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  • Times of Awakening means that we recognize that there are other dimensions, realities and so forth besides the existence of spirits, angels and demons. People should recognize that it does not end with death, that it goes on. The veil was lifted a little for that. The Galactic Federation allows it for us to recognize and understand, awaken.
  • Fact is that Britain could not possibly rule even India alone, all the way from London. India now has the largest population in the world. For every one briton there might have been thousands of Indians! So how could they all be ruled from London??

    It seems that Britain was yet another huge paper tiger!!😆
  • Roaring said: "One wonders how Britain could possibly surround Ethiopia all the way from London! How many were they?"

    Drekx response: Dear boy I suspect that although you know a certain amount, there is an historical blind spot as to how big the British Empire actuially was....And noting also, that the Royal Navy dwarfed all others...Yes, even mighty USA was not there, where Britain was.....

    This map was from 1921, at the territorial max of about 13,000 square miles...One quarter the land surface of the Earth and dominant in most seas and oceans...

    That is how little ol' Britain could defend Ethiopia, when nobody else could, back in 1935.....
  • Ben-Arion asked us something here. What is this site about?
    At the moment you are discussing the story here like in a private chat. My question regarding Soulmates is therefore much more the topic of this website, since this topic is actually about Spiritual Awakening.
    Slavery was abolished worldwide. So-called "modern slavery" currently exists. What do you mean by that? Why are you talking about that? Should I free everyone there now? It is clear to everyone that one way or another we all live here more or less in a kind of slavery. After all, the system is still money and your discussions will probably not change anything about that for the time being. Don't you tell me what to recognize. As if I can't see it myself. What are these instructions? What are we supposed to do about it? Then don't talk and change it yourself if you can.
    We've been enslaved by the Reptilians anyway. It is not possible to escape the system so easily. You have to change it by changing the people in power. Subaru fought the Reptilians for years because of this. This planet is from Subaru and its real name is SHAN!
    The Annunaki are a completely different race unrelated to Reptilians. This is a confusion that is being spread. This planet was given to the Galactic Federation. The Reptilians have no claim to Shan.
  • 😊I would recommend that members watch this video....Wise words...TRUTH....👏🏻👏🏿
  • It's true that you learn from history, but it's also true that you should let history rest and rather help shape the future all the better.
  • In the future everyone will be free to believe in this one God as they wish. The government is made up of those who come from the poor and that's why they keep their promises, because they know what it's like to be poor. Before that future manifests, we all need to go through the old school as there are numerous catastrophes. The money will be of no use if you lose the ones you love.
  • One wonders how Britain could possibly surround Ethiopia all the way from London! How many were they? These were Africans fighting for Britain in second world wars, not only in Africa, but also in India and sometimes in Europe. In ww2 etc Africa, especially in Africa, was fighting for Britain to defend its colonies, not the other way round.

    Of course these were ignorant Africans, thinking that Britons etc would favour them after ww2. But they were stabbed on the back, and they arranged to chase the 'white man' off Africa once and for all!
  • Ethiopia, or Abyssinia, then, was not a subject for migration of colonists, as Kenya was, as the farmlands that Kenyan territory offered colonial settlers, were more productive and at less high altitudes....Britain surrounded and protected Abyssinia from the Italian Empire.....Indeed, if it were not for British protection, in the 1930s, the people of Abyssinia would have been massacred by Mussolini's drive to create his "new Roman empire."
    The Italians launched a military assault from Italian Somaliland and Italian Eritrea and even used mustard gas on the natives....I believe that Emperor Haile Selassie complained about this, at the League of Nations..

    However, as usual, Britain saved Ethiopia from a fate worse than death...
    Mustard gas leaves horrible injuries...
  • So railways were not done DURING colonialism but IN PREPARATION TO colonialism. But the fact that they were done, anyway, shows that it needed not be done as a preparation for colonialism. Native communities could easily collaborate with foreigners to help in railway construction without any need for colonialism. It was only a matter of public participation and education etc.

    The majority of communities were never aware of the secret 'preparation for colonialism', but they collaborated, nevertheless. Only such countries as Ethiopia and other small comunities 'smelt a rat' about this seeming 'benevolence'!
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