive sting operation upon the dark cabal and minions, globally....In the USA, those Earth Allies have selected Trump for his current role....Notice how EVERY ATTEMPT to nail Trump has failed....The deep state have been throwing mud at him, using made up accusations and lies, spouted by a variety of woke lunatics, yet still he wins, wins and wins again....That is because truth is with him, as are the white hats in the Earth Alliance military....
    Here's another interesting X22, giving more data on the show....A show that will lead to military tribunals for the dark hats.....
    Ep. 3076b - Panic In DC,[HRC]/[Schiff] On The Defensive,FISAGATE,Election Interference,Retribution
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  • Drexk-It was so bad in all 5 boros of NYC in the mid 70's that my uncle, who was an Inspector, put the word out through the family that joining the force was too dangerous.
  • It's interesting to observe the dark cabal central bankers panic, at the prospect of the US dollar being outed, as the global reserve currency...And it's important to realise that this dollar is the Federal Reserve Note, so the deep state "dollar," as opposed to a constitutionally aligned, gold-backed dollar, issued by the US Teasury, as a people's currency...So minus any interest attached...

    So what is happening is that the BRICS are putting pressures upon the Federal Reserve "dollar," and eventually, gold will destroy the Fed, as people in the US realise that the "dollar" could be so much more valuable, WITHOUT central bank control....As western people will see the BRICS thrive under their own gold-standard system......

    Many still suggest that the global reserve will still be maintained by America and if the patriots back it with gold, silver, platinum and palladium, the entire world will follow suit....This will be like a new "Bretton Woods" period.....As predicted....
    And this will end all central banks and all taxation, apart from sales tax...

    So farewell to the IRS and the UK's Inland Revenue...Taxes will no longer be collected, as debt will no longer be allowed....And any outstanding debts will be cancelled, as in a debt jubilee....
    Ep. 3076a - D’s Panic Over The Debt Ceiling, IMF Panics, Fiat In Process Of Being Destroyed
  • Some ask us, are the Earth Alliance real..? Are there truly secret organisations of good guys, who fight secret wars against the evil dark cabal...?? Are there secret organisations of telepath starseeds, who work with them..Such as GFL Ground Crew..?? Are they in contact with ETs from super civiliizations, beyond the solar system...?? Are we living in a world in which a titanic and secret war is being fought between good and evil...?? Are the revelations rapidly being revealed only the tip of a gigantic iceberg..??
    Do international agents of the light, work together, like so many sci-fi shows would have us believe...?? Are the military and several intelligence services, secretly working for the white hats...??
    Is it actually far stranger than the TV shows...?? (Like the show in which Russians work with Americans and have a British boss..."Man from Uncle.") 👍🏻

    YES.........!! ENJOY THE SHOW.....!!!
  • This Rumble vid is another X22 report that is truly worth listening to....Recommended....
    Ep. 3075b - [DS] Distraction Failed, 25th In Play, Patriots ILS Approach Looks Good
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  • AlternateEarth, yeh, New York in the 1970s......The knuckleheads and drug crime was bad...More anarchy, as again today... There were more organised gangs in the 60s, like in London..The Kray twins, who were a bit like the Chicago mob...Funnily, the Krays would have sorted out the small fry criminals themselves. Unless they paid up..Like the small time thugs and punks, in the video I posted earlier..

    London and New York are both in need of a superhero, or two....
    Brutal: Ted Cruz Educates AOC ON Democrats’ Racist Past And Present
    Infowars: There's a War on for your Mind!
  • Drexk-this same nonsense happened in NYC during the 70s and 80s-couldn't go to certain areas of the city and Central Park? Gun shots all night. Same happened in Asbury Park NJ and Atlantic City NJ-destroyed. An attempt was made to revitalize AC but the only safe harbors are the casinos.
    Asbury Park has been revitalized by the gay community. It's taken at least 20 years and it's become a trendy destination for the arts crowd from NYC-but it's starting again. In the mid 70s everyone stopped going to Asbury because of the crime and trash etc. and now, near the north end of the new boardwalk the 'knuckleheads' ,as they are called in the black community, are defacating in one dumpster area and the stench is horrendous. Next? Running up and down the boards screaming and scaring people out. Crime goes up rents go down-mission accomplished.
    Never thought I'd see this happen twice in my life.
  • 🥷 The war is full on within the EU Empire 🦇

    I see things changing among genuine (not deepstate funded) left-wing activists.

    Several of them attempt to cooperate with dedicated right-wingers, but there is still discomfort on both sides.
  • False flags, using "cyber-attacks" causing continental blackouts. Something the dark cabal is planning, now that they have lost the narrative...
    Pushing for nuclear war, but the GFL will not allow it....So keep calm..
    Keep vigilant.....
    Ep. 3074b - [DS] Narrative Lost,Preparing A [FF],Comms Blackout,WWIII, Stay Vigilant,Playbook Known
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Quantum Suicide

THE HORSE: The curiosity killed the cat..............................THE LION: But the satisfaction brought it back.............................................THE HORSE: It is no wonder they say the cat has nine…
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THE HORSE: The curiosity killed the cat..............................THE LION: But the satisfaction brought it back.............................................THE HORSE: It is no wonder they say the cat has nine…
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