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  • Frankly, Q has stepped up the data to levels beyond the usual financial/political info, which is pretty exciting to observe...I've been banging on about the importance of Human DNA, in the ascension process, for years......The advice of the Q-team is important and most welcome....👍🏻

    Also, the X22 report, presented by Dave, is well worth checking out and noting, that it seems to have been kicked off Youtube, but remains on Rumble.....
    He's right about Elon Musk being one of the good guys....In contrast to the "false prophet" Benjamin Fulford, who wants people to believe Musk is a baddie.....
    So we each have to discern truth, using our own skills and logical analysis....

    "Ep. 2935b - Evidence Already In, The [DS] Got Caught, It’s Perfectly Documented For All To See"
    Ep. 2935b - Evidence Already In, The [DS] Got Caught, It’s Perfectly Documented For All To See
  • To add to Drexks' comment-powerful meditation;
  • q showed up after dems stole the pres election and gave gave hope there would be justice-then he went away-then he's back again after the huge nationwide election fraud giving hope again-in other words people who may take to the streets with pitchforks are quelled int believing The Patriots are on it
  • yes Drekx, it is interesting that Q ended two of his lately posts with the word "ascension" and in his last post it was all about the DNA
  • "Ancient Text Reveals IMPORTANT MESSAGE Within Our DNA .

    Gregg Braden explains the fusion between telomeres on human chromosome two, how this fusion seems to have suddenly appeared 200,000 years ago. They show something has happend with modifying our DNA as it is now.

    Gregg Braden talks about how he studied and followed the Sepher Yetzirah “The Book Of Creation”, a sacred 3000 yr old Hebrew text, and the amazing message he discovered, when following the instructions from this text.

    They show the codes in our DNA what can be translated in text, and they found out that all our DNA has information in it.
    Our DNA is based on frequencies and information and Gregg shows us the most important and hidden message in our DNA..."
  • FAO: The Covid Vaxx Survivor-Evaders....😇👼🏻
    As well as helping each other, there is also an offworld and innerworld support, for the survivors of the covid vaxx genocide.....We are never alone, even though so many think we are...It's a matter of connection....Go within to be connected with your higher self....and then your spiritual light will blaze....A light within a greater LIGHT......Be the best you can be.....Be of service to the race, the Human race..

    Yes we are truly living through end times and it's truly like a sci-fi horror movie.....But this is an end of an old age and the beginning of a new age....The dark will always try to delay our ascension....But, we are on the correct timeline for an inevitable victory, nevertheless.....

    Let them do their worst...For we shall do our best......!!!
    ✨✨✨ ✨✨✨Good Vibes ✨✨✨✨✨✨
  • What is coded in your DNA?
    Who put it there?
    Mankind is repressed.
    We will be repressed no more.
    Information is knowledge.
    Knowledge is power.
    Information is power.
    How do you protect your DNA?
    There is a war for your DNA.
    Protect your DNA.
    Q :: posts by 𝒬
    Where we go one, we go all.
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