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  • Is it real?
  • Movies, I think I've seen a lot. I wouldn't call any film my favorite film. Basically, most films are boring. My television is somewhere in my closet among the other junk because I never find anything that interests me there. I just zape the public channels up and down, so what's the point of using the television anyway? It's the same in the cinema. It rarely happens that I'm somehow interested in a film, and then only to a limited extent.
  • Hej, by the Way i got an other Question.
    Do you know any good smoothie recipes? What would you recommend? Is it a good thing?
  • Like all these Hollywood cretins, Sean Penn is living in a dystopian fantasy, in which real events, along with cause and effect, is discounted...
    The reality is that even if the war drums for nuclear armageddon are struck, the Galactic Federation will cause all missile launches, containing fissile materials, to be neutralised, WHOEVER fires them.....

    Let these neocon fools try, they are screaming in a vacuum...

    Russia will beat Ukraine and reveal more about the biolabs and money laundering connections......They cannot stop what is coming....Victory for the LIGHT......✌🏻🛸✌🏻🛸✌🏻🛸
  • sean penn has called for the US gov to nuke Russia
  • movies belong to fools.😆
  • Anyone addicted to Hollywood films will need to get on YouTube and watch the old ones...LOL....
    Frankly, the libtard "stars," so-called actors, are doing us all a favour by taking their bio-weapon nano-particle, gene manipulator comfort....

    Be our guest, Hollywood celebs.....Soon the world will be free of these idiots....👏🏻 It's almost Darwinian in scope....

    Who needs movies anyway...?? My life is one incredible journey, of my own...It's a marvellous "script" and I'm the "actor" in it......God is my "producer" and the Sirians "direct...."
    To be here in this endtime in history, is marvellous.....Who needs fiction when fact is more amazing...??😁
  • Yeah-no more crappy films!
    Hollywood VAX BRAINWASH: No more movies made until every actor, director, and producer gets the clo…
  • Eggs-Researchers are finding egg whites help battle the blood clotting spike proteins from the covid clot shots-
    Eggs Yolk Antibodies Block Spike Proteins!
    Today on The Prather Point LIVE at 3 pm ET / 12 pm PT Jabbed Dead Send Signals! Eggs Yolk Antibodies Block Spike Proteins! Giant Secret Caves Cache F…
  • Always remember that at the dark heart of all the globalist shenanigans, beats the Dark Cabal, itself...Which is an oligarchy of elite central banking families...They pull the strings behind the WEF....The WHO, UN, WEF, EU, CFR, Bilderberg, etc..

    Time for them to be overturned and replaced with a People's system of finance, based upon gold, silver, platinum and palladium backed, national currencies...👏🏻 Watch the old system collapse first....👏🏻
    Ep. 2989a - The D’s Say The Quiet Part Out Loud, GND Failing, [CB] Pushes Economy Over The Edge
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"So pple can strike, riot, block roads, damage things etc to the extent of paralizing the whole country in what is equivalent to a 'lock down', and some pple like KK find this to be completely OK. They call it 'freedom of expression'!

However the…"
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 It’s difficult to decompress enough to sleep a few hours because we never know what we will encounter on the World Wide Web on rising. I hope you are in-joying the show.As you no doubt heard, the circus act around the arrest of President Donald…
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  Advertisement; I just thought you might like to view this [ by rev. Joshua Skirvin ] as I can see you all are very much into this movement. This is ther.; I just thought you…
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AlternateEarth left a comment on Comment Wall
"Another front man for the cabal; Demented Biden and Zelinsky in heels.

<iframe width="990" height="557" src="" title="👠Zelensky Dancing in Heels 👠👠👠🎶" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay;…"
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"The world's people continue to become more and more divinely discontented, with the status quo.....The dark cabal is losing it's grip and people are waking up to how wrong the dark agenda is....
WEF strategies are being rejected, as people do not…"
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ソウルライト SAN left a comment on Comment Wall
"Germany wants to shut down the last 3 nuclear power plants by April 15, 2023 at the latest.

Translated with Google translator."
4 hours ago