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  • Politics! 😄

    Disclosure will happen anyway, at the right time.
  • I just learned, the push in the US congress for UFO "disclosure" is just an updated cover-up.
    The US congress will interview insiders and they will get immunity if they signed a NDA on that matter, but we the people will not be updated on the data.
    And now worldwide UFO researchers don't want the USA to dominate the narrative on UFOs!
  • These Days i was feel like a Sun it self wich send out it warm love. ;) Beloved. The littel Toddlers become a red Face from my Bless in seconds. I always give them my love. They come to me when they sad. Yesterday i helped a littel one who was afraid and can't go on. She is just 1 1/2 Years old and was on a climbing frame wich was about 3 meters high. She can go climbing up, but was afraid to climbing down and when she try she fall in the spaces between the small bridge. She only cry and not want to move anymore. So i climbing up to her and bring her down. I comforted her then she was okay. Today she do Dance and Smile when she come in the Morning. Maybe she feel beloved by me. :)
  • It's not a Poem, it's a Song for Children. Just the Text. Well, that one with the Moon. The other one just i say how i was feel.
  • The move by OPEC to reduce oil surply amid U.S.s mid-term elections shows that Biden's opting to kowtow to the Saudi prince, such as during his visit to middle east has not yield any fruit! Then the mere fact that OPEC can do this near US's mid-term elections, amid sanctions against Russia, shows that the era of U.S. controling the world by manipulating middle east and its oil is over!
  • 不滅の魂 - 天使 -nice poem-did you write it?
    Saw this the other day
    by James Joyce;

    My love is in a light attire
    Among the apple-trees,
    Where the gay winds do most desire
    To run in companies.

    There, where the gay winds stay to woo
    The young leaves as they pass,
    My love goes slowly, bending to
    Her shadow on the grass;

    And where the sky's a pale blue cup
    Over the laughing land,
    My love goes lightly, holding up
    Her dress with dainty hand.
  • "Awaken all who slumber....!!" ❤️A message from Lady Kalestra.....
  • The moon has risen,
    The golden little stars shine
    Bright and clear in the sky.
    The forest stands black and silent,
    And rises from the meadows
    The white fog wonderful.

    How is the world so quiet
    And in the twilight shell
    So trusting and so sweet
    As a silent chamber
    Where you misery of the day
    Should sleep and forget.

    Do you see the moon up there?
    He is only half visible
    And yet it is round and beautiful.
    Some things are like that
    whom we laugh confidently,
    Because our eyes don't see them.

    We proud children of men
    Are vain poor sinners
    And don't know much.
    We spin air spiders
    And seek many arts
    And get further from the goal.

    God let us see your salvation
    Trust in nothing ephemeral,
    We do not rejoice in vanity,
    Let's get simple
    And before you here on earth
    Be pious and cheerful like children.
  • Today I feel loved. My heart is happy for no reason. I see the leaves falling in autumn and smell like the leaves from the garden. I feel the warm sunshine and I feel people loving each other. I see how the sun bathes everything in a glowing light. The chakras open and I feel my soul glowing and blessing everyone around me. Power from God's love, which I send to you like a ray of sunshine, so that you too are happy, apparently without a reason. But the reason is unconditional love from the one who created your souls, the only and true giver of all life. May the light of your beloved souls shine far into the night of Kali Youga. Be a sun yourself, be filled with the love of God that gives you strength to love when it seems impossible.
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Quantum Football

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"always remember your roots"
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"sounds like a space ship ^^"
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