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  • Always remember that at the dark heart of all the globalist shenanigans, beats the Dark Cabal, itself...Which is an oligarchy of elite central banking families...They pull the strings behind the WEF....The WHO, UN, WEF, EU, CFR, Bilderberg, etc..

    Time for them to be overturned and replaced with a People's system of finance, based upon gold, silver, platinum and palladium backed, national currencies...👏🏻 Watch the old system collapse first....👏🏻
    Ep. 2989a - The D’s Say The Quiet Part Out Loud, GND Failing, [CB] Pushes Economy Over The Edge
  • Clearly as we assess options, and considering the size of the payload on this looking at the potential for debris and the impact on civilians on the ground or property damage
    Dry run for an EMP strike? spy balloons are as large as a sports STADIUM!
  • 🎈Red Chinese balloon in US airspace...?? My advice is that when you hunt for ducks in flight, you shoot......💥🦆💥🦆💥🦆
    Same for rogue balloons...💥💥💥
    Ep. 2989b - China Owns Biden, Trump Sends Message To China, Time To Go On The Hunt
    Get The Fastest No-Log VPN Today 67% OFF LIFETIME DISCOUNT! Start Today For FREE for 30 days ^^ Click Above^^ The […
  • And now it's time for an official alternative vision and fight-back, against the World Economic Forum (WEF) plans for the future...

    The WEFsters have Davos in Switzerland, for their annual meetings and so the opposition to them, will be based in London......and led by Canadian, Jordan Peterson..👏🏻

    The end of woke is nigh.......!!

    🚨 Jordan Peterson LAUNCHING Alternative WEF Against Globalists
  • Exactly…

    The bird flu, mad cow disease, soy burgers and genetically manipulated crops, the war on farmers and farming, it’s all Weffonian politics.
  • 🐓🥚🐓🥚🐓🥚🐓🥚🐓🥚🐓🥚🐓🥚Eggs are probably the most whole and complete nutritient food, among most, except for vitamin C...

    Currently I'm able to buy eggs from a local farm, which is still running ....But it is true that the deep state are trying, worldwide, to burn down chicken farms.....
    The main problem relates to inflation, here.....The price of a box of 6-eggs was £1.55, a couple of years back and now strands at £2.05....So up....

    Nevertheless, if you can, worth buying these excellent free range, grass fed (chickens) eggs......I don't eat these every day, but as often as possible, alternating with other protein sources, such as fish, meat, etc....
    Eggs fried in virgin olive oil...2-eggs.....Or boiled....

    So obviously, the loony toones of the vegan/WEF nutters, are sabotaging our farms, across several countries....And of course, that bastard; Bill Gates, is trying to replace real eggs with fake ones.....

    Only natural eggs will do, of course and Gates knows it.........

    My advice, if you can keep buying and consuming eggs, per day, or every week, persevere...Maybe 2 to 3, per day., alternating with other proteins...On the ketogenic diet, really beneficial and also for those others who are trying to get into it.....;-)

    "Find out why eggs are the healthiest protein in the world! "
  • 🐓🥚🐓🥚🐓🥚🐓🥚🐓🥚🐓

    How to spell propaganda?

  • Perhaps this will explain the shortage of eggs.
  • Let's Forge A New Path...
  • Earth currently suffers a threat from globalist tyranny, BUT it is, and will be, resisted by a counter movement, which is based upon ENGLISH COMMON LAW......And the roots of that can be found in Magna Carta (1215,) which predates Parliament.......
    And so, is based on natural justice and natural law....The law of cause and effect.......The laws which the Sirians are also governed by.......As English Common law was inspired by higher spiritual forces....

    Richard Vobes discusses Magna Carta and English Common Law, with an expert on the matter...and we need more to become expert on this matter....Awareness of our ancient laws, allows us to resurrect our rights, under them....As they cannot be repealed by acts of Parliament.....They are laws from GOD.....Natural justice...

    Armed with knowledge we can defeat any tyrant....
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There is a lie that goes with the idea that Africa so much depends on grain imports from Ukraine or Russia etc. It is yet another one of those seemingly endless propaganda spewing out of the Russo-Ukrainian war. This is readily accepted by the…"
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"Drekx-Nuetron bombs!
Supposedly Chicoms have neutron bombs and other weapons amassed in tunnels along their border with Russia-"
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Greetings, friends!....I am Saint Germain, and I speak to you both from my place upon the Earth in physical form, and from my vibrational resonance with the higher realms.And from my connection with the Ashtar Command, and all benevolent ET parties…
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