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  • The deep state is going the way of the dodo......They are not only losing the narrative on all fronts, but the pandemic scam is being revealed more fully, as Deborah Birx openly admits to lying about the covid vaccines, to manipulate the American people....
    Ep. 2981b - [DS] Has Lost The Narrative, They Are Fighting For Their Lives, Panic In DC
    Never be left in the dark with this life-saving gadget: Use Promo Code LB15 for 15% OFF The [DS] has lost the narrative, every…
  • The debate about vegan vs meat is often obscured by fake news....One example from the artificial meat food producers, being that "cricket flour has 3X protein of steak," WHICH IS A TOTAL LIE......

    You really have to learn to avoid propaganda from corporates, governments and international bodies such as WHO....They are lying to you about so much....And you need knowledge to challenge them....

    THINK......If cricket flour was more nutritious than steak, it would not have to be pushed on us....Ancient people would be using it here in the occident.....It would be well-known, yet is not......They have to propagandise the benefits.....Of course, they lie and fool many.....

    Of course, true vegans would and should, avoid cricket flour, as insects are still animals.....I wonder if they even realise that cricket flour has such a minimal protein, with allergic effects, that it can never be healthy...So many of these people are simply following a trend, engineered by the WEF......They follow fashions.......Very unwise, if you want to survive...

    Taste should not be the only factor in food choices....Nutrition and health should be paramount...So when junk food producers crow about the flavour of their products, they are appealing to weak minded people, who view food as a tasty comfort, rather than as a necessary nutrient for bodily health...These grazing, snack eating people, are particularly vulnerable to propaganda and their health is under threat, accordingly....
  • Incorrect sandra 喜び ........Bodily water retention is not governed by carbs, but rather by sodium....The amounts and balances of electrolytes determine if too much water, or too little is retained....Sodium chloride, or salt, causes the cells to retain water and potassium has the opposite effect....This use of electrolytes determines water in the cells, not carbs....
    CARBOHYDRATES ARE NOT NEEDED.....We can survive on very little carb.....In fact I do not consume any......A minimal amount is found in veg...So, my advice is, if you avoid these processed foods, with cricket flour added, as in the EU, you might retain health, as cricket flour contains chitin, which is very bad for health, long term.....
    If you do not make the effort to avoid bread, pasta, cereals, crackers, biscuits, cakes, potatoes, chips, crisps, et al, you might find yourself consuming insects, as they are adding them to your diet......

    Moreover, "vegan food" is often artificial and full of additives, carbs/glucose, and INSECTS.........It has zero health benefit and looks like meat, without the value and benefit.....And if you can find fake meat without insects, currently, that may end shortly, as the trend is for producers to include them in future, often as cricket flour.......Your choice.....
  • Yesterday i did see a Video about all the different low crab Flours. All these low crab Flours need much more Water then normal Flour, if you use it for baking. Eat Low Crab sucks much more Water from the Body, so we have to drink more. Without crab the Body can not hold Water inside Body.
  • insect protein? This has been going around since the 70s-if the gov is mandating this because of future planned wheat shortages that means that they are going to mandate ground insects as food
  • If you want to eat less carbs, you can bake bread or pancakes of almond or coconut flour. There are also other low carb flours made of seeds or nuts.

    Grains, especially wheat, are high in carbs.
  • I just saw someone on youtube grind oatmeal in a blender. Bread can be made from oatmeal flour. There are some flour alternatives, although this one is good for staying fit and you can also make it yourself, which is important because otherwise the industry would mix in bugs. However, I don't know if you can also do this with fresh oats, i.e. whole grains.
  • I think a good choice might be to be a fruitarian. Eat only fruits, vegetables and nuts. I would recommend growing your own if at all possible. Maybe also in apartments or on a balcony. Produce everything fresh yourself and what you eat always beforehand with the help of these ultrasonic cleaning devices for washing fresh food, such as fruit, vegetables, meat or fish and so on. Bake the bread yourself if you are sure that there are no painted insects in the flour.
    As for the vaccine, I don't think everyone who took it would die from it. It has happened before, but as I said, maybe not every person who took it. It is not the sign of the animal, since unvaccinated people can also go shopping.
    This Men in this Video grow it all himself and eat it.
  • I didn’t watch the video yet. We have plenty of brands here with tinned fishies. I checked a store where I regularly buy stuff. They have sardines in olive oil or sunflower oil.


    Those bugs give me itches by just looking at them 🐛
    Crushed Bug ‘Additive’ is Now Included in Pizza, Pasta & Cereals Across the EU
    Most people won't even know they're eating it.
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"The earthquake in Syria and Turkey was caused by weather modification. This is why the earth is not a safe place to live yet and space is also weaponized in astral, mental, etheric and physical the Light Forces are doing all they can to dismantle…"
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"this considered to be the clearest UFO photo ever released (September 4, 1971, Costa Rica)"
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"The numbers of Victims after the earthquake in Turkey rises to 11,000."
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"2023 Cobra Interview on Goddess Temple Project by WLMM, IGAG and Japan Prepare for Change Official"
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"Yes, Ben-Arion, it's okay. Good to see Ashtar Sheran."
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