Drekx Omega Ashtar Sheran Is Not An Immortal March 28 2015

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Blessings from Commander Vashtar, who seeks to dispel religious myths surrounding ET lifespans...ETs are observers of Universal Creation Laws, which define spirit only as immortal, not forms of life.

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  • Out of interest, what answers anent the soul have you been getting from others, Judith...?? Yes I agree that some conflate the soul with spirit...The plane of atma is upon the cosmic aetheric plane, which is the highest aspect of the soul; as Atma--Budddhi--Manas....It links to spirit on that plane, but as we evolve, the soul triad allows more spiritual energy to progress down the planes into the lower triad of Mind---Emotions---Body (Manas--Astral--Aetheric) the one we are all aware of..

    This link is initially built in mental substance by the person incarnated, through raising consciousness and the monad builds higher aspects of this bridge, we call antahkarana, or "rainbow bridge." The mind has a concrete logic aspect and a higher intuitive aspect. As it is forged, it allows more impulsing down the planes and eventually the soul level (causal body) is ruptured by the downflow and simultaneous up-flow of energies, allowing FULL CONNECTION between the monad (spiritual self) and the persona (incarnated.) and this happens at the initiation known as the "crucifixion." Also known as "renunciation." The breaking of the causal body. There are several ways this is achieved, depending on the ray. It is akin to a birth...

    Thereafter, the personality has a direct link with the divine monad, or spiritual self...The soul has served it's purpose and sacrificed it's former role...The spiritual person becomes a high initiate, on the verge of ascension to mastery..

    We call this spiritual polarity, which is a step up from mental polarity, which in turn is a step up from emotional polarity...These are all grades of consciousness, as spirit evolves through matter..

    After ascension, at the fifth degree initiation, the personality is totally subsumed by the spiritual energies and in effect, becomes a soul within a kingdom, higher than that, which was "humanity." Still human, but of a higher order, more akin to the soul that was expressed and is expressed again...but in a more efficient configuration of expression...

    The Ascended Masters define their kingdom as the "kingdom of Souls." Technically, the solar angel in each has served it's purpose, in the process of self-mastery, yet it's legacy lives on...A Master is coloured by a particular ray...As an exemplar of that ray, the ray of the soul...
    All these rays are sub-rays of the Logos...Sub-rays of the 2nd ray Solar Logos..
  • No, the soul is a reflection of the Divine Monad, which is a spiritual spark...The Monad reflects down the planes as a Soul, which in turn reflects down the planes as a Person incarnated...
    The Soul may exist for eons of time, yet is finite, unlike it's Divine Monadic spark...

    We are triads, as follows...

    Divine Monad (spirit)------Solar Angel (soul)------Lunar Lords (personality/mind/emotions/physical)

    So we actually live across multiple planes of existence...

    Note that your light body resides on the manasic plane, aka mental plane...That is the soul's bodily form (some call it causal body.)
    Note that the spirit that is the unique spark of your essence, resides on the MONADIC PLANE.......
  • If a spirit is imortal, then is a spirit the same as a soul? It seems to be a different answer depending on whom I ask..
  • I have been asked by the GFL to remind all current contacts with Ashtar, that they may believe he originates in the Plejares, or Sirius, or wherever they would prefer to believe......It is acceptable either way.......and does not matter, as all GFL star nations act in co-operation in serving raising human consciousness, via the Ashtar conduit...

    The facts are actually, thus:

    Supreme Fleet Commander for the Sol system is currently a Samanet Sirian named Atura.........BUT, if anyone seeks to believe that it is Ashtar and that belief does not conflict with the laws of creation, nor GFL first contact protocols, then that is acceptable and permitted (freewill anyway permits it.)

    Note that the Supreme Fleet Commander (actual rank is "Srut") Atura has visited Earth before and was made famous by the UFO incident known by ufologists as the "Cumberland Spaceman."

    The previous Supreme Fleet Commander was a Pleiadian known as Quetzal, who past on the baton of authority over Sol, to the Sirians of Samanet, in the mid 1990s...

    Under the authority of Atura, who presides over all GFL fleets, (all star nations, as combined-fleets supremo,) there is Commander Vashtar (rank is Jschwjsch) who is responsible for the S&E fleets of the Sirians, only.....

    GFL authority maintains the quarantine that prohibits surface earth manned space flights, navigating beyond earth orbit.....It is also the same authority that protects earth from any interference from beyond the system, including potential criminality from cosmos....There are three fleet tiers in place within the system and they are security rings that sol orbit at levels; Earth-moon, Venus-Mars and Jupiter-Saturn.

    The same authority over fleets of observing craft, that benignly accompanied all Apollo missions to the moon, before the quarantine took effect in the mid 1970s..
  • Many overlook the fact that there are two total different renderings of "Ashtar" that look completely unlike each other. One is the real one, who died in 1983, the other is Vashtar (blond one,) who so many confuse with Ashtar....Similar names maybe..

    Vashtar is the blond "Ashtar Sheran" and the original, who died in the DAL universe, 1983, was shorter with dark hair and eyes, often rendered wearing a space helmet....Before renegade as Ashtar, his birth name was Aru-see-ak [shower of the way.; Lyran dialect.]
    Well, he certainly showed the way to many followers, generating a powerful TULPA thoughtform, that Vashtar has harnessed for messaging to devotee types...
  • Jschwjsch Vashtar has spoken......Some members prefer to listen to teachings, as opposed to reading the material....Hope this vid helps such people...Bless you, Drekx

  • Meretroseh is still piloting Sirian scoutships in Earth airspace, inner and outer, plus deep oceanic monitoring, in his science clan role, too...One of the revered Shikdas of Atarmunk [Sirius B3.] The Samanet Sirians are engaged in solar guardianship work..

  • Lifespans are as long as Spirit directs a given form to express. Albeit, only Spirit can be truly immortal.....Forms in the Creation must end, eventually, to be reborn, anew...This is divine law.

  • I am randy thanks I just wish the weather make its mind up here in west virginia make up its mind so I can prepare the land for planting.

  • Hope you are feeling a lot better Lisa...

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