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  • Can we learn from the history of dark moments, in which genocide is commited..?? We should attempt to identify a common denominator, within these dark instances....I would suggest that victims trusting their authorities, appears salient, among many victims of genocide...People being easily fooled by lies....

    Historically, trusting an evil authority, is what proved fatal for many Jewish victims of the holocaust....Many BELIEVED THE LIE that they were to be resettled in the east...They calmly awaited to be showered, when in fact, they were about to be gassed...Truly awful, but the victims truly trusted the authorities...They calmly lined up for the showers....

    It is also the case with the pandemic genocide of 2020/22, using the Red Chinese virus and later, the killer covid vaccine...People trusted the authorities, that by taking the vaccine, they would be sparing others. They would be saving the weak and vulnerable, from the virus...Two weeks to flatten the curve and save the NHS...People even clapped for the NHS workers....on doorsteps...As encouraged to by government...
    Give up your freedom to save grannie...Take the booster, keep your job....
    Wear a mask...Keep socially distanced, at 2 metres apart...
    Take another booster, or lose the effectiveness.....Keeping others safe...

    ALL LIES.......ALL PROPAGANDA.....AND NOW DEATH IN THE BILLIONS.....Because they trusted the state.....They trusted experts, they trusted Nazis...


    "More vaccinated deaths than unvaccinated deaths from covid (US)"

    Was it really worth taking...?? I think not...
  • "Watch out, if you live in the UK. You may soon be forced to pass a check point for driving through an, unapproved area......"

    This idiocy is being trialled in woke council admin areas, such as Oxford and Canterbury....Not where I live, as we would not put up with this communist bullshit....I'm further east in Suffolk....This is not the whole of the UK...And the trial is supposed to start in 2024....It'll fail...
  • Also, welcome to all new members arriving.
  • Watch out, if you live in the UK. You may soon be forced to pass a check point for driving through an, unapproved area.
  • Short documentary about what morticians are finding in the vaxxed;
    Stew Peters Documentary-Died Suddenly (Elites' WMD)
  • Thanks for that artwork, Ivy...Yes Orthon from Venus....;-)👍🏻
    george adamski saucers landing - Bing
    Find high-quality images, photos, and animated GIFS with Bing Images
  • This intro clip from an old sci-fi series is interesting, as whoever created the old special effects and the revised version, more so, actually made an accurate portrayal of a Venusian scout ship...
    Not certain if they knew it, but the accuracy could be as a result of the producer of the series, or some SFX expert, basing their UFO model on some of the photographs taken by George Adamski, back in the 1950s, which were totally genuine shots....As the guy was a contactee of the Venusians.....They are humanoids also, as in the series...Seems to be from 1967...

    Of course, real Venusian (inner Venus) ETs are not "invaders," but it's an interesting spin that they make on the Adamski material....

    The revamped version correctly deploys landing legs, which are totally correct to use....This guy gets it...👍🏻


    "The Invaders Intro."
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"this considered to be the clearest UFO photo ever released (September 4, 1971, Costa Rica)"
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