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  • Soaring Roaring said: "British, though 'the largest empire' was also 'the fastest collapsing empire'. It didn't require a fighting."

    Drekx reply: Now, come on, you are exaggerating the history a lot...I would suggest that the British Empire, if you included the American colonies timeline, started in the early 17th century and lasted well into the 1960s, maybe up to Hong Kong 1997, but only fell, because it was bankrupted by WW2, fighting the Axis powers....Or if you want, it lasted centuries, say in comparison to the German Empire...The 2nd Reich was 1871-1918....The German 3rd Reich lasted a paltry 12-years...
    And unlike Germany, Britain was never defeated in war......We just gave the empire up, at that time, because the war bankrupted our economy....
  • India to us was a commercial asset and very lucrative for British commerce, but we also had a great love of this ancient civillisation and actually described it as an empire, within the Empire.....
    The INDIAN EMPIRE (or British RAJ) was part of the greater Empire and had a Viceroy and Emperor in London, known as King-Emperor....
    Although, that office was started by the Queen-Empress Victoria......
    So India was not a target for mass colonialism of settlers, as North America, Australia, South Africa and Kenya, were....It had a different role in the British Empire.....There was no uniformity.....The various imperial territories, had a variety of roles and uses....
    indian empire map - Search
  • So Britain ruled IN COLLABORATION with the very Indians themselves. Calling it a 'British empire' is an historical misnomer. It should be called 'indo-British empire', or something like that, just like we talk of 'medo-persian empire' even though the rulership structure was drafted in Persia, not medes.

    Apparently, this is how Britain 'ruled' throughout the so called empire. It is the absurdity of colonizing pple by their own help! Thisvis why British, though 'the largest empire' was also 'the fastest collapsing empire'. It didn't require a fighting. It only required people to wake up one day in long trousers!😆
  • Blue eyed cat -I'm not trying to start a argument by your comment about the US as the poorest nation in the future-news flash, I don't want this build out to happen, but there is a plan to import tens of millions of people from India, Asia, and Africa to rent or buy new apartments being jammed into the North East right now-people to raise the value of these big investors developments and to buy more consumer goods than can be calculated-if anything the US will crack into sections-blue staes vs red states that become autonomous-Beyond greed and these investors are from around the globe.
  • Roaring said: "Fact is that Britain could not possibly rule even India alone, all the way from London. India now has the largest population in the world. For every one briton there might have been thousands of Indians! So how could they all be ruled from London??"

    Drekx response: We allowed the maharajas to rule India, on our behalf...And they were pledged loyalty to the Viceroy, who was British..We also had British Army there, conscripting Indians into the forces...We also had a vast civil service and employed many Indians to work in it....
    There were two phases of difficulty for the Empire.....The Indian Mutiny of 1857....
    And from that time the East India Company handed over the reigns of imperial power to the Crown....

    The second tense moment was the post WW2 period, which was a time of much bloodshed....After Britain left, having granted India independence, Pakistan and Bangledesh separated from India and a massive war broke out between Hindus and Moslems......

    India had been successfully defended from Japan, in WW2, so I did not define that period as too serious, albeit wartime India..
  • The best King ever! Rulers today can take his wisdom as an example.
    Solomon (; Hebrew: שְׁלֹמֹה‎, Modern: Šlōmō, Tiberian: Šălōmō, transl. "peaceful"), also called Jedidiah (Hebrew: יְדִידְיָהּ‎, Modern: Yǝdīdyah, Tib…
  • Because these kind of people are obsessed with power, they won't listen to nobodies like me. That's probably complete nonsense. This is what is called a revolution and it is carried out by many. If the problem is a handful of people in government who condone modern slavery and even go along with it from behind, then remove them! It's like that when bugs are annoying like an evil government, they have to be replaced.
  • In the future, India will be the world power and the USA will be the poorest country. This is happening because of duality at the time of awakening. Giving experiences of yourself is much better than always teaching what you should finally wake up to and wake up to the age of light that hasn't even started yet. A little reminder that the light of the world will only begin after the reconstruction. Say, first comes Niribu, then the earth burns and is uninhabitable on the surface, so Ashtar Command evacuates. We'll come back later and be resettled. Only then does a world age of light begin and by then the earth, which is actually called Shan, has ascended into the 5th dimension, or rather then it could slowly manifest itself.
  • blue eye cat-Ben allows all topics except explicit violence-there are plenty of spiritual posts on this site-I have also made many-this is reality and being aware of how the world is being run and by whom is a necessity to any awakening-you didn't know that black on black slavery is rampant in Africa? Well now you do and you can bring others to that awareness and maybe put a stop to it
  • Times of Awakening means that we recognize that there are other dimensions, realities and so forth besides the existence of spirits, angels and demons. People should recognize that it does not end with death, that it goes on. The veil was lifted a little for that. The Galactic Federation allows it for us to recognize and understand, awaken.
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