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  • You know i was thinking the Solar Flares from the Sun maybe the reason for the heat waves, but anyone in the Internet say it's because of the Climate Change. Do they just say that, because it is the truth or because they want us to believe it is because of the Climate Change? Spacers or Spacebrothers do know about Solar Flares? What these do to a Planet?
  • Could food be preserved in this way? If a war breaks out? For outdoor camping. You can dry everything and take it with you. Interesting topic. Do you know what you might eat on an escape? If possible, you can also dry food in the sun.
  • That crazy and woke state broadcaster in the UK, namely the BBC, is getting hysterical about our annual summer being HOT.......Which is, of course about promoting the armageddon they call; "climate emergency." 🙃

    With red burning maps of the UK, and "extreme temperatures" warnings... (These idiots should try a trip to Saudi Arabia, obviously they have never actually experienced high temps.) In England we have been getting temps in the late 20s degrees centigrade..Today it was 29C.....Nothing unusual at all...In other parts of England, more central, a bit higher, but so what...?? It's always been like this in August...Hot..

    In contrast to the climate zealots, of this new religion I call this weather pattern a hot August and go out to enjoy the sunshine...😊....

    Watch this vid, which shows one of the climate fanatics being questioned....They remind me of the flagellants, during the Black Death, who would travel from town to town, whipping themselves for their "sins" and encouraging all to join

    "Political commentator Richard Taylor tells weather presenters to "grow up" and stop suggesting high temperatures in the UK are evidence of "Armageddon."

    "Do they think we're stupid?"
  • Here is something funny. Unfortunately, this can only be found on German, but look at this, that I saw when I was a child and I was born in 1978.
    Is this supposed to be a light ship?
    A diamond?
  • The United Nations holds extensive policy sessions on AI and has been spending a considerable amount of energy to establish “ethics rules” for the development and use of Artificial Intelligence. At the core of the UN’s efforts is the assertion that only the UN is qualified to dictate and control AI technologies; for the good of all mankind, of course. AI governance is slated to go into full effect by 2030 according to the UN’s own white papers (All globalist institutions have set 2030 as the target date for all of their projects).
    Artificial Intelligence: A Secular Look At The Digital Antichrist
    AI governance is an inevitability according to globalist institutions – They claim that one day Artificial Intelligence will be used to govern whole…
  • It should be updated. Cartographers should stick to the facts.
  • The Age of Aries obviously had that constellation rising on the vernal equinox....So you can see where the cartographers derived their naming system for the cardinal signs from, as placed upon the tropical latitudes...


    In contrast, the Fixed signs that we should be using, as per the current age, are...

  • No, not birthday astrology, which still works....But rather the naming of the tropics on modern maps...They still show the old names.....Which seems incongruously based upon the previous age of Aries...I don't suppose the cartographers care, nor society in general...
    But it is an out of date naming system, that most seem oblivious of...
  • Update! Although not everyone will understand or like it. It may take a while before the correct data is understood and applied and astrological charts are updated.

    So the current tropics (Cancer-Capricorn) are 2000 years out of date? Does this also change our birth zodiac sign?
  • As we enter the new age of Aquarius, we truly need to reflect that vernal equinox rising of the sign, by correlating the planetary geographical tropics, with an update.....Currently the tropics of cancer and capricorn are listed on maps, when they should be reprinted as corrected names for those tropics, as scorpio and taurus...

    Anyone agree, or should we just leave the former age of aries marker for our maps..?? I'm not normally one for tearing down the past, but this astrological and geographical tradition, does need to be ditched....Why not update maps with the current fixed cross tropics...??
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"As if they can do anything about it! Ridiculous, this so-called dark silk!"
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"The moon has risen,
The golden little stars shine
Bright and clear in the sky.
The forest stands black and silent,
And rises from the meadows
The white fog wonderful.

How is the world so quiet
And in the twilight shell
So trusting and so sweet
As a…"
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"Today I feel loved. My heart is happy for no reason. I see the leaves falling in autumn and smell like the leaves from the garden. I feel the warm sunshine and I feel people loving each other. I see how the sun bathes everything in a glowing light.…"
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"Also check this video with English subtitles:"
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"Comment on YouTube about President Zelensky of Ukraine. I don’t I agree with the last line though. He is probably under a lot of pressure.

“He is an actor dressed by a CIA wardrobe department in a khaki tracksuit & cheap polyester top. That's the…"
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Drekx Omega replied to Ivy Ivy's discussion Galactic Languages in Starseeds from Sirius
"Looks like he removed the offending blog....In English the author "channel" claimed it read; "because yes, we are all one..!" or "Selatherin A-al Arjaten".......HOWEVER....
This phrase is an erratic one and is not known to us.."Selatherin A-al…"
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rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
Beloved ones we greet you,Your Earth is shifting, like the sands in a desert. Be willing to allow the changes within your own consciousness as a complete metamorphosis begins to take place within you. Know that the time has arrived for these vast…
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