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  • We noticed that again a member has posted the fake Sirian, known as SaLuSa...It is necessary that when an ostensibly "Sirian language" is presented, lacking truth, a truthful Sirian correction must be made, to fill the void of inaccuracy....

    This phrase and "language," is an erratic one and is not known to us.."Selatherin A-al Arjaten" is not Sirian....It is not known at all and is probably made up....These English-Sirian words, included in the sentence he gave, are well known Sirian words; "we" = za and "one" = sa...

    It is also worth pointing out, that the name "SaLuSa" is based upon actual Sirian words, in jest by the Earth human creator of this fictional Sirian...Either by design, or simply by accident, but the name means "OneToOne." And of course, no Sirian would adopt such a silly name, containing such a childish meaning....One reason I call this name a joke name...

    So again, truthful Sirian corrections must be made, to fill the void of inaccuracy....

    We do this now, through our vessel, Col. Omega: Banshrut Kalestra zaudan vin Samanet...

    "Because Yes, We Are All One" = Meladrin hi zabharin sa......(actual Sirian translation)
    Planetary Activation Organization
  • "Cop27 host Egypt warns UK not to backtrack from climate agenda..."

    Unusual diplomatic intervention prompted by fears over Liz Truss’s commitment to net zero....

    My advice is, don't get on the night🤣🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴
  • Don’t worry about the Red Army, folks!🪆🌹🪆🌹🪆
  • Check Elon’s comments on Twitter:
  • Missing Russian nuclear sub.....Scare event coming up....Remember not to be scared.....It's ONLY a deep state distraction as the October info comes out to scare the dark cabal...PANIC IN DC......
  • Boris changed dramatically after his bout with covid
  • "WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump calls Boris Johnson 'woke' as he defends Liz Truss over taxes.."

    And like Donald Trump, I have also noted the dramatic manner in which Boris Johnson transformed, almost overnight, from conservative patriot, to woke misfit...

    Actor and GB News presenter, Laurence Fox, is the nephew of the famous actor, Edward Fox...
  • An excellent speech in Birmingham, at the Tory party conference, by the new Home Secretary.......Bravo Braverman....!! 👍🏻😁

    Now this is proper Conservatism......With a big "C."
    Putin exposes the truth about evil, SATANIC western leaders who PILLAGE the world and destroy human…
    Putin exposes the truth about evil, SATANIC western leaders who PILLAGE the world and destroy human freedom Monday, October 03, 2022 by: Mike Adams…
This reply was deleted.

Samael's anecdotes: Chapter Eight-Part 1


                                                                                                                    CHAPTER VIII

  1. On a certain occasion, while I was in meditation, I was…
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Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
Hugest penalties:Foodball is a sport and should be played in true sportsmanship.Firstly football has lost its game potential..players are often seen attacking each other rather then playing proper football. The solution to players acting out off…
45 minutes ago
Sirian Starlight left a comment on Comment Wall
"And yet another theory of mine revealed when it comes to scientists finally admitting the truth about what is inside a galactic core. They still won't say the big bang is an all out misnomer of how the universe formed. They can't seem to believe…"
5 hours ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"A case in point is Xinjiang, in Red China...Yes, they are rebelling against the manic CCP, "zero-covid" policy, being imposed upon them, with great cruelty...

Good luck to those oppressed people, fighting their wicked government...👍🏻👍

6 hours ago
ET Hugger left a comment on Comment Wall
"I can’t confirm this, but I’ve seen this posted on Twitter:

“Brazilian military stands with Bolsonaro to invoke Article 142.”

Note: Article 142 of the Constitution states that the armed forces are to „guarantee the constitutional branches of…"
7 hours ago
Agarther Z left a comment on Comment Wall
"in China a large number of people is on the streets against COVID Lockdowns, it's unusual for China that large parts of the population demonstrate against the government"
7 hours ago
David Claros Paredes posted a blog post
                                                                                                                                 CHAPTER VIIIOn a certain occasion, while I was in meditation, I was able to clearly verify the meaningintelligent of the…
7 hours ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"I am trying to look for an animation for the alleged formation of the so called Hoag's Object (and other ring galaxies), but I am not finding it! I guess it is ridiculous! I am kin to see how the galaxy will knock off the galaxy and leaves out a…"
7 hours ago
ET Hugger left a comment on Comment Wall
"Let’s say that Alex Jones isn’t wrong about the deep state and worldwide political scheming.

And Info Wars should be taken literally when it comes to the COVID scam and climate change.

✨ Also, we shouldn’t stop sharing data on political scams and…"
7 hours ago