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  • There is a Buddhist practice to observe thoughts, emotions and memories and sit through them until the discomfort fades and becomes bearable.

    It requires practice and courage, just to sit and observe, without getting distracted, carried away, neither to fight or analyze whatever you see or feel. I most of all end up analyzing or creating a fantasy story around whatever I experience. Or I start to feel sleepy 😴
  • Everyone, every soul, is overcoming challenges, so you are not alone...We all suffer, from time to time...The best quality to cultivate is detachment....So experience a trauma and learn to release it's impact...

    There is a law of forgetfullness, that usually prevents memory (conscious memory,) of past life traumas....But as one evolves, the veil between incarnations thins out and eventually reduces to threadbare in places, more solid in others....

    After ascension, all memories return and we are better able to cope with the flood of both positives and negatives...over millennia....

    I once suffered the fear of the smell of burning wood smoke.....This was not due to anything that happened to me, in my current life, but I discovered, from my previous life, when I was a German Oberst (Colonel) with Army Group North, named Siegfried Kötz and witnessed many horrors on the eastern front...
    I was in the German Wehrmacht and not a member of the Waffen-SS.....

    The burning Russian farms, the murder of innocent civilians and the many, many traumas and deprivations, of that aweful war, could even effect me psychologically, today, in this life, though I'm mastering it now and can comfortably smell the aroma of burning wood smoke and not break out in a cold sweat....We must each grow in our own ways, while our memories of past traumas, in this life or others, are processed....and assimilated as experiences to learn from...
  • Where I agree with you Dreks, is on the systemic values of reincarnational growth itself. If a soul can still benefit from this, and has a clear connection to guides and loving beings - what is commonly referred to as the care package - then absolutely I agree. Souls who already have a place here shouldn't forego that kind of a livelihood. Without a very valid reason of course, and even then, be sure that's what you want. All life is temporary. Many animals who come here, have the choice to fight to survive another day, or not. But they do that, because they have to go through the pain of doing so, to feed their families. But this is how entropy has caused an entire ecosystem to have become abandoned by anyone looking in from the celestial perspective of awareness. This planet has been under some kind of veil, for far too long. And the right kind of energy that is needed to completely collapse that safety net for entropy to grow and cause a bigger mess, has yet to be dismantled. Having said that, where you are happy, you will not wish to leave. Because you are content with the world you have created around you. If those who are serious about building a creatrix truly wish this place to become all it is cracked up to sell itself short on, then I am not impressed with the current efforts of social warrior justice and little else. There are so many sites, so few knowledge on each, and so many perspectives talking. But our audience, isn't able to manifest enough will power to be placed behind concrete action for this planet we can actually take. It's time for those people to show themselves. Unless they call us incompetent at their expense to do a job they failed at being able to influence. It's not ok. And I feel very sorry for those innocent souls, caught in the middle of a fight that was never meant to entrap them in it as a casualty. That's how we lost practically all of our universe by having to fight beyond our rights to retain the memory of their meaning.
  • There are conditions in which suicide is beneficial, I will not deny that. Where I support suicide, is when your will cannot and will never be respected by anyone else. Like talking in a black hole. Where you are denied rights. Where you face constant entropy. And when you are violently silenced for trying your best to be free. I think a place like that, does not serve any valuable lessons to anyone. And that it is not the responsibility of those who fail at being heard, to have to sacrifice their entire livelihoods just to see eye to eye with those who aren't willing to listen. Accept if it is to be used as a weapon against another group of folks who are continuously silenced. Your soul karma of debts you owe in this world cannot go with you to another. So why enforce that pain onto others by forcing them to stay here because you think it's got some kind of energy benefit to a system that inflates the false value to begin with. Think about it. This is how entropy works. You take that away, and you have no reason to fear your own life in the hands of somewhere you think is safer beyond it. But nobody here is taking responsibility for the increased problem sentient mass of entropy has on an aging population whose rights are actively being silenced. Who ever brought that system here, needs to pay for it. We are not responsible for the entropy we are entrapped with. And no human could ever willingly do this without being possessed on some level in a body that traps their soul, distorts their world view, creates chaos at their expense. All because they tried to choose to be embodied into a place of love, and this hell trap, is becoming anything but. And I have had my eyes unfortunately opened to that kind of a truth, in the past year alone. I used to think so highly of this planet. Because the stories the outsiders tell, is that it is very popular, that Gaia has a hard time keeping up with the interest in its well being because of so many people enjoying life here. Well, I in part believe in population control. But I don't think that the control of a population should be done through the dividing and silencing of anyone's rights on the behalf of tiranical rule of law that does not serve a high good. And not one person here, incarnate, has had their career as a politician in an effort to put their channeled wisdom where their mind's at to make this difference. Constantly relying on someone else to do it, the presence that isn't, is why we are being faced with what everyone else here is going through. To me, that can never be okay. And when the writing is on the wall, I am 100% for checking out of your own volition to escape a worse hell for those who disobey the system even after death. Something, has got, to give. Why are we here otherwise. Unable to either do that job, or live our lives in a community, rather for instance, than an online forum. Where's the damn unity? This gets me thinking, we can do better.
  • Hugger said:
    "The coolest thing about the current political scams and scandals is that they are being investigated and exposed by The People and not only by ‘experts’ or ‘leaders’."

