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  • I have to tell you something funny. I drive a car and it needs a license plate. You can choose the respective letters on the license plate in Germany or leave it to chance and have the letters assigned to you. It can be one letter or a maximum of two. In my case, I didn't choose a letter and was randomly assigned a letter or license plate number. I was given the letter Q as a license plate and it was the second car I had done this to and had a license plate assigned to me by chance, i.e. without a wish. It was also a Q the first time. So then Q is to me, like... Queen? ^^?
  • I think I'm a medium spiritually. But so far I have only received visions in the form of dreams, i.e. messages from spirits that show me how they died. The strange thing was that very often it had happened in a different time. In a dream, time does not play a role and for a spirit it certainly does not matter insofar as a spirit can travel through time.
  • I may be a descendant of this star family of LYRA.
  • They all want a raise because of the 'Putin price hike' Putin is causing inflation-not biden policies
    Incredible: Woke NY Times Staff Hold Strike Against Going into Office THREE Days A Week, Unfair Pay
    Fox News was on the scene outside New York Times headquarters interviewing workers on strike protesting against wages and the end of remote work.
  • Loveligth 👑
    "Do you think that only animals can detect water by instinct?"

    Drekx reply:
    Quite the contrary and if you read my words carefully, you will note this sentiment expressed freely in them...That all species, including humans, have an ability to feel the aetheric plane meridians of the planetary life, because we all possess aetheric bodies, which align with that planetary life..We just need to focus upon allowing the flow and can detect the life forces in water and the planet itself...Which lives....And has masculine and feminine aspects....As do all Logoi...

    In the times of Lemuria, some 900,000 years ago, when Lyran colonists first settled Earth, they set to work creating a new tellurian grid, with which to ENHANCE & MAGNIFY, the already existing planetary aethers...
    This is accomplished by mapping the aetheric meridians, worldwide.....
    So animals can sense these meridians, but it takes an advanced human logic to make sense of them and magnify their power, towards a vivified climate....You will find remnants of the original grid system, scattered all around the Earth...Stone monoliths, stone circles, stone temple complexes, at nodal points, etc....Stone and expecially granite, has piezoelectric properties....And although the planetary life is electro-gravitic and not electro-magnetic, as with a human being, the princliples of aetheric energy flows are similar and can be mapped and channeled....

    With human beings, we use the science of accupuncture and place needles at various meridian points, to enhance aetheric flow....Enhance life force.....
    In the case of a planetary life, we place stones, which are operating in a similar capacity, as needles do, on the human body....

    Here is a map of accupuncture meridans for a human body....Note that the planetary body also possesses such meridians, in differing formations, but utilising the same principles....

    Maybe now you realise why the ancients placed stone markers along said meridians....Something that animals did not...One needs to be able to navigate around the globe to conduct such surveys.....The Lemurians and Atlanteans did just that....As on Federation worlds...
  • Why should the universe look like this at all? Now we have planets rotating, then the planets revolves uround the sun, and then the 'solar systems' revolves around the galaxy center. So we have a bit 'spherically symmetrical' clumps of matter. But why do this pattern break down at the galaxy level? Why don't the galaxies simply hip themselves to form lumps of 'galaxy of galaxies', or those that orbits each other? Why do we rather begin to see a 'spider-web' of incredible filaments?

    This suggests that gravity at a large scale doesn't work the same way as in at the smaller scale. If gravity was the same in all scales, then the universe would have been fractal.
  • Do you think that only animals can detect water by instinct?
  • These energies you speak of are tellurian, not cosmic and relate to the planet's aetheric field, which is a higher correspondent to the human aetheric field..I too can detect underground water courses and this is because of the flow of the aetheric counterpart to the flowing water...Which, if we can attune to, we can detect physical dense water courses....The most efficient method is the use of dowsing rods....Water dowsing, or pendulum dowsing....These are simply extensions of your own aetheric field...In themselves, useless, but when held correctly, the human body does the dowsing and the rods act as indicator needles, in the process..

    We can also detect Ley Lines, this way and as you can see, great surveys were conducted in ancient times, and stone nadi markers were placed.....It's a bit like accupuncture using needles, for the planets, using stones....This way we can trace the energy centres and use that energy...

    Many of us are sensitive to aetheric energies and can dows, with practice and training...Even metal detecting is possible...
    The rods must be held firmly, but loosely, allowing them to move as freely as possible...But it's the human body that conducts the energy, which moves the rods...
  • Do you know about the energies in the body? Is it possible to feel two energies in the body? I mean in the hands a different one than in the body?
    I sometimes feel a completely different energy in my hands. Every time this happens, objects like glasses in my hand seem to shatter. I feel a bit like Elsa (Frozen). I think sometimes I have to wear gloves because of that. I felt the energy being transferred from the hand into the glass. It wasn't an intention. These powers seem to be somewhat curbed, but what happens when they do reach their full potential?

    Is it actually normal to see plasma when removing tape? There is always a purple and blue streak of light. Am I maybe a Prime Creator?

    It's about 10 Years ago that I broke a Glass, cause of that, well if it was the reason for it.

    I also feel that the Air suppose to be more cold in the direction were the next Water outside is.Well I can feel it and it's always true that there is Water. So I know by my instinct were Water is, without a Map. Do you know why I can feel it?

    Could it be I work with Cosmic Energys? How I know this? Am I not really a Human? Or is this Form not my true Form? Maybe I am anyhow cosmic, who knows ;).
  • Yes I have see your Video.
    I wondering about myself.
    I had emphysema and chronic asthma when I was 10 years old. I am now 44 years old and no longer have chronic asthma or emphysema. I was cured of it when I was 12 years old.

    Do you have an explanation?

    I was vaccinated against hepatitis B and the blood test later came back over 10,000...positive. The zeros were almost endless. After 10 years my reading was still positive at 400. So I am very immune to hepatitis B. No further vaccination is necessary.

    It's rare but true.

    I have never had any side effects or special immune reactions to a vaccination.

    Corona infection was with me 3 days. I had only lost taste and smell, although I could still smell the pungent sweetness of the ginger.

    Don't you think it's kinda weird?
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