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  • But Poland is the most reasonable European country in this issue. I hear that they are saying Russia damaged the Nord stream pipes. This is hilarious! How can Russia afford to waste even one of expensive ammunitions to stop European gas supply via an explosion in a far away place, when it can do that by merely closing the taps?
  • Just saw Porcupine Tree in Denver ... WHAT A FANTASTIC SHOW !!! ... It was worth all the Mercury Retrograde bullsh*t that I endured, which included two close car accident misses, a near fist fight, and a flat tire on the way out of Denver ... CHECK OUT THE LIGHT SHOW AND THE MUSIC ... click
  • It would have been even more revealing, if that Polish MEP had thanked Task Force 68, of the USN 6th fleet's, naval under-sea warfare centre.....
  • 🇵🇱 This was posted on Twitter by a Polish member of the EU parliament, Radek Sikorski.

    Chairman EU-USA delegation @Europarl_EN; VP EU-UK Friendship Group; Senior Fellow@Harvard; Distinguished Statesman@CSIS

    “Mała rzecz, a cieszy. As we say in Polish, a small thing, but so much joy. #Nordstream.”
  • "Always Above...!!"
  • "Clear. So we can expect more disinformation later today in flawless English 😇" Hehe...!! Actually, we saw the disinfo here yeasterday, about the pipeline, posted on this very And yes, one post flawless, the next broken, the next, almost illegible...What a team of them...
    They dance like "aliens" to the globalist MSM agenda talking points....The current one is "Russia bad, Europe good....!!"
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  • "Another WEF puppet is Ardern of New Zealand." True, I forget to mention her, she is definitely another of these WEF-trained globalist graduates....
  • Notice that it is said that 'immigration' is one issue in Italian politics. However, the issue of how to solve the Ukrainian crisis did not arise strong enough! Apparently, like in all Europe, they just talk about how to fan it all the more! This is a shock because the war has caused over 10 million Ukrainian immigrants a cross Europe! This is such a population of immigrants that exceeds the total population of the whole Libya! Apparently the idea of 'blue eyed blonde immigrants' does not much rally the 'right', even though they might, as well, include Neo-nazis!!

    Europeans have erred if they think that it is ok if belongs to blondes!!😆
  • If you agree that all these war in Iraq, Afghanistan and other 'war on terror' nonsense is a work of cabals, then it isn't too long ago to say that cabals more of uses the so called 'left' to create psyops that called for drastic catastrophic reactions.

    Of course terrorism is bad, is a problem, and we need to deal with it. However, governments can use it to justify disastrous reactions, and so we need to be careful. But same is the case environment, contagious diseases such as covid, war in Ukrain, immigration so called crisis etc.

    Note that I included 'immigration' to highlight that I don't buy into the idea that the cabal 'uses the left', even after it is claimed that his idiot Bush was the cabal's puppet! There is no difference between 'behold terrorists' and 'behold immigrants'! In fact they use the same 'terrorism' fearmongering to scare the same 'rightists' into fearing immigrants, which is daunting because they also accept that the 911 incidence, which created all this 'fear of terrorism' was, infact, a false flag!
  • Another WEF puppet is Ardern of New Zealand,
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General Relativistic Aether Theory

Before Einstein developed Special Relativity, Hendrick Lorentz had developed the so called 'Lorentz Aether Theory' to explain the same thing. As far as physics is concerned, Einstein added (or in fact 'removed'), very little from Lorentz's…

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"As a side note, everyone is talking about whether gravity is a force on its own, or not. Gravity is a wave, that is generated when an object is moving at a fixed rate in space. The greater the depth an object has, the more weight it has, equals the…"
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"I can tell you, that this theory alternative is, incomplete.
A view point yet to consider, is one known as "nothing is relative" concept. Two objects of the exact same material form, can exist on top of each other without causing any ill lasting…"
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Drekx Omega replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion ET Expert Claims Buried “Ancient Space Ark” in Ukraine Has Been Excavated and Activated…HIGHLY RECOMMEND
"The sheer volume of wild stories coming out of Ukraine, at present, is off the charts..."Ascension & Awakening" is your supposed category, but maybe find another one named; "Tomfoolery."
And why is this mythical craft an "ark...?" And have you ever…"
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