    Drekx reply:
    Yes indeed and it is such a savouring experience, that our current digital technology has taken power away from centralised authority figures...Now ordinary and good people, may discover truth for themselves, by going online and learning from chosen outlets..They can omit MSM completely and so avoid the propaganda....
    Now we often see shady characters, such as Klaud Schwab, boasting about his plans for us and almost forgetting that many observers have not drunk the coolaid....LOL And the more he and others speak, the more absurd their schemes appear....
  • Well, I will say that I do not like how suicide is becoming a government mandate if you ever needed life saving care. And they offer you that instead.
  • No Sirian Starlight I do not believe in any type of "assisted suicide." It is karmic and actually prevents the variety of (very probably) needed experiences, with which the Soul may learn from, through the golden treasure trove, of incarnational growth.....One's light quotient does not increase while out of incarnation....Only while incarnated, do we each grow in consciousness, wisdom and light.....
    Thus, for a person to take his own life, or be "assisted" in such a manner, would be highly controversial in multiple ways....In terms of society and family, as well as in terms of a life mission, which is deprived of possible fruition, as a result of being cut short....
    We must always remember that the spiritual law of return, as well as cause and effect, will not be thwarted by an early escape from responsibilities....For that is what suicide is...A shirking of one's duties to many tiers of relationships, including our soul teams and ashrams....And of course, those loved ones incarnated alongside us, who need our presence.....
    Of course, you may suggest (AND JUDGE) a particular life to be less than perfect (which all are,) yet even a paraplegic, or blind person has useful lessons to glean....It is not for the emotional body of oneself, or another, to judge that life as less than....It is a needed lesson, in all probability....And there are also people who suffer depression, due to life style choices, which may eventually lift, once a lesson is learned...At which point, they may wish to continue a given life of rewarding relationships, or achievements, which, if suicide has occurred, they would not be able to resume, in that life.....Moreover, they would simply repeat the experience in the next incarnation, until the needed lessons are learnt...So it truly is futile to resist the divine plan in such a way as suicide....
    I would also suggest that many NDErs return to life, with a rewarding insight into the esoteric truism, that death is illusory....And thus, can find themselves changed, psychologically and often for the better....

    LIFE IS FOR LIVING....So have faith......There is always a purpose and a reason behind each experience we have....We must learn to be co-creators with God and find the wisdom of connectivity with all that is....
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  • The coolest thing about the current political scams and scandals is that they are being investigated and exposed by The People and not only by ‘experts’ or ‘leaders’.
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