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    Crushed Bug ‘Additive’ is Now Included in Pizza, Pasta & Cereals Across the EU
    Most people won't even know they're eating it.
  • Well, in answer to your question, dear heart, I will suggest that sardines, being very small fish, are easily eaten as the previous doctor (Berry) suggested and that is canned, wild caught....In fact, sardines are never farmed, unlike other fish....They are small and sea sourced, always....

    He did mentioned fresh and pickled, but also mentioned the wild caught tinned variety, in spring water, rather than some oil, such as canola, or sunflower, high in omega 6s.....

    In the UK we have a fairly popular supermarket called Tesco....They sell an excellent example of tinned sardines at 105g....drained weight is 71g and the fish are in spring water, with sea salt....🐟🐠🐟
    These are North Atlantic Brisling sardines, under the trademark brand "Tesco Finest."
    Noting that canned fish retains it's nutrient value, unlike some canned meats...

    This is the type of option Dr Berry recommended, without giving any brands in that vid, but a pointer video to follow, with his brands recommended, also......Regards, Drekx x
  • Canned or wild sardines? 🐟🐠🐟
  • It’s just as much work to figure out what food is vegan as to find out what food is nutritional and healthy.
  • I had a discussion with someone about the vegan and vegetarian diet and how well it has been marketed.

    I understand that people care about nature and animals and therefore choose not to eat particular foods. But it’s also important to ask ourselves what food is good for us and what nutrition is essential.

    I’m still learning 😇
  • I tend to avoid farmed salmon and will always prefer the wild caught....Sometimes I might have a smoked salmon, but mostly wild caught....
    Also, for those who worry about mercury and heavy metal build up, in sea fish, it's important to note that this relates to bigger fish, eating smaller fish and accumulating mercury, over longer lifespans...Fish such as swordfish and tuna are the worst, in mercury.....

    SO, THE BEST ARE THE SMALLEST......Fish that eat plankton and algae, rather than other fish, such as SARDINES.....

    I eat sea-caught salmon and sardines, fished from the northern Atlantic ocean and/or North sea.....
    Sardines are truly good to eat and recommended........I eat these on a regular bases.....They are free of the toxins that other, larger fish, may contain...Both salmon and sardines are recommended, if sea-caught..
  • Many people in the western world are waking up to the "climate emergency" scam, as well as the demanded changes to lifestyle, being pushed by WEF....
    People do not want to eat bugs and give up petrol cars and meat.....Some fools might want to, but most do not and won't.....

    Anti-human propaganda by globalism, is failing.....
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  • WEF attendees continue their brainless hypocrisy, by preaching to we, the people, not to eat meat, while they fill their greedy plates with the stuff, during their annual feasts and self-absorbed knees-ups...👎🏻

    "Do as I say, not as I do...!!" Laughable how they think we are not noticing this....Low IQ elites....
  • I'm happy for people to choose a food lifestyle, even if it's sub-nutritious for them, as long as they do not seek to impose their glamours upon others....
    Frankly, most vegans and vegetarians eat massive quantities of grains, to fill the void....And often do not eat truly large amounts of vegetables and salads....Again, that would be their choice, if they actually believe that rice, as an example, is good to eat....Carbs generally convert to glucose....and spike insulin......So, these people that believe that not eating meat/fish/dairy, is good, are fooling themselves into a false sense of security....As carbs are non-essential, UNLIKE essential fatty acids and amino acids...The human body needs these......

    For example, EPA & DHA are essential fatty acids and can be found in oily fish...and when taken as a supplement...A good source being the omega 3 capsules, or I prefer to take as cod liver oil....As well as salmon, or sardines, which are WILD CAUGHT, not farmed....

    Now, nature does not provide these ESSENTIAL fatty acids in plants, to the same degree and same quality....Flax seed is a source, in the form of ALA, but needs to be converted by the body into an active form, for benefit and cannot do this in significant amounts......Not as bioavailable as sea food sources...
    So flax seed is truly an inferior and limited option and one that the vegan is truly confounded by....He/she may assume that the sacrifice is worth it, as "saving the planet," but it's akin to being SHORT CHANGED in a financial transaction.....Plain stupid, frankly and nothing to be proud of, at all.....

    Here is an educational vid to assist vegans, on why they should rethink some of their premise....Then at least, vegans will have an educated choice, before following WEF schemes.....
  • The bug business is butchered on social media 🤗

    Living and eating healthy also means: keeping what is good. This doesn’t mean starving yourself and denying yourself good nutrition.

    Eat vegan for a month and then eat an egg. Feel the difference! 🍳
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