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    Russia to station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus
    Deal with allied neighbour will not violate non-proliferation agreements, Putin says
  • Emmanuel Macron is getting to be one hell of a WEF tyrant and his people are truly exasperated by his dictats on pension well as so much else.....
  • Yes AE......Looks like RL's response will suffice....That is correct, re rocket propulsion dynamics in space...It's cause and effect..
  • Yes the rocket is thrusting both against the exhaust and against the air, but the thrust it gain from pushing the air is far smaller than the one it gains from pushing the exhaust. So rockets works pretty well even in vacuum. It isn't anything like a rotor plane or an helicopter which thrust solely against the air.
  • Question for Drexk or RL;
    A rocket engine in the void of space (scientist think the fabric of the void/space consists of dark matter, but they can't really measure that yet) can push itself forward on the exhaust -the exhaust becomes the matter to thrust against-so rockets are propelling through air also thrusting against exhaust and air?
  • Following her trip to Türkiye and an excellent vlog. A quote from Lieutenant Bakunova:
    "We spend so much of our time in quarrels and anger and instead we should always spend it on love. Love for what you do, love for family and friends, love the world, because even a single day spent without love, is a day wasted....!!"🪆👍🏻
    The Soul of Mother Russia Resonates With The Incoming Aquarian Ray - Like Attracts Like
    Selamat balik dratzo,   I would like to clarify that when I mention earth surface nations, such as Russia or America I'm not trying to place one abov…
  • Good luck to the long-suffering French people, who fight tyranny in their own country...Macron fancied himself a new Napoleon, but instead offered himself the role of King Louis XVI, whom history records as unloved by his people, for his insensitivity towards them...Vive la révolution...!!…
  • 🇫🇷 France has a real revolution going on. 🇳🇱 Holland is preparing for a files & paperwork revolution. This will eventually lead to trials and justice ⚖️
  • I'm told by M'Zupa that the Arcturians have the bio-technology to reprogram human bodily DNA/RNA, to reject the mRNA program which ceaslessly makes spike proteins....This needs to be switched off, as, if untreated, it has no switch off code instruction and keeps manufacturing spike proteins, causing mounting inflammation and destruction of all cells...leading unto bodily death.....

    The Arcturians can deactivate this insane bio-weapon program.....BUT, each person effected must request that they be healed and do so sincerely and with genuine gratitude...I'm also told that we cannot do this on another's behalf....It must be each vaxx victim who requests Arcturian healing...and the individuals alone....
    So each must regret their mistake and seek to live, free of this curse...

    MOREOVER, when calling for Arcturian assistance, visualise the tone of orange light, covering you.....That way you will receive the correct result..and the genuine Arcturians...
  • Natural immunity is always better than vaccines, when a virus is mild, like covid 19....I'll post this video again, anent the autopsies conducted upon "sudden deaths." It's a real eye opener for anyone who cares....and has family and/or friends effected by the vaxx scam...
    World Premiere: Died Suddenly
    Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world - even to the point of carving…
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Quantum Suicide

THE HORSE: The curiosity killed the cat..............................THE LION: But the satisfaction brought it back.............................................THE HORSE: It is no wonder they say the cat has nine…
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  • Drekx Omega Why not cover a factual topic, which runs along similar rails....?? You could discuss the techniques of "chi" and "prana" used by a variety of eastern martial arts schools and devotees....
    Such knowledge and wisdom is only corrupted when it becomes…
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I mean Leonard Nimoy aka Spock in the original series.
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"Climate emergency hoaxes have been promoted by a variety of nutty politicians, "scientists" and activists, for decades....Here is a very good summary of newspaper reports describing, for example, an ice free north pole, or floods, if actions are not…"
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